Garbage Pail Kids Movie

Awesomely bad 80s movie
January 20, 2010
I'll be the first to say the Garbage Pail Kids were some of the best collectible trading cards of all time. While the cards were great, the movie was a complete disaster. It very may well have had the worst movie plot in the history of cinema along with the some of the worst acting of all time. This movie is absolutely putrid, it is like a miasma cloud of horribleness. The funny thing is though as a child I absolutely loved this movie and I still do to this day. I guess it's because for some reason I've always enjoyed really really really bad movies.

For starters this movie has a classic 80s bully whose named Juice. Even his name makes me laugh JUICE! Juice's job was to terrorize the movie's protagonist Dodger. In addition to routinely beating up Dodger and making his life a living hell, Juice also dated the girl who Dodger had a crush on named Tangerine. Hows that for 80s movie names for the three main characters. Juice, Dodger, and Tangerine. All I can say is WOW!

Even just writing about this storyline is a little painful so I'm going to keep it brief as possible. The Garbage Pail Kids bust out of their garbage pail and all hell breaks loose. Juice does his bullying, Tangerine does her manipulating, Dodger gets used and abused and the Garbage Pail Kids cause ruckus while doing disgusting and vile things. Tangerine decides to hold a fashion show to display her GOD AWFUL 80s clothing designs and in order to achieve her goal she uses both Dodger and the Garbage Pail Kids to accomplish this. The big day finally comes and of course the Garbage Pail Kids ruin the fashion show which is the scene with some of the funniest moments of the movie. Then after the fireworks of the fashion show are over they ultimately get put back in their pail, THE END. Now to anyone who has not had the pleasure of seeing this movie that storyline must sound so ridicolous and for those of you who have seen it know it's ridicoulous. But it's so ridicoulously good at the same time.

Each character is unique in their own way but I will just mention my favorite character - Greaser Greg. He is the tough guy Italian sterotype greaseball of the group. When Greaser Greg is first introduced to Dodger his response is "Hey I'm Greaser Greg you wanna rumble kid?" I loved that character introduction. Anytime you have a goombah greaseball in a group you know your in for some laughs. The Garbage Pail Kids movie is a great to make fun of while your watching it and it is just so awesomely bad, I highly recommend seeing it if you never have.
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