Forgotten Movies part 1

Movies that time forgot.
August 26, 2008
Over the years there have been many of forgetfull movies many of which were dissmissed as being a knock off or a cheesy movie. But alot of the movies, as bad as they might seem at first glance aren't always calamities of cinema.

Our fist film and prime example of people judging a book by its cover is a little 1981 slasher film called "The Burning"

Now one of the main reasons for the immediate dismissal of this film is that it came out one year after the famed Friday the 13th which was labeled one of the first horror films to be set in a summer camp. Now guess what the burning is set in a summer camp also. But the story is that supposedly the Weinsteins (founders of Miramax) had written the script before Friday came out but could not make it do to unforseen complications in making it so friday beat them to the chase and basked in all its glory while they had sit back and watch all of the success only to make the film just a few months after the realease of friday. The best thing about the film has to be sfx wizard Tom Savini's ingenius effects. By the way this movie is also way gorier than any of the friday movies. One of the most famed sequences is that of when a group of campers are attacked on a raft that scene alone makes the movie worth buying. Now im not going to spoil the story for you but I will have to say that its not the most original script and the acting is not what you would call shakespearean. This movie does have a good cast it even features pre-Seinfield Jason Alexander. I have to say he is actually pretty cool in this movie.

Now this next movie is what I like to call a "Valley" movie because this movie capitalizes on the whole concept of stupid teens who only think about shopping and clothes They took that concept and mixed it with and apocalyptic scenario

That movie is night of the comet now the story is that a comet comes to earth a kills every one who is not inside a fully metal container. Two sisters,are among the few survivors. The sisters are military brats; they were taught self-defense techniques and how to use firearms by their father, an Army officer. After realizing what has happened, they hear a disk jockey on the radio and head to the station, only to find that it is only a recording. However, they do meet another survivor there a trucker, After they find him they talk on the radio and alert a group of research scientists who try and hunt down surviors so that they can harvest their blood and try and find an antidote to the disease. In the middle the two sisters go on a shopping spree in a mall set to the tune of girls just want to have fun. Again, i dont want to ruin the ending but it is pretty good.

This next movie is probably more widely known than the other ones but i feel that it gets a bad rap. And that movie is...

Yes, I know this is mainstreem but i like it equally to the 1985 classic tim burton movie this one is an film that was made in 1988 and I even though it is geared towards families I think that movie shows us a more mature pee wee than we had or ever will see because pee wee herman actually has sex in the film now they only show you hints of it and never say that he did but if you older than 8 then you get the clues that they give you. The premise is somewhat insane and at times makes no sense. The movie starts with pee wee living in a totally random barn with animals with no trace of dottie to be seen from the previous pee wee film anyway they replace his dog speck with a talking pig. And he lives in a totally random isolated town with a bunch of old people until a circus moves into town pee wee befriends the whole circus and invites them to set up shop on his property a love triangle develops between two women and pee wee and the ending is dissapointing but it is still a good film for fans of pee wee.Overall, Big Top Pee-wee was not as successful as its predecessor, making less than half its gross revenue, and is certainly not the best remembered of the two.

The last one is one of the least well known John Candy movies and that is..

Summer rental is a movie about a man who is an air traffic controller and keeps screwing up at his work so gets vacation time. He rents a house and shows up at, so he thinks, the house that he has rented the go out to eat and wait in line for half an hour and just when they get to the front Col. Trautman takes all of his lobsters. Now John just wont have this so he gets confrontaionall with the man. They are forced to go to a dump where they are served fish sticks and are introduced to rip torn. They get back home and soon find out that that have mistaked beach lane for beach drive so they are kicked out of the house and have to sleep in a dump of a house which happens to be located the entrance to the local beach. At the end john beats Col. Trautman in a race and everyone goes home happy. And by the way this movie features the most poorly dubbed line ever put in a film here is the link. that line is just some how so creepy....
Thanks for reading and lookout for part two coming soon.
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