The Fountain of Youth (Hi C)

My serach for the immortal potion
June 21, 2010
Hello everyone this is Princess 80s with another article for you. Not many know but I took a short break from the forum. Well this is one story is what happened during my break.

I was shopping in Walmart when I came upon the drink aisle. It was there I found an old friend that I had not tasted in years. Hi C.

Now I do not know about your Walmart but only orange was available in mines. I did not mind I'd took it and memories from my childhood flowed back. I rushed home ignoring my nephew and niece(I have custody of them) Past my only child Jasper, and straight to the kitchen.

I left the bags of food on the counter(The ice cream was completely melted when I got back to it). And down to the basement(it was divided into rooms), in what I told my children was my craft room. (My kids hated crafts and so stayed away). Unbeknown to them it was actually my nostalgia room. Covered in my old My little pony, Jem, and Barbie posters.

Shelves filled with barbies, ponies, baby dolls, games, VHS tapes, LDs(Laser disc), records, Catwoman, Supergirl and Batgirl comics,my first computer Apple II, and other things. One of those tvs that look like furniture, and on top a nes.

I went over to the mini fridge I had received as a present, pulled out and ice tray, grabbed a disposable cup, and began to drink. The taste brought me back to my childhood. I found myself playing with my little ponies, and watching the movie version of Pipi Longstocking.
What surprised me most was that playing with my doll was like riding a bike. It has been year since my barbies has been played with. Every now and then I took a sip of Hi C. Orange was never my favorite flavor that title belonged to ecto cooler, and fruit punch. I was surprise that I still hated orange, but I kept drinking it. It seems the more I drank it the more the child in me took over.

I could never allow the kids to see me revert otherwise I'll be laughed at for days. Once I was out of the stuff my body felt squishy and weird but the effect carried on. I kept myself as calm as I could and began to fix dinner. I made hamburger unable to do the roast I wanted to. I was on a retro high and it would take hours to sober up.

That night I dreamed dreams I had not i years. I dream I was in pony land,wherever the glow worm lived, and other.I also had a nightmare if you could call it that. Seriously it was not scary. However when I was a child it was the scariest thing. A hairy ghost with long jagged teeth. I slapped it out of my way and eventually woke up.

I woke up and made pancakes, eggs, and sausage for the kids. The nostalgia room no longer held any interest right now. I sighed and went to work. While at work on my lunch break I ate and mindlessly surfed the internet. Eventually I found myself looking up ecto cooler.

I came upon a site with a recipe for the stuff. I was a junkie again with a stronger more desirable drug in sight.
Once I got off of work I went shopping again this time for drug making. I came home fixed dinner, and while the kids were playing the wii I created the concoction.

If orange brought me closer to childhood, this one gave it all back. I ran to the basement Pitcher in tow. adding ice I pour me some and I was high(as a kite by then te he) again. This time I moved on to the NES. Mario was my first task. I had only beaten the game once, and that was not good enough for me.

After a hour I beat Mario, and unto Zelda, and for some odd reason Hylyde. The potion wore off and I went back upstairs to get the kids to bed. The next day was my off day, and I spent it thinking about a article to write for my return. Then I looked at my Pitcher and new the answer.

The end.
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