Horror starts it all.

A look at well known actors/actresses who started their film career in horror.
October 20, 2008
This is a look back to some actors/actresses who
started in horror films.This is in no particular order.

Lets start with John Candy, yes the funny man himself
(R.I.P) Started out in a film called "The Clown
Murders"(techically not first film, but first film he was
one of the main characters.) The films follows a killer
who targets trick or treaters on holloween. A pretty good
movie, not great but worth a watch.(DVD Available)

Brad Pitt

A Very good actor who says he regrets doing this film
but i still enjoy it. The Film is Called "Cutting Class"
about Boyfriend and Girlfriend who go to high school
and one of Boyfriend's ex friend is a killer. Worth
your time.(DVD Available)

Demi Moore

I really dont have an opinion on Demi Moore but her
first film was called "Parasite" is about Paul dean created
a parasite thats attached to his stomach him and his female companion (Demi Moore) try and destroy it.Originaly in 3-D Good movie, directed by Charles Band(Puppet Master Series)
(DVD Available)

Tom Hanks

Another great actor. Who started out in a pretty good
slasher film "He knows your Alone" about a bride who is
stalked by a killer. (DVD Available)

Jason Alexander

Most of the world knows him as George on the hit
show Seinfeld. But yes indeed Jason Alexander started
out in a film called "The Burning" an awesome movie
about a caretaker at a camp gets burned and takes
his revenge.

John Ratzenberger

Mostly everyone knows him as Cliff on "Cheers" but back
in 1980 he played a punk rocker in one of my favs. Motel
Hell about a farmer and his sister kill people and put them in their meat products.(DVD Available)

Marisa Tomei

Yup also her. She started out as the role "Health club
girl" In one of favs. "Toxic Avenger". 98 pound nerd
falls into toxic waste and turns him into the toxic avenger. Best Superheo horror hilm ever(LOL)(DVD Available)

Billy Bob Thornton

Most people think his first film was troma's "Chopper
Chicks from zombietown" but thats not it. His first
film was "Hunters Blood" about hunters who go out
into the woods and become the hunted by backwoods
pyscho's. He played a character name no other than
Billy-bob.(DVD Not Available)

LAst one goes to.........

well i wouldnt call her an actress but she's been
in a couple of films. She's moslty known for her singing.


Back in 1987 very young Fergie Aka Stacy Ferguson
was in Troma's Monster in the closet She played
a little girl in the very beginning who gets killed
by the monster. The Movie also has Paul walker(fast and furious)at a very young age in his first film as a nerdy kid.(DVD Available)

Well thats it for now. hope ill get to write another
installment of "Horror Starts it all"
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