80's Horror Villains

best horror villains of the 80s
September 06, 2007
Here are some of the best and now iconic movie villains and monsters.
The modern horror lacks any identity nowadays, with every movie having the same vibe, feel and similar story to one another,for example Disturbia, Silent Hill, Stay Alive, White Noise, The Grudge etc. The remakes, which are so popular today, never live up to the expectations and should actually never be done in the first place - there's no need to repaint Mona Lisa.
Even the original movies don't have any memorable characters or villains, like the dull (in my opinion) Saw. The supernatural and monsters are still somewhat present (The Cave for example), but in a very cheezy way in movies that have just too much CGI to the point where it looks like a cartoon or Toy Story kind of movie. I do think that Doom was close to being a good Aliens-like movie. close.

I'm gonna describe 6 of my favorite 80s horror movie villains, 3 that are supernatural, 3 that are human beings

One of the most iconic 80s horror villains is definetely Freddy Krueger. Who doesn't know the hideous, burned man with his finger blades? Freddy represents everything that was great about 80s horror - a memorable character whom many feared throughout the decade.The deep, menacing voice and sick sense of humor, dirty red and green sweater and old hat. Classic, just classic. Wes Craven created a series that to this day is the epitome of the horror genre

" A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)"
On Elm Street, Nancy Thompson (Langenkamp) and a group of her friends including Tina Gray (Wyss), Rod Lane (Garcia) and Glen Lantz (Depp) are being tormented by a clawed killer in their dreams named Freddy Krueger (Englund). Nancy must think quickly, as Freddy tries to pick off his victims one by one. When he has you in your sleep, who is there to save you?

Classic Freddy as we know him.
Freddy's appearance was changed a lot in Wes Craven's New Nightmare

The Nightmare On Elm Street franchise was completely ruined with freddy vs Jason in which both characters became a parody of themsleves and the legendary horror icons were ruined. The movie makers tried to re-create his classic look, but he didnt look right and didnt have that creepy and mystical feeling to him

Another iconic villain of the 80s horror movies is Matt Cordell, the monster from Maniac Cop. Brilliant 80s horror movie about a mysterious murdered in Manhattan who's apparently dressed as NYPD officer. As we later find out in a movie, he is actually a former cop who was killed by the people he put in prison, and now he came back to life "only now he kills innocent people".

"Maniac Cop (1988)"
Innocent people are being brutally murdered on the streets of New York by a uniformed police officer. As the death toll rises and City Hall attempts a cover-up, Frank McCrae heads the investigation. A young cop, Jack Forrest, finds himself under arrest as the chief suspect, having been the victim of a set-up by the real killer and a mysterious woman phone-caller. Forrest, his girlfriend Theresa, and McCrae set out to solve the puzzle before the Maniac Cop can strike again

Maniac Cop from the first movie looked like he did before he died, with few scars on his face. The movie doesnt clearly state wheter he really died or was he heavily injured and then went nuts. Althought he cant be killed by the bullets and few people said his hands are cold.

Any doubts were erased with the second movie whcih clearly says that Cordell is indeed, not human. Also, the first movie was a low budget flick but when it turned into hit, obviously the second movie had a much bigger budget, hence Cordell's appearance changed completely.

The third movie made him look slightly different again

Charles lee Ray is another movie villain in the same vein as the previous two guys. The city strangler uses voo doo magic to transfer his soul into doll. The first two movies from the Child's Play series were just brilliant and really scary, even for today's standarts. I hate the fact that the series was changed into comedy horror genre and became a parody of itself starting with Chucky's Bride.

"Child's Play (1988)"
When serial killer Charles Lee Ray is mortally wounded in a police shoot-out, he uses a voodoo spell to transfer his soul into Chucky, a "Good Guys" doll. Andy receives the doll as a birthday gift, and Chucky soon resumes his killing spree. However, Charles doesn't want to be trapped in the body of a doll forever. His only escape would be to transfer into the first human he revealed his true identity to... which places Andy in mortal danger

the classic Chucky (As seen in the first three movies)

the modern Chucky (as sen in Chucky's Bride 1998 and The Seed of Chucky 2004)

The 'natural" 80s villains who dont have any superpowers, were really interesting also. They had a character, and something about them that just made you shiver. Of course, it's partially due to the great actors portraying them

John Rider, as he itroduced himself, was creepy and sinister, and sounded like a psychopathic loner on a suicide run. Great music, and the feel of loneliness and paranoia is what made this movie great, along with a great performance from Rutger Hauer himself.

