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I'm a big fan of action movies so I've written an article on my favourites, which is yours?
By dg
May 29, 2006

I've always been a great action fan since I was a kid.I think action is great when its done well and directed by people with great visions. I suppose its because they are very demanding on what they want on screen and that's how it should be done because there has been some tremendous actions films that have come out of the 80's and 90's.

My movie to start with is the apocalyptic wastelands of Australia with the road warrior and the next sequel Beyond Thunderdome being my favourite out of the trilogy I didn't mind the first one but I found it harder to watch than other two when I watched The Road Warrior it blew me away with the full throttle cars and the brutal killings. Thunderdome was really cool to with the thunderdome its self two men enter one man leave with the big dood master blaster chasing Mel Gibson and Tina Turner as the main villain which was quite funny.

When this came out in 1995 it was pretty big,I saw it in the cinemas as a kid and I enjoyed every second of it especially when the spaceships shadow starts to cover the moon. Roland Emeric directed it and he's one of my favourite directors when it comes to big action films. One of Will Smiths better films with Jeff Gooldblum who I think is a really good actor.

He mad at you for business or pleasure- both!

Made in van Dammes heyday and one of his better films. He plays Chance Boudreaux helping a lady find her dad. They find he's been murdered for sport and they end up going after Van Damme. This film was directed by John Woo and he made an amazing job with the action scenes, Van Damme was great with his spin kicks and diving from explosions. This film doesn't disappoint with Lance Henriksen as the villain and he also great in this,he is really evil at times.

Robocop was such a classic with so many memorable moments. Peter Weller plays Murphy a cop turned into a kick ass Robot, out to bring in the garbage then he starts to remember the villains that murdered him and then goes on a mission to get justice. One of Paul Verhovens greatest films. The most memorable scene is when one of the killers drives into toxic waste barrel and comes out all mangled.

I thinks this is Van Dammes greatest film he's made, I think its his best acting attempt and has some amazing special effects for its time.He is is on top form as a futuristic cop going after criminal stealing money for his campaign Ron Silver who was also great in this.

Ow he doesn't know how to use the three sea shells

This film is great with Wesley Snipes as the villain he was really funny in this as well as evil. Jon Spartan a cop sentenced to a long time in an ice cube wakes up to find Simon Phoenix is on the loose causing trouble but the police are incapable of stopping him because there complete wimps and Stallone is thawed out to kick his ass.

I totally loved this film its underrated in opining it doesn't take itself to seriously. it has lots of humour with Jack Slater the fictional action hero brought back into the real world by kid Danny Madigan using a golden ticket.They are after the red eye played by Charles Dance who is really cool in this film,he tries to get all the villains from films to conquer the world.

Tm Burtons dark remake of Batman was aboustly amazing with Michael Keaton as Batman who was brilliant and Jack Nicholson as the Joker. It has dark humour and amazing action, this is my favourite Batman out of the lot.I can't forget the car he drives it has to be the greatest car in movies ever.

If it bleeds we can kill it
One of my fav movies growing up, defiantly one Arnies best film he's done, seeing him go against the seven foot tall alien.This has to be one of the greatest action films made. I always remember Jesse Ventura's mini gun taking apart what ever stands in his way and the demolition on the army camp was totally wicked.

Get Away From Her You Bitch

This has to be the best out of the alien films with James Cameron putting all the testosterone into the full on marine action romp. Sigourney Weaver was wicked in this as the only one who knows what the aliens are capable of. In the end seeing who actually lays the eggs with the queen alien her self, when I was a kid she scared the shit out of me trying to get to Newt.

Keanu Reeves has done some action films but this one is his best apart from the matrix.This film has some amazing explosions and some real fast passed action seeing him as cop chasing Dennis Hopper who is crazy bomber, he made me laugh quite allot with his sick humour.The big stunt was a coach jumping over gap which was huge, it was wicked as a kid but watching it now it would of been impossible to do but that's Hollywood for ya.

Once you go in you don't come out
One of my favourite films of all time. New York a maximum security prison and the president crash lands in there and the only person to get him out is Snake Plissken played by Kurt Russell. This film was very dark,John Carpenter directed it and he did an amazing job,nether any spectacular explosions but a great film to watch.Even though its quite dated it still holds up to day and its better than the sequel by a long way.

This film was a breakthrough in animation mixing it with computer effects and it worked brilliantly. One of Mangas better films made during the late 90's when Manga was starting to fade away in my opinion, I haven't seen a decent film since.It was a really good movie and used a similar matrix style concept.

Another great Van Damme film going up against Powers Booth. I really like this film because its kinda like a die hard Van Damme movie but he's got to save his daughter and if doesn't disarm the bombs along the way before the final buzzer it will trigger.It was a really good action movie when Van Damme was working with good actors.

I'll be back
This film is another classic the film that made Arnie a global superstar as The Terminator.Directed by James Cameron and it was his vision that made it work. An action breakthrough showing how modern day action should be done. It had great acting and a very dark feel it unlike T2,the future war scenes were really good seeing how Kyle Reese lived and what what was left of humanity.

The ultimate Manga film, if you love Manga you have to own this film. Akira led the way showing that animation could be watched by older audiences. It had a very good story and the scenes were spectacular with some amazing action. There were so many great scenes but one of them is is the bike chase at the beginning seeing Kanadas gang rip through Tokyo streets.

The film that showed another break through in special effect in a big way and used it well and with a great story. I think this movie was amazing because I nether seen any sc-fi like it before it was new and original Keanu Reeves does a great job playing Neo.I think it maybe it used ideas from Goast In The Shell but I still love it and I think the first one is the best the others were to complicated.

"Your fired"
Another Arnie film this time as a secret agent Harry Tasker the names are are as good as his films.This was a big hit back in the 90's and with great action as well really funny humour. Jamie Lee Curtis was funny as hell in this film especially when she does the sexydance.

"Yippee- ki-ay mother..... "
The first one voted as the greatest action film of all time I wouldn't go far as to say that but it was bleddy good seeing Bruce Willis wear his trade mark vest and smart comments. He was a pro in this film going up against Hans Gruber Alan Rickman another great badie. It has loads of amazing action,how Bruce character survived all of the way to the end I don't know. The second one is my favourite I don know why, I think its because of the villains were allot better.

Hasta la vista baby
This is my ultimate choice as the number one, this film blew me a way, the sequel had so much hype. As a kid I remember the day I watched it with my sister and it was a kick ass movie. Arnie was at his peak he'd done loads of great action films before but nether on this scale, I think its James Cameron's best film as well.The first film to really take special effect to another level.When I saw the Terminator crush the scull and all explosions were going off in the back ground I was in heaven. Better than the first but I think only for the spectacular actions scenes but both great films.

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