Action Movies 2.0

I enjoyed doing the first article for action heroes so I wanted to do my sequel to it!
By dg
June 20, 2006

After I finished the first article on Action Movies I felt I missed so many great movies out that I had to do another one just to finish it off.

"this green abrade is gonna kick your ass-I eat green abrades for breakfast"

Not one of arnies best films but still has loads of action in it.Watching this film as a kid I nether complained but now I'm older I think its quite bad especially when he has to take out hundreds of soldiers in an army base on an island.Loads of Arnie phrases in this film which makes it a classic.

"you break my record now I break you"

The film that made van damme a star.Its one of my favourite van damme films,I watched this when I was kid and wanted to do martial arts because of him.He played Frank Dux a true life story, the first westerner to win the kumite.Bolo young was the main opponent and was really good in this as well.It has a really gory scene when he snaps a blokes leg that still makes me cringe.This film had some amazing fighting in it with van damme on top form kicking his way to the end.

"I have the powerrrrrr"

One of Dulph Lungdren best movie seeing him as the man of muscle himself He-Man.This movie is just excellent its such a entertaining film .I saw it loads of times as kid and nether got bored of it.Skelator was a bit over the top but apart from that it was great with an early role from Courtney Cox.

"want some candy"

Although it wasn't as good as the original I still really liked this film. The predator this time round had some better weapons to slay his victims with,especially the one with net that squeeze the victims to death.I thought Danny Glover did a good job seen as he made the lethal weapons films he was no stranger to action films.The alien ship at the end was really good to look at and the bit every one remembers the alien head a pity avp wasn't that great though but the guy who played predator passed away.

"there must only be one,ow wrong film"

I really liked this film it was really futuristic.Christopher Lambert gets put in an underground prison with his wife and they can not escape because they have been implanted with triggering devices which will explode.This film is quite gory with gruesome killings in it.The coolest bit is when the cyborgs start to attack and they manage to take one of the masks off it and its all disfigured.Great action and and entertaining film.One Lamberts better films!

"what will happen to my babies-your never know"

Another great van damme film double the van damme, double the impact with evil Bolo Young as the villain again.This had some great fights, explosions and chases,everything a van damme fan could want. My favourite seen was when van damme had to go up against bolo young at the end.Van Damme did a good job playing two types of personalities so I think he wasn't that bad of an actor and made a good film out of it.

"I break you"

My favourite rocky film, this time round rocky must face the Russian rock ivon drago who kills Apollo creed in a boxing match.Rocky then flies to Russia to beat him on his own turf.Great fights and good music from the 80s.

"what happened to buzzsaw-he had to split"

Another great arnie film which is full of humour and action and some of great arnie phrases.I watched this film dozens of times and it doesn't get boring atoll.Its one of his best films during the 80's.Richard Dawson as Damon Killian the main game show host is really funny and plays a great villain.This film has loads of great villains such sub zero but in the end they all meet there death when arnie arrives.Another film with Jesse venture playing his typical role as a wrestler and another old face that's popped up in allot of his films Sven-Ole Thorsen.

" that was nothing but that's how it always begins"

Another classic from John Carpenter,this time round Kurt Russell goes against David Lopan a goast wanting to have life again by marrying a lady with green eyes.The alley fight at the beginning is excellent, one the best martial art fight scene I've ever seen. Over all this is a great entertaining film one of John Carpenters best.

I've seen this film loads of time and never get bored of it.Another great Kurt Russell film with James spader who was also great in this.Fighting against the evil alien ra in a far off galaxy using the stargate.Its a brilliant sc-fi adventure which every one should see with good special effects for its time.I thought it was cool when the evil solider uncovers his armour and you see the human inside.

"the only good bugs a dead bug-would you like to know more"

A great Paul verhoven film set in the future where the humans are fighting the arachnids.The arachnids send a meteor to earth that kills hundreds of humans and its up to rico played by Casper Van Dien and his gang to destroy them .The film has really gory scenes with ugly looking creatures but the memorable scene for me is when the guy gets his brains sucked out.

"hey I like you neckless I've got one just like made out of noses"

Another great Van Damme film his first major big film to gross in allot of money working with of my favourite director Roland emmeric.Dolph Lungren was really good in this as well as the screwed up solider that has a major grudge against van damme for being a traitor.There's great action and good fighting from van damme right the end when they have fight it out to the death.

"train him in the games,let him hope for a while then blow him away"

This was an important film in special effects.At the time it had never been done before with the style they used on it and was a quite successful at the time and grew more popular over years hugely.Its one of my all time favourite growing up ,I think its Jeff Bridges best film he's done people say that he's like that in real life which is quite funny.The best moment in the film for me has to be the life cycles they were amazing a pity they never made them games in the arcades or did they.

I hope you liked the second part of this action movies and you never know it could turn into a trilogy just joking.
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