The Ren & Stimpy Show
Debut: August 11, 1991
Ended: October 20, 1996
Debut: August 11, 1991
Ended: October 20, 1996

A cat and a dog living together with sick jokes... now that's what everybody wants to see. Ren and Stimpy ran for 5 years on Nickelodeon and then because of its crude jokes, was tossed around from network to network and landed on SpikeTV for a while. John K. tried a comeback in 2003 on SpikeTV called "Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon", but has been cancelled after only 3 episodes because people didn't like the idea of them being openly gay.

YouTube Videos
Mr. Horse: "No sir, I don't like it."
Stimpy: "Ren, that Evil Ren seems to be hitting you."
Ren: "That's okay, Stimpy."
Ren: "Oh My lord!"
Ren: "And with these hands, I hold the fate of millions"
Ren: "You filthy swine!"
Ren: "You sick, little monkey!"
Stimpy: "Happy Happy Happy! Joy Joy Joy!"
Ren: "You Worm!"
Ren: "You fat, bloated idiot! You filthy worm! -Ren"
Ren: "Aaahhh my beloved ice ream bar! -Ren"
Ren: "You Bloated Sack Of Protoplasm! -Ren"
Ren & Stimpy: ""all right Stimpy, give the fella his five dollars" "BWAAAA HAA HAAAAA all that talking about food made me hungry... I ate the five dollars..." -Ren & Stimpy"
Fireman: "you guys are Heroes! And I thought you were bums! -Fireman"
Announcer: "♪Don't whiz on the electric fence♪"
jill: "takes a bite of powdered toast: wooow, it tastes just like sawdust. -jill"
Ren: "Mama's little baby loves shorten'n shortbread.Mama's little baby loves shorten'n, too. -Ren"
Ren: "Oh no! We're all out of powdered toast! -Ren"
Stimpy: "Calling Powdered Toast man. Calling Powdered Toast man. -Stimpy"
Stimpy: "It's a record of my favorite song! It's called, Happy Happy...(places in record)...Joy Joy!"
Ren: "Listen, I'm getting just a little tired of this chicken widdo crap!!"
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