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I wanted to do a mixture of scary movies as well as sc-fi ones so here they are!
By dg
July 31, 2006

As a kid I remember I was a fanatic about horror films I went through fazes of liking all sorts sorts of things but when it came to horror I new the ones which would give me nightmares and stupidly enough I had to watch them.After finishing my article on 80s sc-fi I wanted to cover films that scared the ..... out of me as a kid and ones I've grown up watching which I find not so much scary but very enjoyable to watch.I haven't covered the horror genre so far so I've put together the great films that I've seen so far.

I wanted to start off with the real light horror film even if it isn't that scary.A film that pretty much every one likes, there's loads to like about this film with a real fun story and very enjoyable to watch.Michael Keaton steals the shows as Beetlejuice himself the bio excercist helping out the new couple that's just become diseased get rid of there new owners that just moved into there house.The goast world for me had the greatest scenes seeing gory looking characters with some great humour which made this film so good.I always found the big snake that Michael Keaton turns into with the evil face that scared me as kid .

I really wanted to watch this knowing that John Carpenter directed it and to my surprise it was a kick ass film with great action and some of Carpenters amazing humour.I really think that the game Duke nukem got its ideas from this film but both game and this movie are great. Another one of Carpenter end of the world film with humans unaware that aliens walk the earth using a signal from a news building to keep their disguise a secret.Roddy Piper the wrestler plays the hero similar to Duke Nukem himself with some iconic phrases "I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass, and I'm all out of bubblegum" and takes know prisoners in an all out war against the aliens.He has help along the way from Keith David from the The Thing who is good in this as well.

"You aint lead-in but two things jack and shit and jack left town"

Out of all of the Evil Dead films this would defently have to be my fav.Its got great slapstick humour from Bruce Campbell "Give me some sugar baby" and a really good story.This time he gets transported into the medieval era and King Arthur's men stumble across Ash and mistaken him for the enemy.He ends up having to find the Necronomicon to help him get home.Theirs loads of good fighting in this one with his trusty boomstick.

"Two words Cheeseburger"

The fly is an amazing film directed by David Cronenberg, I haven't seen all of his films but I've read that allot of them are quite gory so I will have to check them out.This film though is really great staring Jeff Goldblum who plays Seth Brundle and does a great job with him and I think its his best film he's ever done.It also stars Geena Davis who's the love interest and she reports all his work and the gory moment when the monkey gets turned inside out but really cool to watch.I think its brilliant hoe they slowly turned him into a fly with his bodyparts slowly deteariating an ultimately turning into the fly.I think it had a really sad ending but great over all.I think the most memorable scene when Jeff Goldblum arm wrestles a guy and stamps his arm that still makes me cringe.

"Well the hell are you from Krypton"
I think this is the coolest horror film ever made with loads of stars that have gone on to make great films, the main actor to become really successful is keither Suntherland who is still really big.Joel Schemacer made a real classic and a popular film.Its a really stylish and sexy vampire film with a few really gory scenes .Theirs loads of humour with Corey Feldman as one of the frog brothers who I think were the stars of the film.Its a brilliant film one which you watch time and time again.My favourite bit in it was the bike scene when they rip through the beaches right to the coastline.

I didn't manage to find many pics for this film but its a film I haven't seen in a long time but I still have memories of the scenes.A boy has a friend and the boy is played by Stephen Dorff which I only found out din a bit of research on,this must of been one of his earliest film he's done.To the film again the boy has a friend which opens the the gate of hell releasing little creatures and zombies and there's loads of other scary scenes through out the film.The big climax is the big daddy of them all the demon king which is a huge monster and they some how manage to close the gate with the creatures banishing along with it.

I remember this film allot more than the others but the main thing I can remember is that this film was banned until they released it again later on?I think they did this because a boy killed his friend or his younger brother.
The film itself was quite good when I watched as a kid but watching it now I wouldn't get scared its too tame to other scary movies I've seen. I thought it was good how they conducted the puppet chucky around on his murderous rampage and of course the memorable voice of chucky by Brad Dourif.

Cudderly and furry aliens who only want to cause trouble and eat people.I watched this not long ago and its still really enjoyable.I couldn't remember if there were any major actors but it was great and had some really funny moments in it mainly from the critters.It has good action and is great all the way to the end with the huge big critter that kidnaps the girl to the space ship.

This is a film that know one really remembers maybe because it was so bad but I had to put it on the list.I think it has pretty cool visuals and shows clowns in a way that allot people think about them which is being a bit evil because you could imagine them turning evil with big fangs.I haven't seen this for years and Ill probaly wacth it again one day.

This film is my fav out of all the Tales from the crypt.Like the crypt keeper said we are going all Hollywood style for this one.This was in my opinion the best one they did with William Sadler the hero fighting the demons and Billy Zane the main demon badie who stole the show giving it great humour.The film isn't all serious and has good black humour which will make you laugh loads.Its a real enjoyable film to watch with loads of gory scenes.

