The Trash Can: Volume 2

Lets see what's inside
May 08, 2009
Hello Everyone, back yet again to give you all the forgotten garbage over the years that keeps piling up in my trash can. Let's see what's inside!

The lids kind of hard to get off(twisting for about 10 minutes, then it pops off) Hew! that was tough. Okay lets see what's first, hmm it's a film from the 1980's I believe.let me wipe of the crud.

This is one of my favorite films from the 1980's and yes I did get lost for the longest time. The film is about teenagers living in San Francisco and they discovered these crazy disgusting monsters living in a tower, as usual the parents don't believe them. This is the first film for Andrew Divoff (Wishmaster). The creatures referred to as the "Neon Maniacs" resemble a little bit to the "Cenobites" from Hellraiser. If your looking for creative killings than I really wouldn't stop for this one, but the movie does contain axe decapitations, strangling and several throats are being slit with rusty knives.As for nudity their is only one gratuitous breast shot about 7 minutes in,it's okay.

I do really enjoy this film and I do recommend this if you haven't seen this. If you like C.H.U.D you'll like this.
As for the Trash Can I say this should come out of the trash can every Halloween along with "Night of the Demons".

(Neon Maniacs was recommended by fellow retro junker Postaldude96,Thank you)

Well let's see whats next, another film. Looks like a smart, intellectual film.

Yeah, this is far from being a smart or intellectual film. The movie is about Dr. Blake runs a TV show called "Independent Thinkers". But he's not making his audience think any more independently. with the help of an alien organism he calls The Brain, he's using brainwashing and mind control. The only thing that stands between them and world domination is a brilliant but troubled high school student. But the reason it's worthy of a watch is the creature or the brain effects. The thing that kills everyone is pretty cool and so very very cheezy. you wanna see?
You Like?
This is definitely a movie to watch with friends and a case of beer. With really bad acting,visible feet from under "The Brain" this makes a Saturday night hilarious.
The Kills are pretty standard, The Brain attacks and eats them whole, pretty cool. As for the Nudity factor their is one breast scene, 30 minutes into the film, pretty nice.
I do think this movie is worth one glance at but I wouldn't go buying the VHS, oh yeah I forgot their is no DVD for this film,are you surprised. But I think this can stay in the Trash Can for a while.

Next Piece of garbage is....another movie,hmm looks like a slasher film from the 1980's!
In the 1980's everyone and their brother were making slasher films, and I love them all. Most of them have no redeemable value excepts bad performances to laugh at, cool deaths and scary masks. But their were actually a couple out of the gaggle that came out and were actual good solid movies, Curtains is actually one of them I think. The premise of the film is Six young actresses auditioning for a movie role at a remote mansion are targeted by a mysterious masked murderer.Pretty simple enough for anybody, but it is very effective. The Mask the killer wears is one of the creepiest ones, it's an old hag mask that scared the living crap out of me at age 7. The most memorable scene from the film is the ice skating scene. In Which the little girl is digging in the snow and she finds her very creepy doll buried under, then out of now where the killer comes skating on the ice and chops the little girls head off with a scythe.
This movie definitely needs a DVD release for all the slasher fans to enjoy.

Out of the Trash Can and in my movie collection.
Well that seems it for movies,sorry folks. But there's a lot more garbage in the trash can. What's next....hmm seems like a wrapper to some sort of snack, what could this be?

Yes!, I think some people have to remember the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pies. They were probably the coolest thing as a young child to eat the pies and watch the first film or play with the action figures. These came out while the 2nd film was in theaters,as you can see on the wrapper. They were green pies filled with pudding, but the pudding wasn't green. Each pie came with a sticker of your favorite Ninja Turtle and behind the packaging were pudding points,things you would cut out and send in the mail for free stuff.

Well since these pies haven't been made for over a decade it's a best bet to just leave them in the trash can.I think the one I have has mold on it,gross(toss the pie back in the can)

Okay Next from the trash can, this looks like a bad comic book. Ahh yes it is, Okay everyone in the 80's the cool thing on television was "Just Say No" to drugs and they tried to include that in comic books also...who do you call when your on crack?
I am not kidding, this is basically the funniest thing ever printed on paper,funnier than an old National Lampoons Magazine. Every page was filled with pretty okay drawings on how kids shouldn't do drugs. ill give an example.

Yeah it was that bad!

I'm sorry for even bringing this one up, but it was in my trash can and I had to take it out to show you guys. Well I guess I'll just stick it back in the can.

Okay Next up all the way near the bottom of the can,hmm this looks like weird board game.

This was a very pointless game,but I did sure play it allot. The rules were players take the role of children sneaking to the refrigerator late at night, trying not to wake their sleeping father.Movement is determined by using a spinner and moving accordingly. If players make one of several "noises" they must push an alarm clock next to "Daddy" a certain number of times; after enough pushes, the clock will go off and "Daddy" will suddenly pop upright from his bed.

This wasn't really fun then and it's not fun now. it will just sit at the bottom of the trash can.

Now our last thing of today, it seems like a TV show from the 90's... I smell cheese
I do love this very,very shot live cartoon staring Rick Moranis playing a teacher named Max Scneider, who basically looks like him.
The Show is about a teacher going to a school full of monsters and characters from the Universal Monster Movies, Dracula, The Wolfman etc... The was poorly received by critics, I guess and it just flopped. 12 episodes were shown than I think later in the 90's they were put on VHS maybe. I think it should be release on DVD, to show all the people what potential this show had.

Out of the Trash Can!

Okay well thats if for today ladies and gentlemen,hope you enjoy reading. Like before I would gladly accept any suggestions and volume 3 will likely be out by end of the week. Have a great day!
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