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Just some random games I used to play growing up
November 03, 2009
I didn't want to put all the well known games on the list like Altered beast and other classic ones. I tried to put some forgotten games and some underrated ones as well. Although there are some well known games in there.

This was the hardest game I ever played. It looked such a cool game especially watching the intro which for a Sega game was quit impressive.

Probably the best Terminator game made in my opinion. The levels were fun and the music was great.
Since they brought out the Ghostbusters game I think it would be great if they remade this game and used the actors voices mainly Michael Biehn's since he was the main character you played as. Starting in the future and adding new things in the game that you didn't see in the film to give the game player more to do.
Maybe James Cameron could work alongside it as well with any additional bits in the game. They could also use his unused opening scene for T2 when they send Reese back. It could turn out a great game with the graphics now and if all this happened.

I liked the graphic's in this game and it was really addictive to play. Although I didn't get far I did mange to complete a few missions. It felt quite realistic for the time it was made.

Skeleton Krew was quite fun but lacked something. It was a good game but seemed a bit repetitive at times. It was around the time when Sega was slowly getting worse in game ideas although this one wasn't to bad.

They made three Shinobi game's on the megadrive and this was the second game. Not quite sure why they called it shadow dancer rather than just Shinobi 2. I think this was slightly better than the third game. They gave shinobi a different look and a dog. I didn't complete the game but got fairly far. The game was quite fun although it wasn't as good as Revenge of Shinobi which is a classic.

This was a game I never managed to play as a kid but I know it was quite popular. He looks quite a cool character. The sort of game that would get remade today.

This was a fun little shooter. Even the multilayer was really good. I was never really good at shoot-em-up games but this one I seemed like allot. I tried playing this recently and found it really hard to play becuase of the graphics.

I found this game really cool. The cut scenes were quite impressive and it had that dark cyberpunk feel to it. I think the story was quite complicated and the gameplay felt a bit tricky at times but still a great game.

Apart from Silent Hill and Resident Evil this was the scariest game I played. I remember playing it with my cousin panicking trying to get away from the little creep with garden scissors. When he appeared we would be on the edge of our seats trying to find a hiding place. It was a good mystery game as well even though we didn't get that far but we had great fun playing it.

This seemed like one of those cheap games but the gameplay was great. It had some good humor and didn't take itself too serous. Its like something Tim Burton would create.

I thought this was a good little game. It was quite gory when you killed the creatures which I thought was a quite a nice touch. The only problem was I never played the actual game just the demo.

One of the best games on the PS1 and the best game in the series in my opinion. I think they got everything right in this game. Allot people want this to be made into a film and his character was even influenced from Snake from the Escape From New York. A shot of Michael Biehn as as Kyle Reese in the Terminator was reproduced as the cover-art of the video game Metal Gear 1987. Biehn was chosen as a model as he was then at the peak of his fame, and would be the ideal actor to play Metal Gear's protagonist Solid Snake had Metal Gear been an action film. It would have been great if he had the chance to play him

I really enjoyed playing the demo and then bought it when it was released. The backgrounds were so detailed and imaginative. The gameplay was really fun and the obstacles were very inventive. Theirs very few games that take you to another place but this game was one of them.

Well what can I say about this game. He has to be the funniest action character I've ever played with his smart-talk before he wipes his victims to pieces. Out of all the Nukem games this was my favorite. I think they should make this into a film whether CG or live action I think it would be great. Like allot of Nukem fans I'm still waiting for Duke Nukem forever to be released which has been in development for ages. I saw the footage of the game recently on youtube and it looked great so I don't understand why they have struggled to get it completed. I did hear 3D realms got sued which I don't understand but I hope they can release it soon becuase it would be great to play on the PS3.

The last decent game I played in the 90's. I think Red Alert Command and Conquer was better but this was still a really good strategy game. It great seeing Michael Biehn during the game and James Earl Jones. The cut scenes were fun to watch and the game was a great story in the series.
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