The Magic of Nostalgia

What makes nostalgia so special and magical?
March 22, 2013
There has been a question that has been in my mind in recent months. Why is nostalgia so magical and so special? So I think it's about time we look into this and find out.

First what is Nostalgia? The text book definition of nostalgia is remembering one's past and/or having an interest in a past era. Such as with the recent rising of 80's and 90's properties, franchises, etc, etc being a good example of a recent wave of nostalgia for young adults. The reasons very. But most people say it is because entertainment on how Music and TV were better back then. Others say because the times were much simpler. Though there is a mix of these reasons and more that are for more adult reasons such as gas was cheaper in the 80's and 90's and so on. Or that the economy was better and in turn things were cheaper. So this brings up why is nostalgia so special? And how Nostalgia affects people.

The effect of Nostalgia depends from person to person. Some people will just say "Oh hey I remember that." When they see an old TV show or hear a song from their childhoods. Some are watching shows that they watched as a kid, Listening to music from then to people that will have whole rooms if not a whole house full of memorabilia from whatever decade they are fond of. In a personal view I usually see it as a way to try and recapture some of that innocence we had as kids. We usually get a warm feeling remembering what we did as kids. It's warmth and feels like home. It lifts your spirits and puts you in a better mood.

Due to the recent Retro/Nostalgia craze that has happened in recent years some companies have seen this and have taken advantage. Such as Nickelodeon with their 90's Are All That block on Teen Nick and them releasing Toys and shirts based off their 90's shows. A company named Shout Factory has been releasing old cartoon and tv shows on dvd as well. This does show that there is an interest in bringing back shows and culture from the 80s and 90s.

There also have been re releases of movies as most from the 90s are reaching 20 year anniversary and movies from the 80s are reaching their 30th as well. Such as Jurassic Park is getting a 3D re release for it's 20th anniversary As Back To the Future is about to reach 30 years in 2015.

As progress occurs and places and things that we liked as kids dies out. One of the best ways to see this is an empty mall where there are a few stores open and the place is really quiet to where you can even hear yourself breathe. It's an eerie yet nostalgic feeling if the place was more alive when you were younger.

Just look at these images and think how alive and full of people these places were.

Or you see that old Discovery Zone turn into a Dollar Store or a Walmart.

Or maybe it's just a building sitting there like a time capsule slowly rotting away into the earth.

This is one of many places that are abandoned that used to be full of people and life.

You get this feeling that your being pulled back and just feeling what it was like when you were younger. Once you experience it you will never forget it.

So what is so special about nostalgia that makes it so magical? Well the best way to describe it is that it's a part of you that won't let go of the past and when things were simpler so you have a growing fondness of what used to be as a place to go to during a hard or tough time in your adult life or that it peeks your interest on progress or on what has changed. It also has to do with progress in the world. In recent years with progress it's usually out with the old and in with the new. It happens so fast that we just want the world to slow down and that we feel that we're stuck in one part of time that likes the past over the progress of the present and the future. So in the end Nostalgia and remembering the past is something that is in all of us. Some express it more then others. The feeling that keeps you warm at night. That is what Nostalgia is. A warm feeling of those simpler times where you felt more free to be you. That's what makes Nostalgia magical.

Till next time this is ThatDudeintheHoodie saying life life and live Nostalgic.

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