The Brave Little Toaster
Release: July 10, 1987

Five household appliances, thinking they've been abandoned by their owners, decide to leave their country home and go on a journey into the city to find them. Along the way, they meet appliances who are existing on the cutting edge of technology.

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Air Conditioner: "What is it with you guys, anyway? You act like you just came off the assembly line! Now get this through your chrome. We've been dumped! Abandoned!"
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Air Conditioner: "ITS MY FUNCTIOOON!!"
blankey: "MASTER!!!!!!!!!!! -blankey"
Mom: "You forgot your sweater!! -Mom"
Kirby Air Conditioner: "Kirby: Why don't you shut off? A.C.: Oh, I'm really scared there, Kirby. What are you going to do, suck me to death? -Kirby Air Conditioner"
Kirby: "You're insane! -Kirby"
Air Conditioner: "I'm not an invalid. I was designed to stick in the wall! I like being stuck in the stupid wall! I... I wonder if the kid was too short to reach my dials... -Air Conditioner"
Plugsy: "Oh, many pardons. Was you watchin' that channel? -Plugsy"
Radio and Lampy: "Radio: Look, Lampy, from here you can see the really BIG lamp. (sun) Lampy: WOW! I wonder where his switch is? -Radio and Lampy"
Lampy: "He's such a baby...MA-MAAAA!!!!! -Lampy"
Radio and TV: "Radio: Why if it isn't ol' Rabbit Ears! TV: Why if it isn't ol' loud mouth! -Radio and TV"
Radio Toaster Kirby: "The Radio: Shut up! Shut up! Toaster and Kirby: SHUT UP! -Radio Toaster Kirby"
Radio: "I think Houdini did this once, and if I remember right, he was out of the hospital in no time. -Radio"
Radio: "I've always loved travel anyway: the open road, the smell of the wind in my face, the flies clogging up my grill. -Radio"
Lampy: "Holy Mother of Edison! What were you thinking? You could have broken my bulb!"
Air Conditioner: "The whole bunch of you gotta have a combined wattage of maybe five, maybe less. It's been years. It's scrap metal time. -Air Conditioner"
Radio: "Good morning, good morning, gooooood morning! -Radio"
TV: "This just in: Moonie's vacuums found to be… Uh… Um… …carcinogenic in recent lab tests. Big, big tumors on those rats. Bleagh! We've got photos to prove it, and I don't even wanna look at them. Uhh!"
Zeke: "Did I catch ya at a bad time? Just wondering if you got my radio tubes. -Zeke"
Radio: "Maybe he's calling from Blanket Heaven. He's a white, fluffly little angel with a knob-nose. -Radio"
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