Back to school in the 90's

It's that time of year again...... Are you ready?
August 12, 2013

Well everyone it's that time again. Everyone is finishing up their vacations, having those last parties as the leaves start to change I think you know what that means. It's back to school time. As kids we ether dreaded school or we liked it. Honestly as an adult now. I actually miss going out and getting supplies to go to school. Why? Well there was a time when school wasn't all about tests and grades. There was a time where school was actually fun and in it's own way educational.

As I've mentioned before that in the Nineties things were a lot more relaxed and care free. That also included schools. From Pajama day to hat day and any themed day in between. Along with ways to get classes to compete in special events which resulted in the winning class getting a pizza party. There was a lot more creativity in teaching to get kids more involved in learning then doing stuff by the books.

But lets do some shopping for school.

How about we get a book bag?

Maybe some crayons.

Can't forget a folder.

How about a lunch box?

Or did you have a Brown lunch bag?

So now we got our supplies and class is in session. It was usually a mix of teaching and free time. From my own experiences for every two to three hours of teaching which included art class and Music class. We got about a half hour of ether reading time or free time. Reading time is a fairly simple explanation. Read a book for a half hour. But the big question was "What to read?" Well here are a few classics as a kid to read.

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

Dr.Seuss books

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

The Hungry Caterpillar

Just to name a few.

Computer class was one of those classes that usually was a favorite to us as kids that never was really able to play on the computer at home and was a way to enjoy the feeling of playing on one. So what was there to do in that class? Well we had typing for most of the class. That was until there was a day where we got to play games for a day. So what did we play during those game days?

Jump Start

Oregon Trail

Put Put

Again just to name a few.
Let's go from the computer room to the gym. Which again was fun and creative. What can go wrong with obstacle courses, Crab soccer, Dodge ball and the giant rainbow parachute?

Yea I'm talking about this thing.

When you put the dodge balls in the center and bounce them around or when you ran under it or sit inside it. This thing was fun whenever you saw it in the gym.

After gym class I think we could use some lunch. School lunches had their ups and downs along with the third option of bringing food from home. How about we look into the brown bag (Or Lunch box) I got here.

We got a Fruit barrel

an apple

Fruit by the foot


and...... Lunchables

Talk about a good lunch that's not to say that schools didn't have their share of good lunches my personal favorites were pizza and taco day. Though the down side was usually anything with pasta or turkey.After eating lunch how about we go to the playground?

Between the Monkey bars, Swings and slides there usually was something to do. Playing cops and robbers on the playground or climbing the jungle gyms you had so many options in so little time.

It usually was about a half hour to an hour outside before we went back inside to the classroom. After that it was your normal school work...... Until you see this.

Yes the TV on wheels. If you saw this you knew what was coming and you were probably excited as I was as a kid. What was usually played on the TV?

Bill Nye the Science Guy

The Magic School Bus

Really Wild Animals

Reading Rainbow

By the time that was over though it was time to head home. I hope you enjoyed this little trip back to the grade school classroom. Now get on the bus or walk back home and remember....

Live Life and Live Nostalgic

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