Weekend at My House

My vivid memory of some of the best times of my childhood...
February 12, 2013
Where do I start? You know it's really hard to say. I am now a grown man with responsibilities. When i think back to the great times that i call my childhood... i find myself almost having a nervous breakdown from just wanting to experience it again.

I sit around and remember about the cartoons after school, tgif, weekends, renting movies and games, and playing outside with my friends. I still feel that great feeling of the 90's when I think about it. So my story begins...

Growing up in my house was in my opinion almost as close to being on Full House as you could get without actually being on Full House. the weekend's were especially great. My weekends usually began arond noon in the summer's. Mom would load me and my brother into the car and we would head to my Dad's work to pick up his check. We would run to the bank. While mom was inside cashing the check me and my brother were outside jamming out to whatever was on the radio.

We patiently awaited her return. When she climbed back into the car she thumbed through the little paper wallet and pulled out two crisp $10 bills. One for my brother and won for me!Now granted $10 isn't a lot of money but to two kids 12 and 8 years old we thought we were rich.

So it was off to the grocery store(Winn-Dixie). With $10 in our hands there was only one thing we would do with it... BLOW IT ON JUNK! Ha Ha! We loved it. We walked in with mom and immediately scattered like cockroaches when the lights come on. You see mom didn't want me and my brother aggrevating her while she tried to do math in her head and keep track of what she was spending so she trusted us enough to turn us loose!

Usually once a month I bought a magazine... in my opinion the greatest magazine ever "Disney Adventures"

It was filled with tons of entertainment from comics, to puzzles, to info about music movies and actors and some educational stuff ,but if wasn't out yet then I would buy something else. Now most grocery stores had a toy section. They weren't the best toys but we liked them none the less. I didn't usually buy toys there but my brother loved cars and trucks so he usually could find something that made him happy. I would usually by candy and all kinds of other candy or sometimes a different magazine if i found one I liked.

We would head home usually getting home around 2:30 or so. Just in time for the afternoon cartoons. The line up ranged from Goof Troop

to Power Rangers

, Animaniacs

, Tiny Toons

Then patiently wait for 8:00.
Why 8:00 you ask? Well none other than the best line up in tv history... TGIF equals Family Matters, Boy Meets World, Step By Step, and Hangin' With Mr. Cooper!! Each show had a character you loved Family Matters

about a black urban family and the adventures of their nerdy neighbor and show stealer Steven Q. Urkel! Boy Meets World

is my personal favorite i have all seven seasons on DVD and I looked at Cory and Shawn as my brothers and Mr.Feeny as my teacher. Great show and great nostalgia!! Then Step by Step
with my favorite character Cody Lambert aka the Code Man! He was also bad ass in Kickboxer 2,

3, and 4

and is an actual amateur Kickboxing champion. Just a little useless info there. Then came the lovable teacher everyone always wanted to have Mr.Cooper!!!

He was a great teacher and comedian. My life revolved around this friday night block as a kid! Usually after it was over we would set up sometimes and watch late night tv but eventually it was off too bed to be sure we got up on time for Saturday Morning Cartoons.

Back when Saturday morning was worth getting up for! I would get up early with my brother and rush to the kitchen. By 8:00 a.m. we were on the couch with blankets around us and giant bowls of cereal in hand. My family was early birds so dad was usually outside doing something and mom was inside cleaning or something. My favorite cartoons growing up over the years were Ghostbusters,

Wild West Cowboys of Moo Mesa, Tiny Toons, and Ninja Turtles [image=70181
I like a bunch of other ones but those really stick out. Eventually the morning would pass and noon rolled around and cartoons were over and the weekend was about half over!
Usually by 1 or 2 in the afternoon my dad would take us to the video store and we would take what was left of our allowance and rent movies or games or both if we had enough. the video store was one of those small locally owned mom and pop stores where everybody knew everybody and also would eventually be the place of my first taxable employment when I was 18! Anyway I would usually have enough to rent one game and one movie. I remember renting movies like Mortal Kombat,

Batman Forver,

Street Fighter,

and the list just goes on and on. We would get home and usually head outside for the remainder of the day playing with neighboring kids and just basically having fun.

I lived near a junkyard

as a kid so you can only imagine at how dangerous and fun that was. Me and my brother and whoever else would usually go up into the junkyard and woods that surrounded it to play hide and seek, tag, and cops and robbers. We are really lucky that we didn't get snake bitten!

Usually around dusk we would head inside for a night filled with movies and video games. Mom used to fill bowls up with chips,


along with little debbie cakes,

other snack assortments that I can't remember and the candy I had been munching on that I had bought with my allowance. Needless to say we didn't go without. Now like all other kids to settle the argument of anything in this case who was gonna play their game first we played paper, rocks, scissors and due to sore losers ha ha we would generally have a 2 out of three or 3 out of five or sometimes 6 out of 11 lol game to determine the victor. Sometimes i won sometimes my brother won. After a couple of hours we would be bored with the games

and move on the movies and usually between movies we included a 30 minute gaming session. You know just so we could drain the main vain and get drink refills. Eventually we would crash out in the den with cheetos up our nose and drinks all over the place. it wound up looking like the morning after a drunken college party sometimes!

Sunday morning rolled around which didn't amount to much except dreading the end of the weekend playing our video games and re-watching the movies from the night before. Also cleaning up the mess that was our den the morning after!

i hope you enjoyed this little piece of history I call my life. I often yearn for these times and being a grown man I find it strange that I sometimes wanna breakdown at the mere thought of never getting to experience it again! Until next time folks!
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