The Toxic Avenger

History of the First Superhero...From New Jersey.
July 22, 2008

The first Supero from New Jersey. The Whole Idea Started back in the mid-70's Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz began directing,produced and distributing sex comedies like "Squeeze Play", "The First Turn on" and "Waitress" which had some success on vhs and minor replay on Cinemax. But When Lloyd Kaufman read in a News paper That "Horror Films are dead". Than he came up with an idea that made Troma A home VHS name. He came up With.....

A comedy/horror/superhero film was born. The Film that made Troma something to talk about with your friends. Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz Finally did something
great. The Film is about if you dont know (My question is WHy,and you dont belong on this site) is about a Janitor named Melvin who works at a Health Club full of A-holes.The main A-holes are Bozo,SLug and Julie. Who decide to do a prank on inocent MElvin. (Make him were a pink tutu and make out with a sheep) He falls into a barrel of Toxic Waste of turns into the Toxic Avenger.
He goes through Tromaville defeating all the evil.


Toxic Avenger - A Hideously deformed
creature of super human size and strength. He goes
and destoys all evil in Tromaville.

Bozo - Psychotic member at the Health club,
who enjoys running down pedestrians. He gets killed
by being driven off a cliff.

Slugo and Girlfriend - Two of Bozo's friends
they are also violent loving people. Slugo gets choked
and thrown out of car. Girlfriend gets burned on suana

Julie Bozo's girlfriend who figures out the
plan that eventually turns melvin into The Toxic Avenger"
She is killed off screen with a pair of scissors(ouch)

Cigar Face,Knuckles and Nipples - Gangmembers that ruin the streets of Tromaville.Cigar Face gets punched in the face and privates as a punching bag.(funny) Knuckles gets his nose puched in. and Nipples gets his eyes ripped out.

Mayor Peter Belgoody - The reason Tromaville has so much crime. He gets his insides ripped
out. Toxie Says :Lets see if you have any Guts(great)

Sara - Toxies Blind Girlfriend. Dosent Get

Toxie Avenger 2 and 3 were filmed at the same time.
but im writting about them individually.

Next Film which wasnt loved by many fans of the first film.

Toxic Avenger Part 2

Toxic Avenger Part started out Toxie destroys the recreation center for the blind, after defeating all the
apocolypse inc. crew. Apocolypse inc has a plan to send
toxie to japan,kill him and take over entire tromaville.
Than Toxie's psychiatrist(who works for Apocolypse) tells
his father is in japan. So Toxie jumps for Joy and Goes to Japan.(not the greatest plot ever but it works for this kind of movie)He finds out that his father, isnt his
father after all. And is realy a drug dealer who puts
cocain in tuna.

Somehow not alot of people like this movie. wonder why?
I love all the toxie movies. But this one was reaching.

One of the funnier moments is when a man gets is
nose burned to the shape of a fish.


Claire(yeah not the same girl or name) -Toxies Blind
Girlfriend saved from the Toxic Bad Girls by Toxie.

Head of Apocolypse Inc-He Takes over Tromaville from
Toxie being over at japan.

Mac Bunko - Mistaken as Mac Junko, Toxies dad. He gets
cut into pieces after sumo wrestling with Toxie.

Masami - Saved by Toxie from almost being gangraped.

Fish man - Due from Ant- Tromation development. He spews out milk. And turned into sushi.

Cool thing about this movie Toxie HAS HIS OWN THEME SONG. (not exicited about it, well it was cool the first
time i saw it.)

Now the next film, also not loved by many fans.

The Toxic Avenger:The last Temptation of Toxie.

This one is actually alot better than Part 2, i think.

This one starts out Toxie destroying Tromaville's
Video Store full of what else...Troma Movies.
Toxie is bored with their being no more evil in
Tromaville. so The head of Apocolypse Inc, has an idea
He puts Toxie on the payroll. So Toxie makes some money and Gives Claire an eye opperation. It Works!
She sees who Toxie really is falls in love with him all
over again.

The reason im not doing a character list because
it's the same ones from part 2 Toxic Avenger, Claire.

The Next and Final film of the series. The film that many
fans loved.


The tale of Two Toxies. 10 years later with overweight
companion "Lardass". After The Diaper Mafia is taking over Tromaville Toxie must destroy them.Toxie and Lardass go and stop them but it's a plan to blow them up.
When the explosion happens it Weakens Tromavile and it's doppelganger Amortville. Sending Toxie to Amortville and The Noxious Offender to Tromaville.

Toxic Avenger-You should know him by now
The Noxious Offenger-Toxie's Doppleganger
Sgt. Kabukiman-NYPD finest
Evil Kabukiman-Doppleganger of Sgt. Kabukiman
Sara-Toxie's Girlfriend from the first film
Clair-Sara's Doppleganger
Tito/Mentally Challenged Rebel(yes i said it, i dont like using the "R" word its offensive a little bit.)
Sweetie Honey-Tito's girlfriend
Lardass-Toxie's big companion
Mayor Goldberg-Mayor
Evil Melvin-Melvin Who is really Toxie when he was human but evil

Well thats it....Now last thing to show you is a picture of Toxie in car with old people.

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