I was really excited when I had the chance to watch this film, to see what all the fuss was about.Strangely though having a gory title name it hasn't actual got that much blood and guts in it.Its a really strange and weird film directed by Toby Hooper.He made it very gritty and hard to watch the way he shot it.There's plenty of strange moments in the film such as an old grandpa who looks about 200 hundred years old and still alive that they try and feed the girl to.The hillbillies play around with the young girl and want to use her as the main course for dinner but she manages to escape and you feel relief.This film was based on a true life story but just with the evil hillbillies I think?

"Whats your favourite scary movie"

When this came out I thought it was just an ordinary horror film but as the sequels came out the original stood out more as being the best.Wes craven directed it when slasher movies were no where to be seen and he reinvented it again with this classic with loads of spoof movies on its success.Drew Barrymore death was pretty talked about because she died so early and she was a big name at the time which showed the films quality that had lots of twists and scary moments.Of course every one remembers the mask that every one has to get at Halloween personally I'd rather wear a Jason mask.

This is a film which I really liked it as a kid, it really reminds me of school and the summer time when you see all the cool dudes have amazing cars and the character in this has just that.Charles Brady played by Brian Krause is part of an ancient cat family that feed on humans and there only weakness id cats themselves which is really ironic.Its not an amazing film but has enough to sit and watch the most disturbing thing is that the character Charles Brady sleeps with his mother but they are both cats so I'd let them off.My most fav seen is his car which is totally cool which can turn invisible and change into another vehicle but over all its a pretty good film.

Halloween has to be one of the best film Horror film that John Carpenter has made it really for me started the whole boogy man concept and did it amazing.Jamie Lee Curtis plays the damsel in distress.I think that the original is way better than the rest by miles,the music was great and the build up death were worked out brilliantly.Its a film where you see him and then you don't and you wonder where the hell he'd gone.You some times se from his point of view with first when Michael Myers was just a kid and turned evil and when he is allot older breathing behind the mask which is really spooky.I think this has loads of scares and really holds up with today's films.Theirs been loads of vs. matches but I would love to see Michael Myers go up against Jason that would be a fight to remember.

When the fog rolls in... the terror begins!

This film is very eerie with another John Carpenter classic.Its a really old type of horror with the fog rolling in on Antonio Bay ready to kill any one that's it encounters.The film has a brilliant opening sequence over seeing the ocean and then seeing all sorts of supernatural happenings in Antonio Bay with car alarms going off and chairs moving by themselves.John Carpenter original made it and and it was apparently awful so he had to go back and add more scenes to make it more scarier and better and he did a great job.When I heard they were making a remake on it I just didn't see the point because it would be very difficult to beat the original.It just shows that even though the special effects are better you still cant beat original movies even if they are fairly dated.

"Wonna balloon Billy they float they all float and when your down here your float too, AHHHH"

Not shore what it is about this film this film its much more scary to watch as a kid because the It clown is a child killer so I suppose you relate to them more.I think the first half of the film is scary as hell but when the the children grow up I found there was only a few things that scared me and even though was based on Steven Kings book it seemed to of run out of ideas maybe the book was allot better.I thought the ending with the giant spider was really crap and not very scary but It the clown played by Tim Curry did a really chilling performance and made the film what it was.The children actors were all good as well it seems funny now days that allot of children don't seem to have the acting abilities as the 90s and 80s kid actors or is that me thinking it.

"Dont call me evil"

Fright Night is a classic which every one has to watch, there's loads of black humour in this and lots of scary moments. Chris Sarandon plays Jerry Dandridge the head vampire and is after his long lost love which looks actually like Amy Peterson and has to have her no matter what.Charley Brewster Amy's boyfriend and Peter Vincent played brilliantly by Roddy McDowall the famous vampire killer have other ideas and plan to stake the vampire through he heart.This is an extremely enjoyable film with a really 80s feel to it.

I really enjoyed watching this film when I was younger and saw it again and loved it still even tough its quite dated.I'm just waiting for them to remake like they with every other film these days and not realizing that your never gonna beat some original because they a great style and feel to them that you could only do at that time.Back to the film Keith Gordon played the character Arnie Cunningham brilliantly from nerd to a cool guy but the style from the 50s era.He becomes fanatic about the car and calls it Christine and slowly becomes evil.There's loads of eerie moments and John Carpenter did another amazing job making the car come to life on screen using camera tricks.

I liked the first three Hellraiser films I thought they were all great.They defiantly don't make films like them today especially the gore that they had in them.I think for me my fav has to be Hellraiser 3 I think it finished the series off before they started really milking it because they've made a few more I think but Pinhead himself played by Doug Bradley who I don't think stared in any more after the third but he did a great portraying the chilling character.I thought the second one came with some new evil looking characters so it was pretty cool to see them on screen.

The first poltigiest is brillent directed by Toby Hooper again and he does another great job with a really spooky supernatrual film.It had loads of scares and was an amzing film.My most scary moment was either the tree or the clons toy.The second one was simular but had the new character Taylor the indian and for me it gave me some relief to know that there was a big bloke helping them instead of a small and helpless looking dwarf lady.There was really chilling performance played by Julian Beck as the evil Reverend Henry Kane, he was defently a scene to remember when he comes to the house preaching.

