The scariest characters ever.

These are some of people/things ever to be put in a movie.
December 17, 2007
Watching movies there is always that one character you see throught the movie that makes you think, damn that guy is so cool. When you watch a scary movie you always see that one villian who always scares the pants off you and makes you think, holy shit that guy is so scary. Here are some of the scariest people/things that could ever be put in a movie, that even today still scare the crap outta me.

As a kid I was always afraid of clowns. I never understood why either, I mean thier there to make you laugh and feel happy, but i was always terrified of them. No it wasent this guy that did it for me but rather this clown.. Yes the infamous joker, arch enemy of batman was the clown to create my fear of clowns. I as never scared of him in the comics, but when I saw him for the first time on the big screen something happend to scare me shitless. I dont know for sure but I think it was the ending when it showed the joker dead on the ground, eyes wide open with that gruesome smile and that laughing bag going off.

I was seven years old when I first watched the thing and it is posibly the scariest movie ever. The aliens or immatators or what ever you want to call them are posibly the creepest monsters ever to be put in a movie. Really I mean just look at these pictures. Yeah I dont care what anybody says this movie was scary, and to watch it at seven years old had a preety big impact on me. Yes indeed many sleepless nights came from this movie.

Evil dead two dead before dawn might not be that scary, actually its quite funny. If anybody has seen it though you no that Henrietta the possesed mother in the cellar is quite scary.
When she gets locked in the cellar, and turns back to normal and starts sining hush little baby. That just gave me shivers down my spine. The thing that really made her scary though was when Ash went up the steps and she reached out and grabbed his ankles throwing him to the ground. Yes after I wathced it I would always run up the steps with a golf club in my hand.

Who would have thought that a giant cyco killer wearing a white William Shatner mask could be so scary? Well he is.Its Not necessarily what he looks like that makes him scary, but rather what he does. He will always seem to pop out at the most random times when you least expect it. He will also follow you to. I mean people are always runnig away, and he just has to walk to catch up, and he still ends up killing them.
just like Michael Myers, Jasons apearence Isn't very scary. Its more of what he does that makes him scary. I mean When your in Camp Chrystal Lake you are never safe. You can hide all you want, but jason will allways find you. You can run away, but Jason just has to walk to catch up and kill you. He doesent die either. You can set him on fire, drown him, shoot him, strangle him, drop a roof on his head, and he will not die.

C.H.U.D which stands for
Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller was a bad 80's b movie. Although bad It is still one of my favourite movies. The C.H.U.D.S would live in the sewers of New york city and snatch humans from the surface to bring them down to feast upon thier warm flesh. Seeing the C.H.U.D.S with thier flashing yellow eyes and defromed bodys creeped me out. Especially since there is a giant man hole in front of my house. But seeing as I was 8 and I believed everything on tv, I figured the Teenage mutant ninja turtles could take care of them.

I was never a big fan of the hellraiser series, but i always found the Cenobites to be quite scary.All except pin head.When that name comes up I always think of the conehead aliens.Out of all of them though Chatterer was always the scariest. I mean he has no eyes, no ears, no hair, just a scared face with those bloody red lips and white teeth. now that I think about it,if anybody has ever played twisted metal black, Crazy 8 really resembles Chatter. Oh well...

This Little sucker scared the crap outta me and gave me a fear of dolls. Chucky was a little doll possesed by a Cereal killer and went around killing people. He was pretty scary back then but not at all by todays standerds.After watching childs play 1-3 I would always lock up my Raggady Andy doll in my closet.hehe...

Well that about does it. Some might ask Hey kyle why no Freddy Krugar? Id say well I never found him to be that scary. He was cool, but not scary. Any way if you dissagre and feel i left some out, Well then write a review of your own! Or just wright a coment in the box below telling of your favourite. that works just as good. Hope you enjoyed.
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