remember those fantastic books?
May 19, 2008

Yes these books were all the rave whenever i was in about fifth grade. We would receive these little packets about once every month and inside these packets you could order books from them. Now and again something interesting would be in there like a spy club membership or a how to draw book but as far as i can remember no one hardly ever ordered any books that is until The goosebumps books came out.

I remember looking at the grotesque covers and instantly became curious about what these books were like. A few weeks later i received my first ever goosebump book and it was entitled MONSTER BLOOD, the cover had slimy stair steps with broken glasses on the base of the stairs it was very cool and entertaining but after i read the book i was absolutely HOOKED! on reading them and could not wait to get another book order packet so i just went down to Barnes&Noble to get whatever one i could get my fingers on. When i got into the kids section i immediatly sprang to the section that read CHAPTER BOOKS and there it was, the goosebumps section i started to glare at the covers. Because as a kid i made my judgements based soley on the front cover, if it looked cool or gross i would get it but if the cover was dull and uninspiring i would just throw it aside without even bothering to read the description on the back. One book that caught my eye was the haunted mask the cover looked cool it depicted a girl putting on a saliva drenced green goblinesque mask. And i also picked one up called The masked mutant which had a superhero leaping towards you on the front cover. I got both of these and by the time i was in the car i was already on the third chapter.

Now, this obession continued up about until the middle of sixth grade when i thought that reading was Dumb, and boring, But about this time was when the Goosebumps TV show had started and it reignited my love for these stories because on that show i could watch all of my favorite books become alive. My personal favorites were, the shocker on shock street and attack of the jack-o-lanterns. I would go down to blockbuster and rent all of the VHS tapes that they had of those shows. And i still have everysingle VHS tape that they realeased and i also have a collection of Tapes that i used to record the episodes.

But like all good things it had to end. RL Stine has since made about six spin off series such as the 2000 series of goosebumps, Give yourself goosebumps, goosebumps graphix among others.

Thanks for reading!!
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