"The Hitcher (1986)"
A young man transporting a car to another state is stalked along the road by a cunning and relentless serial killer who eventually frames the driver for a string of murders. Chased by police and shadowed by the killer, the driver's only help comes from a truck stop waitress

The creepiest and weirdest character of the 80s horror - John "Rider"(Rutger Hauer)

Another great human villain is Charles Luther from "Runaway". A mad scientist and a businessman with a stare cold as ice sreeped me out when i was a kid. Gene Simmons of Kiss gave a terrific performance in this Michael Crichton's flick

"Runaway (1984)"
A police officer specializes in runaway robots in the near future. When a robot becomes homicidal, he begins to unravel a mastermind's plot to create killer robot weapons, and then the policeman becomes a target himself

Gene Simmons as sinister Dr. Luther

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13 years, 1 month ago
you forgot jason you basterd never go swimming agen dude cus hill come trust me
    14 years, 1 month ago
    yeah those movies hitcher and runaway was'nt consider scary movies.
      14 years, 1 month ago
      Hitcher and Runaway are not scary
        14 years, 2 months ago
        blizen, i only described 5 of my favorites
          14 years, 2 months ago
          I would not like to be arrested by that cop.
            14 years, 2 months ago
            what the eff man, you only described 5 horror villains...dumbass
              14 years, 2 months ago
              As far as monsters in the closet and the such that children are afraid of, I'd have to list Freddy as one of the things that I was convinced was going to get me in the middle of the night. I made the mistake of watching one of the "Nightmare on Elm Street" sequels at a very young age lol.

              He's not so bad now, but definitely still a great villian and still understandably creepy. :)
                14 years, 2 months ago
                Freddy... and CHUCKIE... they're HILARIOUS!!!
                  14 years, 2 months ago
                  Not bad, but you forgot about Jason Voorhees and Pinhead. Without them, it's just not complete.
                    14 years, 2 months ago
                    i think someone needs to lay off the cocaine a bit, heheh.But uhh, yeah both Freddy and Jason are probably the ultimate villains, just because they became so amazingly popular.I mean when you have 500 different things marketed after the Jason and Freddy names, even their own awful, awful NES games, HEY!You can't top that.
                      14 years, 2 months ago
                      DANMIT PUT JASON IN THERE
                        14 years, 2 months ago
                        well if u don't put jason in there u being a noob jason is awsome and kicked freddys ass in Freddy vs. Jason.jason is so freaking extream why the hell didn't u put jason in there hes like one of the best super villans dude cmon put jason in there serisly. sue me to hell too.
                          14 years, 2 months ago
                          :( srry i typed so much lol
                            14 years, 2 months ago
                            oh yeah candy man and like mr.tron said pinhead and jason and michal myers did need to be in here ans srry i keep sending so many messages i just have sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much too say but still freddy wasn't the star of the show jason kicked his ass i swear.most of it was jason more than freddy and freddy can only hurt ppl in there sleep and only on elm street dude jason can have super powers in the real world at any day and any time but freddy is more powerful than jason in the dreams so there pretty evan because they both r invincible but i just wish that i could see his face without the mask and Freddy and jason r like a villan team because they both can kill in day time and freddy can kill in dreams so they should team up in a movie THAT WOULD BE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWSOME like spider pig spider pig is cool lol any ways still ssooo i geuss thats all i got to say but still pls get jason and all those villans i said in there there would be more votes then k :) im just trying tooo help message me on here if u deside to k im ganna give u a thumbs up well i would but jason cut them off lol cya.
                              14 years, 2 months ago
                              but all the movies sound good too but i still like jason :). i hope u get jason in there.