"Beware the moon lads, and stick to the roads-oophs"

Ok this is not only a great horror film but one of my favourite films of all time.I've always loved were wolf films,Id always preferred standing were wolves but this film showed a real demonic wolf that looked crazy with the help a brilliant make up artist Rick Baker.John Carpenter wanted it shot in bright light which was extremely hard at the time with special effects and Rick Baker did it and came up with a magnificent transformation of man to wolf.There's loads of black humour in this film which its well known for but that didn't ruin it in any way because it was still a fantastic horror film.The ending was sad with David Naughtons character dying by the person who he loves Jenny Agutter.This film is terrific with jumps and scares through out,John Landis shot brilliant sites in London and made it a classic.

"We're not getting out of here alive. But neither is that thing"

The Thing for me is a brilliant for its isolation.The film is creepy and very scary at times the more you watch it.When the dog reaches there outpost you wonder which one is infected and who to trust.This has to be one of John Carpenters greatest film, with great special effects even if it does look dated to today standards.I think its not the technology that you have but its how you excucute it and films from the 80s done it extremely well with great film making.Kurt Russell was great in this film as MacReady the hero that has find out which of the crew have been infected by the alien.It also stars Keith David who plays child's who scurvies at the end with Kurt Russell and you wonder if he is infected himself.Over all this film is brilliant to watch with some really cool looking monsters showing what wild imagination can do.

I think the first Freddy film is amazing it has great visual moments with cool steal works where Freddy takes his victims to.I watched this when I was kid and found it very freighting.I think it holds up really well and has some really memorable killings in it especially when Johnny Depps character gets sucked into the bed and blood flies out.You can see the first one is better than the sequels,it has a much more style and the acting for isn't so bad.Robert Englund plays Freddy brilliantly and Wes Cravens masterpiece in my opinion.

"Heres Johnny"

A memorable film for Jack Nicholson and a brilliantly directed film by Stanley Kubrick.The shining had brilliant build up to scary moments and was visually amazing.It was really shocking when you see unusual scenes which don't really make much sense only towards the end for instance when you see all the blood rushing out of the lift which at the time scared the hell out of me.The most memorable scene for me was defiantly seeing the boy Danny riding through the hotel to see the two girls and then the flash of image to them chopped up with an axe.Jack Nicholson was brilliant slowly going evil and I found he was a

I didn't manage to find any pics for this film so your have to use your imagination.Directed by the same bloke that made The Exorcist William Friedkin and he made another gruesome film.A lady is hired as a nanny and she has evil plans for every baby she sits.After looking after them for a period of time she is able to kidnap it and take to an evil tree that eats the babies and traps them inside it.When she tries to do the same with the new couple they manage to find her secret and end up being stalked by her through out the film.The most goriest moment is when hooligans try to touch up the evil nanny and she leads them to the evil tree and they become supper in a very gory way,see it your know what I mean.

I couldn't believe that Richard Donnor directed this considering he made really light films like The Gooonies and Superman.This is a really well made put together film with lots of gruesome deaths which made the films waiting for the next thing to happen.I thought the film had really eerie story with Damien being born from a dog which I though was really freaky.It is another film that beats all the sequels,I think its because its one of those films where you couldn't beat the ideas so they just totally milked it.The worst death for was the man getting his head chopped off which was quite brutal but worked brilliant for the film.It had a really shocking end when you think good triumphs over evil Gregory Pecks character dies just before he stabs the evil devil.

Body parts has the most eeriest opening music which sets up the movie really well showing what its going to be about.It has plenty of gory moments.Jeff fayey is brilliant in this loosing his arm and then it being replaced with a killers.He then has flash backs of the killers murders which is pretty horrific.This film is really eerie with a surgeon obsessed with transplanting body parts onto unfortunate victims.They all suffer side effects and the killer himself comes after all of them to reclaim back his lims ripping off arms and legs.Then Jeff Fayey is the last but he has other plans and has stop killer.

"where were going you wont need eyes"

Ok this in my opinion is the scariest film I've ever watched, this film freaks the hell out of me.Sam Neil stars in another horror pic seeing him investigate the disappearance of a spaceship which he created.They find the video recording of the last crew that have a real gory video with them eating each other going all crazy.By this point I'm hoping that they get the hell out of there and nuke the spaceship from a distance but know they investigate it more.As the film goes on they find that the ship has some how gone through a worm whole into another dimension and brought back an evil that will kill any one that enters the ship.Sam Neil goes completely crazy and ends up becoming evil and then the crew slowly become mince meat.At the end Larrwance Fishburn sacrifices himself to save the other crew so they can escape and the rest is history with one last scare at the end.

I hope you enjoyed reading through my list and if you haven't seen any of them you should defiantly check them out I'm shore you will find them scary as hell .

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