80's horror movies

80's horror
February 18, 2008
The Horror genre has to be one of the eighties' best and most exploited genre of movies this is a list of my personal favorite horror movies of the 80's
i will also rate these movies on a gore factor of 1-10 1being very mild and 10 being a gorefest

Day of the dead

this is my personal favorite of the "dead" series. what makes this one so good is the atmosphere which is very claustrophobic and small. the premise is that, basically the entire human race is extinct and only a handfull of humans remain and the rest of the population are zombies. the opening scene has to be one of my favorites it shows the deserted streets of some city in florida and a news paper floats up into the screen and the headline reads "the dead walk" and then it zooms up into a grotesque looking zombie with his jaw ripped off and his tounge hanging out.

Thsi movie has many memorable zombies but by far the MOST memorable is BUB the zombie whom they perform all of these experiments on in attempt to make the zombies more human like. But in the end it doesnt work out to well. Besides from being my personal favorite in the series, it is by far the goriest, not even land of the dead surpasses this in the gore amount, [spoiler] the best death by far is the demise of capt. Rhodes the films villian. it depicts him being bifurcated and disembowled by a horde of zombies and as they are dragging his legs away he utters his last words "choke on 'em!!!"
Gore-o-meter: 10

Friday the 13th series

This is by far one of the best slasher series ever. Mainly because they kept it simple, A guy in a mask, with a large knife, in the woods, and teenage victims. Even though most people give Halloween the credit of starting the entire slasher craze, i think that this series perfected it. Most of these movies' plots are extremely shallow and don't offer any insight to character development or anything like that, but then again you don't see these movies because of their great stories, you see them to see great special effects and to see how many ways you can kill camp counselers. Now the first movie the killer was jason's mom looking for revenge for her son who drowned in the lake now, this one is not my favorite by far, but it does have the most originality out of all the films. Next we have part 2 which introduced jason as the killer, now in this one he wears a burlap sack around his head instead of the iconic hockey mask inroduced in part 3 this one is also not my favortie but again it has a certain charm. Now part 3 is when we are introduced to two staple things in all of the friday the 13th series: 1. The Hockey mask 2. finding out that Jason will NEVER die and i mean NEVER.
when this movie first came out it was shown in 3-d. I own it on dvd and it is not nearly as good when youview in a 2 dimensional perspective because many of the scares come from the frequent pop outs, but they arent very effective when you view it 2-d. Now the fourth is my favorite because this is when they decided to just have fun with the series and now there are alot of quirky characters my favorite being crispen Glovers chareacter who by the way gets brutally killed, and we are also introduced another main character in the series and that is Tommy jarvis played by Corey Feldman, who is kind of a min-Tom savini and obsessed with horror movies. He turns out to be the hero of the film and lives on until part 8. The rest of the series mostly have the same plot with one exception being part 5 which it turns out the killer was an imposter. But parts 6-8 were business as usual. P.S. I consider the last film in the series to be Jason goes to hell because jason x and freddy vs. jason as cheap attempts to make money they are both horrible films.
Gore-O-meter: 8
Sleepaway Camp

This is a movie not to be taken seriously the death scenes are very over-the-top and the acting is not that good. The movie is divided into two parts one part-comedy and on-part slasher. Now if you are looking for a great time then you are in the right place, this movie is very fun to watch on a summer night with some friends and if you are in the mood watch the even cheesier sequels. Now the most famous scene by far is the ending in which you find out that angela is the killer and find out that she is a boy. Her facial expression in itself is frightening. If you are going to buy this movie then buy the box set with all three its not very expensive and you can view all of them uncut just that it is very hard to find them in stores so your best bet is to buy it online off amazon or ebay.
Gore-o-meter: 6
Toxic Avenger

