Memory is a funny thing.

5 movies that we loved as kids and how they stack up now that we're all grown up.
June 01, 2007
There are so many amazing movies that I can remember from my childhood. I can remember loving every second of every frame. But memory is a funny thing. I was a child and as a child I could sit and play with plastic figures for hours on end and not feel a twinge of boredom. I had an imagination that was endless and this may have hindered my ability to really understand if a movie was bad or good. The solution is to watch these same movies as an adult and judge them with a sound, grown-up mind. To my surprise some of them were still good and some were well... not.

Here are 5 movies that I have revisited and what I think of them now.

1. The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

The Plot: A down on his luck teen named Dodger is pushed around and bullied by Juice and his gang. Dodger's only real friend is an eccentric antique dealer named Captain Manzini. One day while hiding from Juice in Manzini's shop Dodger accidentally releases seven disgusting children from their garbage pail prison. These children are the grossiest, ugliest, and strangely kindest children Dodger has ever met. They help him in his quest to put Juice in his place and win the heart of Tangerine. The children are forced to make clothing for Tangerine by Dodger who is now tightly wound around Tangerine's deceptive finger. The Kids have had enough and during a daring escape the are captured and taken to the State Home For the Ugly. Will Dodger realize Tangerine's greed and save the Kids? Will they all get back at Juice and the fools that have oppressed them? Will anyone call out Manzini on his strange
relationship to a young boy? Just watch and find out.

As a Kid: I loved this movie with a passion and I would watch it as often as possible while I looked through my measly collection of Garbage Pail Kids cards. I loved the fact that my favorite characters were alive and on my TV screen.

As an Adult: Wow this movie is bad. The story is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. The acting is worse than any movie I have ever seen. And the Kids look like someone stuck silly putty to bowling balls and glued those stupid googly eyes on them. It is terrible. How dodger dosen't realize he is being used is beyond me. Why is it that Juice is the bad guy here when he looks more like a chick than Tangerine? I don't know why I passed up a chance to buy Big to get this movie. If only it came with recreations of the cards the Kids were based on. Than it might have been worth at least half of what I paid for it.

2. Howard the Duck

The Plot: Howard the duck is a mild mallard, I mean mannered, duck from a planet that is inhabited by ducks with human characteristics. One day while sitting down to a night at home Howard is ripped from his world and thrust into ours. He first meets Beverly Switzler after scaring away a few goons. She takes Howard in and they strike up a friendship that soon becomes the most awkward and inappropriate thing ever to be shown on screen ever. But during the weird duck love stuff Howard is pulled into an alien's plot to take over the world through Dr. Walter Jennings (or as I still like to call him, Ed Rooney). Howard must lead Beverly and her friend Phil (a very young very much out of place, Tim Robbins) in a battle for thier lives.

As a Kid: Come on, a sarcastic duck, space aliens, and Marty's mom! What little kid wouldn't love this movie?

As an Adult: Um... what? I am not a huge CGI fan. I think that if an effect or character can be done practically, than it should. However, this movie and the previous need serious computer intervention. Stop putting little people in God awful suits and asking them to run around like dolls and ducks. If Peter Dinklage and Warwick Davis have taugt me anything it is that little people have amazing talent in front of the camera and not behind a mask. (Think about the little characters you hate: Howard, Garbage Pail Kids, Ewoks. Then think about the characters you love: Willow, Miles Finch (ELf), and the Munchkins. I rest my case) The effects in this movie were terrible and pointless. The soundtrack was annoying and the jokes I laughed at so hard as a kid made me want to cry as an adult. I know I already mentioned this but what the heck was going on between Howard and Beverly. Man I cringe now if a ever see a woman feeding ducks at a park.

3. Harry and the Hendersons

The Plot: While heading home from a camping trip George Henderson hits a large animal. Upon further inspection he and his family realize they just hit Bigfoot! Not wanting to leave him in the middle of the road the family puts him on the top of the car and bring him home. It does not take long for Bigfoot to wake up and start terrorizing the Henderson home. The Hendersons start to fall in love with the big galoot and even give him a name, Harry. They know they can't keep him but George knows he must keep Harry safe from a frightened populous and a poacher named, Jacques LaFleur.
As a Kid: Awesome and amazing movie. I wanted a bigfoot all my own.

As an Adult: This movie has stood the test of time. Harry was made to be one of the most expressive characters on screen thanks to Rick Baker's effects. The story is timeless and will always touch me and anyone who ever had a pet they just couldn't keep. And by the way I still want a bigfoot, but I guess I can settle for a poacher-crotch crushing Jack Russell.

4. The Wizard

The Plot: Corey Woods is sick of life at home with his older brother and divorced dad and decides to run away to find his brother Jimmy. Jimmy is a mentally unstable kid with an knack for video games (Today he would be called autistic or at least traumitized). While on his journey he meets the fire- cracker Haley. Corey and Haley want to take Jimmy to the video game championships in California to make some money. (Basically this is a kid's version of Rainman with video games instead of cards.) On the way there they have to avoid the adults that are trying to take Jimmy back to the clinic. Will they make it to the championship? Will Jimmy win? What game will he play? Come on, you know.

As a Kid: This movie had everything a kid could want: rebellion, Fred Savage, forts, dinosaurs, Universal Studios, and VIDEO GAMES! I loved this movie so much that I bought as many games as I could just so I could be as good as Jimmy. I never was but man this movie spoke to me on another level.

As an Adult: I can't think of a better use of product placement. This is the longest most awesome Nintendo commercial. I love this movie for all the memories that it brings. I still cry when Jimmy sits in the dinosaur and remembers his sister. I still wish I could have been Fred Savage for a day. And nothing makes me laugh like Beau Bridges playing Nintendo with such intensity. Still a great movie.

And finally the movie that beats them all:

5. The Goonies

The Plot: Mikey and his misfit friends live in a small seaside town that is about to be bought and leveled. The group, or "Goonies" as they call themselves, want nothing more than to save the town. When Mikey finds a treasure map in his attic they get that chance. With his older brother and two mature high school girls in tow the Goonies set out to find the treasure. Little do they know (cause nobody listens to Chunk right?) the Fratellis recently broke out of prison and have caught wind of the treasure too. Now the Goonies must run from The Fratellis, One-Eyed Willy's traps, and a deadline to save the city. With the help of fellow misfit Lotney "Sloth" Fratelli the Goonies set out on the most dangerous adventure ever.

As a Kid: No movie has ever made be think I could be a pint size Indiana Jones more than this one. I tried to form a group of Goonies myself when I was young but we disbanded when none of us ever found a treaure map.

As an Adult: I am still looking for a treasure map. I still love this movie as much as I did all those years ago. Sloth will always be the greatest character ever concieved. Mickey is still my hero and I still want to learn how to play the organ... just in case.

There are many many more movies that I have revisited and maybe I will get to them later but these are the 5 that I set out to watch with this very purpose: To see if my memories are worth anything at all. "Hey you guys!" This is my first article so leave comments and thanks for reading this.
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