                              p.s i love that snap shot of jason and freddy its awsome cya :)

                                14 years, 2 months ago
                                God, horror movies sure do suck nowadays.And one of the big reasons for that is that, nope, they don't have interesting villains anymore, they're all pretty generic nowadays, with only a few exceptions, like Jeepers Creepers with it's unkillable demon.I liked Freddy Vs. Jason though.Sue me.
                                  14 years, 2 months ago
                                  John Ryder is one of the greatest and most ambiguous villains ever, I love it when he licks the pennies and sticks them on C. Thomas Howell's eyelids.
                                    14 years, 2 months ago
                                    Great piece. But yes, Jason, Pinhead and Micheal Myers are needed in this. You could even add Pamela Voorhees as well.
                                      14 years, 2 months ago
                                      Dude, if you were going to do 80's horror villians, how could you not put Jason in here? Major, major oversight. And where's Micheal Myers, considering it was the Halloween series that invented the horror slasher genre? Sure, the first Myers movie was 1978, but its close enough, and 2-5 were in the 80's.
                                        14 years, 2 months ago
                                        Miles Creighton of Wes Craven's Chiller is a good movie also.
                                          14 years, 2 months ago
                                          i think you need to add Michael Myers (most movies were made in the 80's), Pinhead, and Leatherface since they all had flicks in the 80's....
                                            14 years, 2 months ago
                                            Miles Creighton of Wes Craven's Chiller is a ominous character also.
                                              14 years, 2 months ago
                                              Freddy vs Jason was... dissapointing.

                                              Good movie as far as plot goes... horrible supporting actors. Kelly Rowland? C'mon.. They could have at least tried!
                                                14 years, 2 months ago
                                                Do the Skeksis count ?
                                                  14 years, 2 months ago
                                                  Personally, Jason and Micheal Myers were... boring. To me, the movies were just about a big-ass, indestructible guy with a big knife who walked slowly and just stabbed his victims to death. It didn't seem like there was much of a reason for either of them. (Though I am looking forward to seeing Rob Zombie's 'Halloween'. It looks like it'll give a better background and description of the Myers Family and what went on in it.) At least Freddy had a damn good background. And he came in your dreams, damn hard to kill. That, and Freddy was a creative guy. He was fun to watch and funny in the later movies.

                                                  And Freddy vs. Jason was pretty good. But then again, I'm the type of person who loves all sides of Freddy's personality. If the bastard son of a hundred maniacs wants to have some fun with his victims... and at times the corpses as well... why not let him? It's good entertainment to me. Then again, that's just my opinion.
                                                    14 years, 2 months ago
                                                    I liked Freddy vs Jason also. I think it put Freddy back the way he was after the abomination that was "New Nightmare"
                                                      14 years, 2 months ago
                                                      Sorry, didn't see horror in the title. But what gives with Jason and Michael Myers they should have been on the list.
                                                        14 years, 2 months ago
                                                        Where is Clarence Boddicker from Robocop?
                                                          14 years, 2 months ago
                                                          freedy is the best come on every one loves that wrenkled up face and that tatty jumper relly scared me and the bit with the bed in that movie was amazing bit ofthe movie but good artical also chucky was good but was ruined by seed of chucky
                                                            14 years, 2 months ago
                                                            I completely disagree about Freddy vs. Jason, but I disagree mainly because I was expecting it to be absolutely terrible, and I was completely surprised when it wasn't that bad. If you notice the little subtle things, the angles, the shots, you can tell they really tried to make it feel like a Nightmare movie AND a Jason movie. There are so many subtle things, winks and nods, that made the film decent. But I understand the desire to dislike newer versions of old characters. The original Freddy from the first film is obviously the best version of the character, but each film has had it's moments, including Freddy vs. Jason. No one was going to be completely happy with Freddy vs. Jason. Some of the earlier scripts were absolutely horrible. One script had them fighting in Hell with Pinhead as a referee. That would have been horrible. Was the film a masterpiece? No, it wasn't, especially for a film that was in development for nearly 10 years. But it wasn't nearly as bad as some make it out to be.
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