Top 10 Boohoo Cartoons

a countdown of sad cartoons
April 02, 2010
Hi there it's me Princess80s bringing you another list.
As a child you expect all cartoons to have nothing but happiness......WELL YOU'RE WRONG!!! Our cartoon could make you laugh, and at some point will make you cry kittens. So we are gonna countdown the top ten boohoo cartoons.


The near death of Pinocchio

I remember seeing this on the Disney Channel as a kid. My entire family gathered around the tube with some popcorn and soda. So far I was enjoying myself.

I thought it was a great movie. Then Pinocchio was in Monstro saving his father then out of no where Pinocchio was dead in the water.

As a child this was heart breaking and I cried all night. That scene where Pinocchio was laying in the water seemingly lifeless is still tear jerking to this day and that is why it is number 10.

Dumbo mother locked up

This is one of the saddest moments in Disney animations. A mother protects her child from ridicule and what does she gets? She get locked away. Dumbo comes to see his mom, and what does he gets? His mother sing him the most depressing song I every heard. This song would make a demon cry it's so sad. Now the song itself is not depressing but the circumstances in which she sings it is. That's why it's number nine.

G.I. Joe: The Movie(Duke Death/Near Death)

The boys out there who love GI Joe probably held back their tears when duke died. Now according to what I know Duke was suppose to die so Optimus Prime can die (ha ha) But at the last moment they changed it and made him go into a coma thus the title above. Death, or Near Death you decide whatever it is still number eight.

Christmas Comes but Once a Year

Now from what i learned about Christmas it is a happy time. But this Max Fleischer produced cartoon does nothing but want to never hear of Christmas again.
it start out at this disheveled orphanage where a tree with no needles stood in a corner. These orphans wake up happy that it Christmas.

What do they get you ask? They get S*@% for Christmas! Then each of them start crying and you want to cry with them while you counting your presents and eating good food.
Fortunately we do not have to feel the weight of guiltiness to long as Professor Grampy dresses as Santa and give stuff to the brats(kidding). But that short guilty feeling was enough to make it number seven.

The death of Charlotte

What sadder than a pig who can speak. I'll tell you a spider who can talk, write, and just died for the the pig.
Her death was among the saddest moments in cartoon history. She died for that pig sin (of being too delicious)
Her death, and sad song cause tears to jerk all across America. This is why it is number six.

The death of Mufasa

Geez Disney has a lot of deaths. For a company that make family movies they sure are morbid. Anyway the death of simba father resonated even through the adults.
Anyway it worked out in the end Simba dug up his father grave and used the necronomicon to bring him back to life. Just to die again, and again. Anyway this sad moment is worthy of number five.

The Poisoning of Snow White

B*$%@!! That is the definition of the evil queen in snow white. What did you think you could be beautiful forever. Get off that pedestal and move over for Snow White! Once again Disney show their goth side with this movie. When I saw this movie as a child I cried. Snow white was to me as a child who I wanted to grow up to be like so when she was poison not only was I crying but I left the room to make plans of revenge(I was a strange child). Any who that moment where she laid in her glass coffin and the dwarfs cried over her was definitely tear jerking that's why it is number four.

The Brave Little Toaster worthless song

There are many sad moments in this movie that hits me right in my heart as a kid. All these poor cars telling the story of how they got here as they are KILLED LITERALLY KILLED!! This as a kid made me cry for days and out of coincident my dad wanted a new car I nagged till we kept the car. That moment is why it's number three.

The Blue Bird Song from Follow That Bird

Big bird is one of our favorite childhood icons. A virtual ball of sunshine. That is you thought he was. Till he is locked up in a cage and has to sing in front of people. Bluebird of Happiness my @#@! ass! I've never been depressed as a kid but this song made me depressed, and cry. Still today I cry when I hear that song(DON'T JUDGE ME!). This song is unbearably sad and that's why it's number two.

Now many of you knew it was coming. The ones who did not know have problems. My choice and most of you choice for number one is...........

Bambi Mother's Death

Every kid I don't care who you are, or what sex you are YOU CRIED AT THE LINE "Your mother can't be with you anymore." This scene will make adults cry believe me I've seen it. This part of the movie is so saddening that if you ever hunted dear there is a 50/50 chance that you will never hunt again.(except ducks, and other things unless Daffy dies)
This depressing moment is the main one people remember, and that's why it is number one.

What did you think are these some of your favorites? What are one your list? I hoped you enjoyed it, and thank you for reading.
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