How has Retro Junk affected you

Retrojunk brings back childhood and better times to me
November 07, 2011
So after all this time on Retrojunk it finally dawned on me.... How has the website effected me and my life? What a crazy random thing to think to myself right?.... WRONG.

Retrojunk consistently reminds me of things long since passed that I had completely forgotten about from my childhood, things that when thrown in my face through pictures and video clips have brought back so much joy to me and allowed me to relive some of my childhood memories over and over again.

For instance... who remembers WOOD PANELED ROOMS!? My bedroom used to be covered in that horrendous stuff BUT looking back now I almost miss it lol. Look how HORRIBLE this crap is lol.

I can vividly remember wood paneling being so popular it was even on the sides of station wagons, how gross looking lol.

Our bedrooms looked like marketing firm collaboration rooms, with posters of anything and everything hanging up, bedsheets of our favorite cartoons, and ceiling fans became the norm for lighting and cooling.

There are so many aspects to childhood Retrojunk reminds me of. I looked like that kid playing Nintendo, with a Mullet and the same clothes, my feet on the dresser trying endlessly to beat The Legend of Zelda, calling my friend rob around the block to give updates to where we were.

I loved the Mall, AND speaking of the mall this was a time when ANYONE could SMOKE ANYWHERE, check these old timers out! Taking a smoke break while looking for Orange Julius and Woolworths.

Smokers could smoke ANYWHERE, malls, Restaurants, AIRPLANES, you name it. Crazy to think of a time when you could do this anywhere in public. Another freedom that's been taken away from people in recent years.

How many things can you think of that this site reminds you of? Michael Jackson Thriller, Toys, Movies, BMX BIKES, oh my god my BMX days, when I used to race for Mongoose. Oh man those were the days, practicing all day in the cornfields, making ramps and dirt racetracks. RC Car racing on the same tracks. SO MUCH FUN WE HAD!

The country had the best President, good old Ronald Reagan, a guy that's take NO SHIT from any other country and who cared about AMERICANS!
Love the Gipper!

And of course another great 80's creation that is immortalized in the movie TRON is the Arcade... a cavalcade of digital bliss for kids. Machines begging to be fed quarters so you could kill and alien, race a James Bind type car, Karate Chop your way to the top of the pagoda like Bruce lee, or race your way to the finish line and speed, speed, speed lol.

LOOK AT THIS KIDS COLOR COORDINATED.. well EVERYTHING!! What's worse.. I went out of the house looking like this too, and had socks just like those, and yes... they were pulled that high up. :-( Ung freaking horrible 80's clothing lol.

The MAIN TV stations here in NY were ch11 WPIX, NBC ch4, CBS ch2, and ABC ch7. This was where it was at for the Muppets, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and SATURDAY MORNING CARTOONS!

By the way, as a side note, I am eating POP Rocks while writing this because I saw something about them on Retrojunk.

This website has given me so much joy by giving me a small Time Capsule I can visit anytime to enjoy aspects of my childhood over and over again.

Here's some memorable Christmas Images from the 80's when presents were abundant, a Christmas tree was in almost every front window, and SANTA was in fact ON HIS WAY!


Endless Presents under the almighty Christmas Tree!

And of course MUSICLAND! A must for all of my Heavy Metal albums I wanted like Twisted Sister and WASP!

There is just so much that Retrojunk rockets me back to... even architecture of buildings like the old Mid Island Animal Hospital right near my home. It was all about rock and brick faces on buildings, here check it out

When you become an adult you realize that certain things in life are gone, and that we cannot get them back.
The way the sunset looks in summertime as a child is different, we noticed the color of the light reflecting off of trees and houses, we knew to the second what time a street light would come on, and we didn't need a watch to know what time of day it was. We were never afraid to get dirty, or rip our jeans.

Retrojunk reminds me of a time when possibilities WERE endless, when daring to dream and imagine were GREAT THINGS.

Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of adult life we need that release, that break from reality and Retrojunk gives us that outlet to be TOYS R US kids once again!

Thank you Retrojunk and thank you to the community for reading and supporting my articles. This one goes out to RETROJUNK.COM! We love you guys!
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