My Ultimate Arcades

Can you remember playing these classics and why are they not around any more?
By dg
September 03, 2006

Can you remember where you were when you first played these gems.For me the arcades was a really special place, it really made every thing big and grand where the best gamers enter a big game competion ready to play the most kick ass games on the planet.When I heard the arcade noises it immediately dragged me over like a magnet and I would have test my witts.I played them at the fair ground and at place called Sega Park.Its a shame though since I last been inio the arcades the machines don't seem to be as fun as they used be and they've taken out all the really classic ones like on my list.I suppose its more targeted for the next generation now who knows.All I know is that I would rather play these gems again if I had the chance because they were so enjoyable. The most funny thing about playing these arcades is I never managed to complete any of them but I just totally enjoyed playing them, as they say its not about the winning its just the taking part that counts lol.

Can you remember this arcade, well it wasn't so much an arcade it was an exhibition type of machine not shore if it was over your way or not.I never managed to go on it because my parents said it was too much money as the story goes but you never seem to appreciate that your parents aren't completely minted until your a bit older.You were able to see the game through a little window on the outside, at the time it looked amazing and I really wished I could of gone on it.The game showed an old type airplane basically like a simulator.

Space Harrier is defiantly one of my earliest memories, as a kid I remember always wanting to find it and. When I did, I was really excited and would try and complete the blasted game.As a kid I found it visually great and extremely enjoyable maybe because I loved the the levels they seemed fairly simple with big landscaped but also really stunning and a cool character that could fly with gun.

When I was young I would go to a club and go on an arcade which was split into two games this game and sunset riders which is below.I always played this game with a friend over and over again.It seemed one of those games which you were addicted to because it had such great gameplay to it.I think I mainly loved it because of the characters. I was always into big monsters fighting each other like the Japanese Godzilla movies.My favourite character would have to be the guy who looked like Flash, his suite seemed wicked at the time and I would always choose him.I always found it cool to crush the buildings they seemed so detailed and when your a kid you love to make things explode and destroy things.

I only played this down at the the snooker hall before they got rid of them.I remember some one saying why they never had them and mentioned it was because arcades were so much more popular back in the day which shows how things have changed.Although it wasn't a massive hit it was defiantly exciting to play because you always wonder what area 51 looks like and the typical aliens myth to the whole base.So your mission is to wipe out all the alien scum from the site it just depends how far you got.the guns were crazy similar to t2 arcade guns so it was great to use that type again.

This was the other game which was split into two and its another extremely addictive game.Although it was addictive it was still a quality game with great gamplayn.The game itself wasn't particular hard you just had to have fast reactions to doge in coming fire which is easier said than done.I really wanted to complete this because it was one of those games which I felt I was really good at but as things always happen you always get stuck on that one little thing which would make you wonna pull your hair out but fun none the less.


Mortal kombat well every body knows about it but back when it was growing popularity I was jamming away on the original arcade and it seemed so new and fresh at the time something which you never played on before.As kid seeing all the blood made it even more exciting.It was the first time that you saw realistic people fighting the which midway scanned in live people to choose as your player which to me was quite groundbreaking.I couldn't really say which is better Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat but they both had there down points and good points.

I obviously played street fighter before on arcades but when I saw Ryu's character moving in a shadowy background it really looked thrilling and felt atmospheric and really made want to play it.I think it was street fighter turbo I'm not shore.They made so many types but that intro would have to be one of the most impressive I've seen to date.It seemed to show the step up in arcades in what they could do with there intro's to draw in crowds.the game was pretty much the same but I think it was when street fighter was at the top still.

I remember playing this first at a bowling ring in the arcade section, it really stood out because the screen was so big and the demo looks awesome.
I think the very first one was my favourite because it seemed more basic.You had the usual character a big guy with an axe and a blonde guy which would always stand out as the main hero.So it was pretty typical but this time they big weapons to slay each other with which I felt was the main appeal,well it was for me any way.I really enjoyed the slow motion replay to the end finish move because at that time replays were very rare they were never really seen in many games and soul caliber showed it with really good graphics.

If you know your gaming stuff you would know in arcades outrun was the game back in the day in other words it was the shit.All us kids new about it and wanted to play on it.It seemed a really fun game and enjoyable as hell.It has to be the best old fashioned type of driving game with a timer on the tick to date.

