The most frustrating toys

Here are some toys as a kid that pissed me off. some may agree.
December 12, 2007
These are some of the worst toys I had ever played as a young kid, that to thios day i still hate.

im going to start off by saying that i dont totaly hate the etch a sketch. I mean it has certain values to it that make it ok...I mean how many times has something like thishappend to you?

Me: Mom look i made a square on my etch a sketch
Mom: Very good, why dont you try making a circle?
You would try for hours on end trying to fiddle with those stupid dials only to complete some jagged distorted circle shape.
Me: Momy look at the circle i made.
Mom: Um... its LIKE a circle, you tryed your best.
Me: BITCH you try makin a circle.
then slam it on the ground, and walk up my room for a time out.
this guy is amazing who ever made it.

Oh boy, sticky hands! they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, sticking to walls and any other solid substance. what a load of fun! NO! you would get two seconds of enjoyment out of this little sucker before it got full of hair, dust, sand, fur and any other shit it would touch. Then I would go to the sink and run it under hot water trying to get it clean, only to find out it lost its stickyness. Then you would find it somewhere in your room after a week, play with it and have it rip apart after two swings. i would always slap peoples asses with them.

I never understood what the point of these were. You would get this giant big red glasses thing, and put them up to your face, and click down on the switch to change pictures. It sounded cool as a kid, but after seeing the pictures found out is wasent. I mean you would look at this tiny little picture of scenes from a movie or a chartoon. If i wanted to look at that, i would just watch the damn movie, or show. Also i would always bend those stupid disks, so they could never fit in properly or spin.
you may not agree with me on the others, but this one right here was a total piece of shit. Probably one of nintendos biggest mistakes ever. You have too look into the stupid screen and play your games in 3-D! whoa! what a total piece of shit!it sounds cool yes, but if any of you have ever played you would get a massive headache from those terrible red and black graphics.

Just look at that shit. And there was about 20 games to, only 3 worth playing. this sucked.Hard.

Here is another real frustrating toy. Its probably because I never had the patience to figure it out, but this thing is imposible. I worship those guys you see on youtube that can complete this thing in like 30 seconds. I would always take a baseball bat to mine, then glue it back to gether in the right order.

Antoher toy that was cool, but pissed off alot of people at the same time. Yes every one loves a slinky, but you would always find away to tangle it up. After you would try to untangle it, you would find it in more of a mess then when it started.

I know these are all pretty popular today(not the virtual boy) and most people would disagree with me, but you just dont know how frustrating they are. Those whop do agree, you all know what im talkin about rigth?
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