Part 2 to my look into the past and my love of the sport known as professional wrestling
August 30, 2010
Quick Recap of Part 1... I learn about WWF from a neighborhood friend who introdueces me to the sport. I Immediately become and UNdertaker fan... I go through a tough time and lose intrest... In 1997 I regain intrest in the sport and take on a new favorite Stone Cold Steve Austin. I attend my first WWF show in the summer of 1998...

So by now I have learned everything that I possibly can about Steve Austin... I get a chance to look at some early photo's of the "Rattlesnake"...

Not his best look but you know what they say don't judge a book by its cover. That's exactley what WCW and Eric Bischoff did. Stone Cold went on to headline nearly every PPV that year continuously battling the Undertaker.

Keeping most of my focus on the Steve I didn't pay alot of attention to the other guys except one guy... The Rock! Now as much as I hated this guy I liked him... I must admit he had some pretty clever catchphrases and comebacks... He even got a few over on Old Stone Cold over the years becoming just as big a star as the Rattlesnake and the Dead Man.

The year is 1999... The battle between Steve Austin and the Vince McMahon takes center stage once again just in time for the Royal Rumble
This match ends with a distacted Stone Cold being tossed over the top rope by none other than Mr. McMahon. McMahon now is the number on contender for Wrestlemania 15.

Stone Cold goes on battle McMahon for his number one contender spot at Mania also allowing the Debut of a dominant force...

During this time a very popular and dominant faction was forseeing its inevitable demise... To Be Continued...

Just for kicks I thought I would show some pics of my own collection of memorabillia in cluding and Autographed
Wrestlemania 23 picture Autographed by Stone Cold, The Undertaker and the Late Umaga. Also my prized possesion my very on Smoking Skull Belt...

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