The 90's Comeback

A look at ways for companies to bring the 90's to present day
September 09, 2013

As there is a resurgence 90's culture there has been some companies that have taken some advantage of this. I have lightly mentioned this in other articles. However this time I will go further into depth on what some businesses can do to take up on this trend. This will probably be a multiple part article. Now let's start out with something that has been around for a while in recent years. But could use a bit of work on it at the same time.

Retro TV:

Who doesn't like watching older TV shows from time to time? There have been television stations that have been doing this for a while. A perfect example of this being TV Land. TV Land show older shows and has managed to stay on air for quite some time. However Two companies came up with an idea one was going to be on a premium channel that has more memorable shows and background. While another was getting this idea out to a more available audience with the same concept. Those channels are Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network.

Nickelodeon's The 90's are All That & Cartoon Network's Cartoon Planet

The Two giants of Children's TV has made their own Blocks featuring their older shows. Usually from 90's and early 2000's. While Nickelodeon put theirs on a premium cable channel Cartoon Network placed theirs on their regular cable channel due to having Boomerang already on premium cable. But let's look at them separately so we can get a better look at them to see if they are that different from each other.

The 90's Are All That

When it comes to retro blocks The 90's Are All That block was the first in recent years to specifically show 90's programming. It has been going on for two years and has been doing things to keep the block alive such as having special events through out a month or a season or a special occasion. Such as for New Years, Halloween, Summer, etc. Changing their schedule out every month or two. For a brief time U-Pick came back with Stick Stickly of Nick in the Afternoon fame. Then it went exclusively online after the Voice of Stick Stickly retired and only has came back recently to host The 90's Are All That Game Show Week.

Now to take a look at Cartoon Network's Retro Block.

Cartoon Network's Cartoon Planet

Originally started in 1995 with it's first run ending in 1998 Cartoon Planet was soon reformatted to show 90's and early 2000's shows in a Variety format. In it's first run Cartoon Planet it featured cartoons from Hanna - Barbera cartoons and Space Ghost episodes. In the 2012 Relaunch they changed it to showing 90's and early 2000's Cartoon Network programs until January 11th 2013 when they brought in other short lived or canceled shows from recent years.

The format in both the first run and the current run are that Space Ghost Characters (Original Run being Space Ghost, Brak and Zorak and Current run being just Brak and Zorak) Host the block as a show and introduce the cartoon segments as well as original material such as songs and adverts just to name a few.

I'm aware of all the red tape that takes with making a block like this. However lets rip this red tape out and say that they can do whatever they want. Here are my suggestions.

Bring back original bumpers and commercials

My advise for both of these blocks and any other that may come in the future from established stations. Use the original bumpers and commercials from the 90's. Nickelodeon has a lot of bumpers at their disposal they should use them. I don't mean the remixed ones that they air already. The commercials would be from the 90's of any products from then Such as fast food, toys, old contests, etc. It would not only be a learning experience for kids who stay up late to watch this. But it would be a way to increase the nostalgic value of the block itself. If this were to happen it would make the block feel like a piece of 90's TV were brought from then into present day.

Movie nights

Even though 90's Are All That did this with their TV movies in June of 2013 I feel that it has potential to use actual feature films at the end of the week. The bumpers would be the trailers for the movies. The only real rule for this one is that they would have to be from their own respective studios.

More special events and themed blocks
The 90's are All That has this quite regularly. However they can do so much more with it. My suggestions are add a Nick. Jr week hosted by Face. Because most of us grew up with the old Nick. Jr and it would be interesting to see a week dedicated to the old programs from that block that was meant for preschoolers.

Cartoon Network's Cartoon Planet should follow with this as well. Special events on the block is something that the block has been lacking in. I hope they do follow with more themed blocks then just on holidays.

Now lets move from the Tube to fast food.

Retro Fast Food

This is a industry that could try to take advantage of this. But how? Play old advertisements is one way. However here are my suggestions.

Retro Kids Meals

This may sound silly without an explanation. But hear me out on this. If there was a way to market this right. Every nostalgia/retro fan will probably go after. Picture this. You want some fast food. But feeling like you want something a little retro or a childhood favorite meal to feel better after a bad day. Then you see a fast food place like McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, etc offering a Meal that looks like a kid's meal from the 90's that has Adult sized food. Sounds nice the more you think about it doesn't it?

How about after that we head to the theme parks?

Theme Parks

Theme parks may have the biggest advantage of taking up on this. If you were a kid a theme park was the place to go for all day fun. So how can theme parks get that old charm to the nostalgic and kids at heart? Here are a few ideas.

Retro Nights

This idea maybe done in some parks. But I feel it really needs to be more spread out and be made unique. Such as 90's music playing on the speakers, Have people dress up as their favorite characters from their favorite 90's shows in a contest. Have the park open late at night. Just to make the park for fun for those that grew up in the 90's.

Retro Merchandise

Places like Disney is already doing this already and I feel that other parks should do the same. The one park I can see taking advantage of this is Universal Studios. Due to the fact that they had a large chunk of our childhood being Nickelodeon Studios at the time. They can do what Disney is doing with releasing merchandise such as T shirts, Cups, Hats, etc that has old logos on it. Maybe sell posters of old attractions as if they were movie posters.

Attractions Dedicated To Park History

I have mentioned this in my Nickelodeon Studios article that showcasing old attractions and park history is a good way to use unused space in a park. Theme parks should take advantage of this and make walk through attractions showing the history of the park, From when it was planned to pictures of the park's construction to old attractions and areas that aren't around anymore. It's also educational for younger generations to know the history of a theme park they love and gives older generations something to look back on as well.

I hope that you guys enjoyed this line up of ideas as this is only part one of this. Part two will be in the future. So until next time Live Life and Live Nostalgic.

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