Action movies of the 80's

80's Action movies
February 13, 2008
The eighties were a great decade for movies and among one of the most expanded and developed genres that came out of the 80's was the Action movie. So this is my list of my personnal favorite action movies from the eighties.


this movie basically defined the eighties complete with robots, drugs, and cheesy commercials this is one of the all time classic action movies. Now what makes this one so good is the concept: take a dead cop, and turn him into the ultimate killing machine. Now the title may be a bit misleading because just from the sound of ROBOCOP you automatically assume that this is a cheesy kid movie, but this is GOREY. This movie is one of the most violent action movies that i have ever seen!! in the first 15 minutes the main character gets completly blown apart into little bloody chunks and after a quick change into the robocop, he hits the streets and completely wipes out every bad guy in his way. This movie is a definate classic and a must see.

next we have Arnolds best...

This was one of Arnolds first action movie, and he gets it started out right. Now this movie has a simple plot: An ex-military commando named John matrix's daughter gets kidnapped by some guy named bennet, who has freddy mercury's moustache and wears a mesh vest, and so its up to John to go wage a one man war against bennet and his army. One of the greatest scenes in this movie is the tool shed scene where arnold goes beserk on a group of soldiers. And another scene where he goes on a rampage with an m60 rambo style!

Speaking of rambo...

First Blood
Now this Is THE BEST action movie ever created. The story is, is that john Rambo is a vietnam vet. and he comes back from the war only to find his own personnal war with society. In the very begining he is a drifter and when he walks into this town called hope and instantly he starts to get harrased by the local police after some more run ins with the cops he is taken in for vagrance and is arrested. When taken to jail they try to give him a shave and right there they trigger a flashback of him in vietnam being tortured by the vietnamese instantly he goes into fight mode and fights his way out of the police station and steals and dirt bike, from here he goes into the woods where he is king. After the cops send out a search party he wipes them all out with traps he set. my personnal favorite is the branch trap. After about another hour of cat and mouse and alot more dead police officers he delivers a speech to col. Trautman about how this is his war. He goes on a rampage with an m60 but amazingly he goes the A-team route and fires hundreds upon hundreds of rounds but doesnt kill anybody. The movie ends with him being taken away by col. trauman to a prison. This is where the 2nd movie starts

RAMBO: First blood part 2

The movie starts with Rambo working at a military prison smashing rocks with a hammer. until Col. Trautman asks him to go on a top secret misson to rescue vietnam POWs and telling him if he is successful he might get a presidential pardon. That is about the only story there is in this one and the rest of the movie is him blowing stuff up with explosive arrows, and invading camps, and just completely destroying the vietnamese. Now a guy who goes by the name of Murdoc betrays him and leaves him to die but he made one mistake and that was he was dealing with Rambo of course Rambo somehow makes his way back and destroys the base with a hail of machine gun fire.

Next One of my personnal favorites


Unlike most of the movies on this list the hero of the movie is not some super Badass who is an unstoppable force and cannot be hurt. The hero is just a normal cop who happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Now what makes this movie so great is the amount of stuff this guy has to go through just to survive. This is just a sample of what the main character has to do through the course of the movie 1. he has to walk on broken glass with bare feet 2. he has to tie himself to a firehose and jump off the top of the building 3. sneak through the building swarming with terrorists 4. rig a computer moniter with c-4 and throw it down an elevator creating a massive explosion 5. survive wave after wave of gunfire 6. visit his wife who doesnt acknowledge that hey are even married
this guy has one rough christmas.

Well thanks for reading and look for my greatest horror movies of the 80's coming soon!!
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