What's you favorite 80's Movie

Let's see what 80's flicks make the grade
February 21, 2011

Jay here for another episode right out of my twisted little mind. This time let's take an 80's walk down memory lane by discussing our favorite 80's films. Now I don't know about any of you BUT my favorite way to see a movie in the 80's was at the Drive In movie Theater. This was the original BIG SCREEN, and there was something really cool about being able to sit in a lawn chair out in the summer night air with friends and watch a movie. I feel it brought us closer to the experience. So for me the best way to watch a movie was the Drive In. 80's kids were outside kids, meaning we did EVERYTHING outside, we got dirty and ripped clothes playing, we made forts and dirt bike tracks, unlike today's kids who never leave their PlayStation or computers and live on texting, YouTube, and Facebook.
Now for the content, or the subject matter... We knew where to go to see a good movie but what to see!? That's the 64 thousand dollar question.

So as we all did in the 80's we'd grab the local newspaper to check what movies were out... Yeah that's right NO MOVIEPHONE lol. After scouring the Movies we'd see where they were playing AND if it was the Drive In we begged our parents to take us that weekend. Sidenote, this is another reason I loved the Drive In because it was an event, UNLIKE today where kids are dropped off at the mall to see a movie, in the 80's EVERYONE went.

The Goonies and The Monster Squad for me were 2 movies that brought me and my friends closer together. Both movies have the premise of a group of kids banning together and having a crazy adventure. We got comedy, romance BLAH, action, creeps and thrills, AND who doesn't love Pirates and the Universal Monsters!? These somewhat campy films hit the nail on the head portraying 80's kids, and we ALL were able to relate or look up to at least one character in both flicks. "FAT KID FARTED" from The Monster Squad is still used to this day between me and my childhood friends. These 2 movies absolutely rank in my favorite 80's films because of their nostalgic value.

THE ORIGINAL STAR WARS TRILOGY tops my list of favorite 80's movies. Granted Star Wars A New Hope was a 1978 release BUT the following 2 movies were 80's flicks and I saw the original Star Wars at 3-4 years old. Star Wars was the film of childhood films for me and all my friends. Lightsabers, the coolest planes I've ever seen, alien planets, Darth Vader and action action and more action... AND THEN in Return of the Jedi every adolescent boys wet dream happens... Princess Leia in the Slave Outfit! Need I say more about Star Wars? Star Wars had everything a young boy was looking for in a story and it's no wonder that Star Wars has done so well over the years. It has spawned it's own culture for crying out loud. Yoda is like Bhudda "Do or do not, there is no try", and Vader is like an obedient Nazi SS Soldier... " You don't understand the power of the Darkside, MUST obey my master". This trilogy had a little bit of everything in it. The only time I liked the snow was a s a kid because we could break out all our Empire Strikes Back toys and recreate the Battle of Hoth, and then go sleigh riding. Halloween was a virtual Star Wars Convention, you had kids dressed as every major character almost every year.

Next up for me has got to be another Lucas Speilberg masterpiece, the Indiana Jones Trilogy. Indiana Jones was shot so masterfully that for the first time we see Archeology as a cool thing, and the places Indy goes, and the adventures he has leads many to think of him more like Nazi Fighting version of Sherlock Holmes. Indy's adventures left plenty for a child's imagination to embellish upon, and Indy ALWAYS had some hot chick, I mean what's really not to dig about these movies? Action movies appeal to boys and this is one example why we love them so much lol. I HATE SNAKES.... I HATE EM'! "Indy what are going to do next... I dunno I'm making this up as I go along."

The next 80's TRILOGY that I love dearly is the Back to the Future Trilogy. HELLO McFly, Anybody home!?, don;t be so gullible McFly. Ya got that Butthead? lol. This series is the ONLY one that's taking place in the present... 1985 at the time, the story is happening to an 80's kid. What 80's kid can't immediately relate then to Marty's trials and tribulations? Keeping the "time" that Marty is alive in the present was genius. Marty and Doc Brown took us on a VERY different kinda ride, and the ride directly played on a child's imagination. They travel through time... how no one ever thought of this earlier is beyond me actually. And we had awesome actors playing awesome characters. Again a wonderful storyline of complex characters, and a very detailed "universe" that these characters live in. Great stuff and so much so that to this day I still want to BUY a Delorean and retro fit it to look like the time machine, and ONE DAY I will.

These are the movies that affected us most as kids in the 80's back here in my home town in Long Island NY. They were the blockbusters of my time and I will always have a very close bond to these movies. These also are 3 Trilogy's that ALL had major Amusement Attractions at both Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Theme Parks. The rides only further solidified the bond to these movies for me because they became part of kid culture. So much so that Disney has announced that the original Star Tours ride will CLOSE Oct 2010 so it can be completely over hauled and reopen as a bigger and better Star Tours II in 2011! That speaks volumes for our beloved Movies. Alas Back the the Future the ride did close at Universal Studios to make way for The Simpsons.. which SUCKS, but thus is life.

Now there were MANY other greats that we loved, but these are the films that stood out to me.
Now what about you guys? What were the films that you consider to be the top 80's films for YOU. Let us know and keep this discussion going!
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