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Here are some of my favourite Movies based on animation
October 26, 2006
Some of the trends of movies now a days is to take classic animated shows and turn them into live-action flicks. Here a but a few of the T.V. shows that are being made into live-action flicks.

The X-Men

In animation form.

The X-Men

The X-Men T.V. show started something. In 1991 Marvel Comics decided that it was time to give the X-Men their own animated show and boy what a show it was. Starring some relatively unknown people such as Chris Porter, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, as Gambit and Cedric Smith, Road To Avonlea, as Professor Xavier this show gave new meaning to the phrase "tough as nails" and it makes sure that no social issue is left untouched. It even touched on Remmy "Gambit" Lebeau's troubled past and why he left New Orleans.

X-Men Evolution

In 2000 the WB started on the X-Men trend by creating X-Men: Evolution which starred David Kaye as Professor Xavier and Kriby Morrow as Cyclops. The show starts off with Cyclops etal as teenagers trying to keep their identities as mutants a secret while attending school full-time and attending Professor Xavier's training camp where they learn that their mutant powers are not a curse but can be used as an asset to benefit mankind.

In Live-Action form.


The X-Men live action movie was one of great importance to a lot of the X-Men fans. Starring Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Patrick Stewart, and Hallie Berry the first of three X-Men movies was taken to movie theatres in 2000 and the franchise hasn't stopped yet. An over zealous senator wants to make sure that the humans are more aware of the mutant's existence. But Professor Xavier wants to assure the mutant populace that their privacy won't be violated. Magneto, played by Sir Ian McKellen, believes that a war is brewing between mutants and normal humans. Mystique, played by Rebecca Rojmain, and her Mutant entourage kidnap the very senator who is trying to make the mutant populace's known and kill him by reducing his molecular structure to goo. Magneto then kidnaps Rouge and tries to use her powers to inflict damage on the entire human race.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

X2: X-Men United.

The X-Men are faced with predjudices as they try and co-exist peacefully among normal humans. But co-existing peacfully with humans isn't an easy task. In the second installment of the X-Men we learn more about Wolverine's past and how his atamantium skeleton was developed by a cruel scientist.

Sean Ashmore as Ice Man

Franke Jansen as Jean Grey

X-Men 3: The Last Stand.

When the mutant populace learns of a scientist who can cure mutants of their powers every mutant decides that they want to be cured of their powers. Magneto declares war on the scientist who claims to have a cure. But when it is discovered that Mystique is in kahoots with Apocolypse all hell breaks loose and the mutants that have been cured of their powers are known as the four horsemen.

Transformers (To be released 07/04/07)

In Animated Form.

Optimus Prime and the rest of the Autobots arrive on earth over four million years before the civilization of the earth. Their one goal is simple: the protection of all sentient life on earth. But the Decepticons who are lead by Megatron have different goals. Megatron wants to drain the earth of its resources to make enegon cubes.

Megatron's quest for galatic conquest will not be an easy task in itself because Optimus Prime and his troops almost always find a way to thrwart his plans.

In Movie Form.
Well I'm not quite sure where Michael Bay is going with this movie but I'm sure it's going to go about as far as he can take it.
The Live-Action Transformers movie stars Shia LeBeauf, Even Stevens, as Spike Witchey a teenaged boy who is out to buy his first car. This movie also stars Tyreese Gibson, The Fast and the Furrious, as Spike's close firend.
The producers even went so far as to get Peter Cullen and Frank Welker to voice Megatron and Optimus Prime.


In 1967

The Spider-Man cartoon show was first created in 1967 by Stan Lee. Stan created most of the Marvel comics and TV shows including the Hulk, The X-Men, and the Fantastic 4 to name just a few of his creations. The original Spider-Man was made by Krantz Films Toronto, Ontario and distributed by ARP distributors. This show is the retelling of the Marvel comic book. Peter Parker finds that his aunt May has been widowed after a botched robery results in the death of his uncle. It was at that moment that he vowed to use is web slinging abilities for good instead of being selfish.

The Spider-Man Theme Song

Spider-Man, Spider-Man
does whatever a spider can.
Spins a web any size
captures thieves just like flies
look out
here comes the Spider-Man.

Is he strong? Listen up
he's got radioactive blood.
Can he swing from a thread?
Take a look overhead
hey there, there goes the Spider-Man

In the chill of night
at the scene of a crime
like a streak of light
he arrives just in time.

Spider-Man, Spider-Man
friendly neighborhood Spider-Man
wealth and fame he's ignored
action is his reward to him.

Life is a great big bang up
wherever there's a hang up
you'll find the Spider-Man.

In 1981

From l-r: Angellica "Firestar" Jones, Peter "Spider-Man" Parker, and Bobby "Ice Man" Drake.

Spider-Man teamed up with his amazing friends. Bobby "Ice Man" Drake and Angelica "Firestar" Jones. It's hard enough for the three amazing friends to attend school and keep their superhero identities a secret but they must fight against the evils that plauge their small town.

In 1999

Spider-Man takes on a new form in a new decade. The future is uneasy and Spider-Man finds himself caught in the middle of a futuristic war. The only way that he can get out of the bind that he's in is to find his way back to his own time while trying to hide his true identity.

In Movie Form

Spider-Man (2002)

This is an interesting new twist on the comic books and cartoons. Peter Parker, potrayed by Tobey MacGuire, is a shy and awkward teengaed boy who has his eyes fixed on the prettiest girl in school Marry Jane Watson, potrayed by Kristin Dunst, but all of the jocks prevent Peter from even getting close enough to talk to her.
That all changes when Peter goes on a field trip to Professor Norman Osborn's, potrayed by Willhem Dafoe, science lab. Norman's son Henrry Osborn, potrayed by James Franco, is a bit embarrassed by what his father does for a living.
On the floor of Professor Osborn's lab are 14 radioactive spiders but Marry Jane tells the tour guide that there are only 13 radioactive spiders. One of the spiders escaped long enough to bite Peter on his finger with some amazing afer-affects that include the ability to shoot spider webs from his wrist, climbing walls, and swinging through the city. It isn't until Pete's uncle Ben, potrayed by Cilff Robertson, is killed in an attempted carjacking that he realizes that he must use his powers responsibly for as Uncle Ben says "with great power comes great responsibility."

Meanwhile Professor Osborn is trying a new experiment on himself which backfires and causes him to kill his assistant.
Fastforward into the future. Peter Parker is finished with highschool and is ready to move on to the next stage of his life which includes finding a job. He heads for the Daily Planet a major metropolitan newspaper to work as a reporter.
But there are strange happenings a foot where a mysterious entity known as the Green Gobblin is killing people. It wasn't until the final show down where Peter finally realize what has happened to Henrry Osborn's father. That he is in fact the Green Gobblin who is presently terrorizing the city. The only way that Spider-Man has to kill Norman Osborn in order to destroy The Green Gobblin.
At end of the movie Peter ends up getting the pretty girl Marry Jane Watson but finds that he must decline her advances until his job is done. Henrry Osborn then swears revenge on Spider-Man.

Spider-Man 2

Peter must choose between his heart and his new superhero identity. As he and Marry Jane become incredibly close he then decides to tell her his secret that Peter Parker and Spider-Man are one and the same. But Henrry Osborn, bent on revenge because Spider-Man killed his father, made the discovery first. Now Spider-Man must fight a new enemy named Dr Octopuss in order to save his hometown

Spider-Man 3

This one won't be out until next year but promises to be just as good as the first two Spider-Man movies.

In part 2 of my article Bat-Man, Superman, The Hulk and the stinkers Cat-Woman, Masters of the Universe, and the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles.
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