This is the ultimate B-movie from the king of all sleaze llyod kaufman head of Troma films. This is my favorite Troma movie and one of my favorite horror movies. This movie covers so many genres horror,comedy,action,superhero, the to sum it all up in word word it would have to be BAD. But its a good type of bad its the type of bad that makes it fun to watch. The plot is a nerd named melvin is a janitor at a local gym and is always picked on so one day he is being played a harmless prank on when suddenly he slips and falls out of a window and falls into a vat of toxic waste instantly transforming him into the Toxic avenger the rest of the movie is him fighting evil and he is brutal! I think the main reason label this movie as horror so often is that it has the body count and gore amount of a horror flick. The ending is just as cheesy as the rest of the movie he disembowels the corrupt mayor and is accepted by the people of Tromaville as their own superhero.
Gore-O-meter: 10

Class of Nuke'em High
The last Troma movie on the list i promise but this is so gleefully bad that i couldnt resist now you are probably tired of hearing me talk about bad B-movies but this one is cool. The premise very much like alot of Troma movies a high school gets mutated by toxic waste and is transformed into a hellhole with the A-students forming a bike gang called the Cretins and they soon take over the school and hold it hostage it ends with every thing returning to normal (kind of).

Nightmare on Elm Street

Now this is a horror classic! This one is very differant and original the premise more imaginitive than most other slashers of it time. Its story is that a child killer is killed by angry parents and when he dies he haunts the dreams of the kids of the town, so it is up to them to try and stop him. By the way the killers name is
Freddy Kruger and the most reconizable aspect about him is his weapon: A glove with four blades welded to it this is one of the best weapons that a killer has ever used! the death scenes in this one are very gruesome one fan favorite features a young Johnny Depp sitting on his bed when suddenly he gets sucked into his bed then a geyser of blood just erupts out of him. One of the most intense things about this movie is the fact that you have no idea when you are in the dream world and the real world and sometimes you find out they are sleeping at the most unexpected of times. For instance a girl is taking a bath and you think everything is fine then suddenly freddy pops up and she suddenly wakes up. Now, what makes this movie so good and original is the fact that the killer taunts his prey and in later installments of the series he just plain roasts them {not literally] P.S. Even though it is not from the first one i think the best death scene in all of the nightmare series is the roach motel death. just thought you would like to know :)


This one is a typical slasher film and had crontroversy surrounding it ever since its release. It was heavily criticized for it extremely realistic violence and many of the death scenes had to be heavily edited just to make the R-rating. But now its available on an uncut DVD which i highly recommend to pick up because it is a very rare movie and hard to find. The plot is pretty decent it involves a psychopath going around on a killing spree everyone of his victims are scalped by him. The killer is not your typical killer he is just a middle aged man who happens to have some mental problems. This is a very good slasher.
Gore-O-meter: 10

The Thing

Very good monster movie and excellent story and make up. This has been called one of the best horror movies ever and it is the truth, John carpenter (from Halloween fame) directed this excellent movie and Burt reynolds plays the lead role in this. Since i dont want to give to much away i will just give you the basics they are in Alaska and an alien infiltrates the base and is able to take form of any living creature and the tension gets very tight whenever they are trying to figure out which one of them is the thing. Very good ending and weird at that.
Gore-O-meter: 8

Evil Dead

This is a classic!!! This the movie that made Sam Raimis career now the director of the multi hundred million dollar spider man movies, he started out with this micro-budget horror movie that many consider a classic b-movie, The movies main character, Ash goes to a cabin in the woods with some friends and while they are there he stumbles upon a tape and a book called the book of the dead, he plays the tape and awakens evil spirits form within the cabin that is when things get weird, now i'm not going to explain the story in much detail but i am going to highlight my favorite scenes, the first being when he first aquires his iconic weapon the chainsaw and carves up a dead body to put it into a grave, and second being when he goes into the basement for the first time and hundreds of gallons of blood pours down on him. Bruce Campbell is great in this movie.
Gore-O-meter: 9

Well, thanks for reading and look for my best sequels of the 80's coming soon!!
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