Traumatizing movies

One short visit to my chilhood worst nightmares that scarred me for life.
October 11, 2010
So, this is my first article. I hope you enjoy it, because I won't… brings bad memories, JK. Also there's no particular order.

1. The Brave Little Toaster.

Even though this was and still is one of my favorite movies there was a part that made me wet my pants. The part with the clown… Thanks to this horrifying scene, at age 21 I can't see a clown without grabbing someone's arm and closing my eyes. Also I was nearly kidnapped by a clown when I was 14…not really he just grabbed my arm and forced me into a store to try and sell me a bicycle but my mom didn't notice (as usual) had to stay there for 20 minutes crying. So, back to the point. I consider this part to be traumatizing and scary, not for kids!!

2. The Secret of Nimh

Also one of my favorite movies, I always rented it and my mom tried to convince me with other movies, but it never worked haha. Still this shocked me for life. I consider the movie to me excellent BUT… what is up with the gigantic spider and the head turning owl??? I believe this was the cause of me being arachnophobic. Damn spiders they can all go to hell… seriously.

3. Bambi (or most of Disney movies)

I believe we can all relate to this one, what is up with Disney always killing a parent?(or missing parents) I mean Bambi, Lion King, Tarzan, I could go on haha. But this particular scene is horrifying. So typical Disney, kill a parent in the first 15 minutes of the movie, can't believe kids actually watch the whole movie.

Maybe the sweetest mom in all Disney movies, what a shame. : (
4. Sleeping Beauty

First of all not only does the child get practically sentenced to death from the beginning , but the villain in this movie looks like the spawn of Satan… I believe Disney took the time to make the most horrifying villains in the world. I remember a story from a friend that he and his friend's mother would lock them in a room to watch Sleeping Beauty and when they saw Maleficent they started to cry, not only did they not reach the power button, but couldn't reach the door handle either, this story always made me laugh. But yeah scary.

5. Grimm's Fairy Tales Beauty and the Beast

Just looking at the box makes me shiver. I believe I never got to finish the movie, even though my sister loved it. Why the hell did my mother buy this movie?

I'll stay with Disney's version thank you

6. Once Upon A Forest
I used to love this movie when I was a kid but it always made me cry the part when the little badger returns home and his parent are dead. What a horrible scene to put on a kids movie, (although I later knew this was kind of a save the forest propaganda, or whatever).

7. The Little Mermaid.

Last but not least, The Little Mermaid. My mom says this was the movie that I watched the most, it even got damaged and had to buy a new one. One day my mom noticed I didnt want to watch it anymore and I wouldn't speak of it, I remember well why… Since I was about 2 years old I always fell asleep before the movie ended, but when I was about 4 I got through the whole movie. The part where Ursula gets gigantic and makes a whirlpool with Ariel at the bottom was the scariest thing I had ever seen(not to mention the diabolical laugh she made). That night I dreamed I was Ariel and was at that whirlpool. My mom got a laugh years later when I confessed why I stopped watching it, I did too and is now also one of my favorite movies.

In conclusion these movies are a big part of my childhood (which I loved). I wouldn't change them even if I could. There are more movies which scared the heck out of me, Pinocchio, Dumbo (Pink elephants on parade), Heffalumps and Woozles, etc. I know most of you will agree on most of the movies. I hope you enjoyed this article, and remember no matter how scary this movies are, they should still be part of your children's childhood (except for the beauty and the beast, I'm serious haha) I really enjoyed making this article and I hope you enjoyed it as well. : )
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