Virtual Fighter I think was the very first virtual fighting game and at the time.Playing it for the first time blew me away with its graphic because I was so used to playing platforms.I think kids today take games for granted they never new about the original ones such as this just the sequel which is probably Virtual Fighter 10 by now and they are used to just playing 3d games not knowing there origins and why they are so important in the gaming world.The first one although it was really blocky which we all laugh about now seemed really cool at the time I loved the action replays I would always want to do a flying kick and make the opponent fall of the platform that seemed to always good to wacth.Its an important game in my opinion like I already said and apart from street fighter and mortal kombat it has to be the third greatest fighting game ever made.

This is a game I been thinking of for along time and managed to find it on the net.This game to me has to be the most fun and addictive arcade a game ever .The graphics at the time were great and the character and his bike made the game what it is, as you glided around popping balloons to gain points.It seemed like a miss and hope for me rather than skill lol but it didn't seemed to bother me because it was so fun.This is a game I really don't understand why they never kept it in arcades.

I remember going into a place called bourmouth to play this in sega park.At the time they had an exhibition going on with this machine.It was so exciting to play as you sat in the arcade spinning around trying to shoot jets out of the sky.This is another game that every arcade fan would know about just the name After Burner sends signals out because it was so popular back in the day.Its another arcade which I ve never seen for a long time but it will never be forgotten.

Although I was never really good at this game it was the first time I saw big crowds around it.It seemed so new and original kinda like the first resident evil game.My mate was firing away with another bloke and they seemed to be doing a good job because the crowd around them was pretty impressive.The game I think you have to play with same one else because it was pretty tricky in places.The real annoying thing about it was when a zombie would show up and slice you with an axe and there not much you can really do about it.Apart from that defiantly an arcade game to remember and another original that beats its sequels.

Being a Terminator fan this game ruled back in the day as you try and take t-800's with your trusty resistance soldiers until they get totally wiped out.The gun was awesome which made you feel more impact while shooting with a vibration.The game over all was pretty fun to play but yet again I was unable to complete it because it was so damn hard.This is a game which I would love to play again and see if my skills have improved,same with a lot of games actual because I'm shore I would kick ass on them.

This is another fantastic shootem up.It came out when shootem ups were at there most popular.It was so cool to play but I found it very hard as well.The best bit was when the t-rex was chasing you and you had to shoot certain parts of his body.This is probably the only game that I've seen in the arcades that is really still around from that time which shows how popular it is still.

It took me ages to find this pic of wave shark it literally kicks ass and I'm so surprised that I haven't found in any arcades.I always remember that big drop which you fly off and go into he water and then come back up.The thing that I found so great about this game was the fact it was so realistic it really felt as if you were driving a jet ski and I know what that's like until you come flying off lol.I really hope that they bring back this arcade machine so that I can play it again its such a shame that that they don't have this any where.

Time has to be one of the greatest shoot em up arcade games ever its that simple.Its great to play by your self but amazing with your trusty pal to help you along the way especially when the levels become rock hard.The gameplay was good the firing didn't seem impossible to hit the bad guys.The only thing the only thing that annoyed me about the game was the deadly shots which would come up bright red coming towards.An example would defiantly be on the second level with those annoying guys that would throw knives at you.


Although this is great to play by yourself it doesn't compare to ripping round the corners with your pals again.This game was made for multiplayer and its got be the greatest driving game ever.You can play up to 4 players scraping each other against the wall seeing who would get to the checkpoint first.When you crashed it was slightly annoying I would of preferred if you skidded out of control rather than flipped straight up into the air and then I have to slowly build up speed .Its a great fun game that will be around hopefully for a long time yet.Apart from all that I would vote this as the greatest arcade ever made

I hope you enjoyed this one I really wanted to stick to a retro style this time because when I looked up these arcades I started to get those memories right back again when you find that sort of thing so much more enjoyable as a kid..I know that the popularity of arcade has gone down maybe because of all this online shit but going to the arcades is about that exciting vibe not just sitting in doors like couch patao and it shows gamers are more committed to playing in doors rather meetin people outside at the arcades which to me will always be more fun.I really hope that they can bring back some of the older arcades like the ones on my list because if they did Im shore they would daw bigger crowds back in again.
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