Boy Meets World
Debut: September 24, 1993
Ended: May 05, 2000
Debut: September 24, 1993
Ended: May 05, 2000

From middle school through college and beyond, this is story of Corey Matthews. His life, his love, and oh yeah, all the stupid stuff he does.The people and places that he thinks of as home are slowly pulled away from him one by one, leaving him to consider just what his life is about when things are always changing and nothing's what you expected.

Cory Matthews and Shawn Hunter: "Shawn: Ren's the dog, Stimpy's the cat, Rocko's a wallaby. Cory: And the bonus answer is "Honkerburger"?"
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Eric: "(Playing with a Mr Feeny puppet): Detention Mr Matthews! Detention Mr Matthews!"
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Morgan: "But TV's not funny. Cory's life is funny -Morgan"
Cory: "It's hard to imagine you as a boy. Did your parents call you Mr. Feeny? -Cory"
Mr.Feeny: "Your grades, my friend, aren't good enough to get you a Slurpee. -Mr.Feeny"
Cory: "Is it just me or does anyone else wanna hurl from boredom? -Cory"
Cory: "That's just what I want - to be Topanga's boyfriend. And then we can name our children Chubaka and Plankton -Cory"
Eric: "If stupidity were in the Olympics, you'd win a Nobel Prize -Eric"
Topanga: "With this outfit and this hair? Hello, buh-bye, I am SO at the mall -Topanga"
Frankie: "I walk alone in this world... Alone I walk... Except for the grilled cheese sandwich in my pocket. -Frankie"
Eric: "When a crime breaks out, all the cute girls shout, 'Get the good-looking guy.' When there's a crime out there, he's going to comb his hair, cause he's the good-looking guy -Eric"
Cory: "I, Cory Matthews, am a PO-TAY-TO -Cory"
Eric: "Life's tough, get a helmet -Eric"
Mr. Feeny: "Oh, look! Double D's, just like your grades. *Talking to Eric on the episode where he dresses like a little French girl. -Mr. Feeny"
Eric: "'' Riiiight, Hunter your staying with us this weekend.You and Cory don't spend enough time together,you know you guys should wear one big shirt.'' -Eric"
Frankie: "Joey's mr. blue I'am mr. brown,why can't you see that? -Frankie"
Eric: "Phanny Feeny?' -Eric"
Eric: "Woo hoo hooo Feenie FE HE HE HE HE NAY! -Eric"
Cory: "TOPANGA!!!!!! -Cory"
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