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The glory that was LCD Gaming.
June 15, 2011
The 90's were such great times. We all have our memories from the 90's that stick out in our minds. Some of us choose to write about TV Shows, Movies, Video Games, or our favorite food and drinks from back in the day. I have yet to see an article about something that I am sure we have all experienced at one point in our child hood (if your a 90's kid) and that was the glory of LCD gaming.

I used to spend countless hours playing these awfully boring games. Each level was pretty much the same with no change in appearance. I owned quite a few of these games in my childhood. I don't know why I never had a Game Boy or Game Gear I just never asked for one. Most of these games were over priced for what they were but, hey what isn't right?

Here is quick rundown of some of the games I owned and what I can remember about them.
The first one I ever owned was Batman.

As a kid I was a huge Batman fan and still am as an adult all the way down to the crumby acting Portrayed by big screen favorites George Clooney and Arnold Schwarzenegger. In This game you stood on one side of the screen jumping up and down throwing batarangs at Joker's Henchmen. After scoring so many points you would reach the Joker at the end of the game and proceed to battle with him. Nothing fancy just dodging his Joker gas and pummeling him with batarangs. I don't remember ever beating this but at the time I thought it was fun.

Batman Returns was another one I had.

Which was a lot more fun than the first one. In this game you would drive the batmobile engaging in battle with the penguins henchmen on motorcycles. Then you would emerge from the batmobile to engage in hand to hand combat wiht them inevitably battling The Catwoman and Penguin at some point in the game. I remember reaching them but by the time I got to Penguin I was so close to dead that i could never beat him. Still hours and hours of fun with this one.

I also had Terminator.

In this game you played as Kyle Reese. The father of John Connor. You would go through level after level battling Terminator body parts from arms to legs and other robots. After battling your way through the robots and body parts you would have a final Showdown at the end of each level with The Terminator himself. You were equipped with a few different weapons along the way that included a pistol, machine gun, and my personal favorite a grenade launcher.

This next game I believe was built up to be more than it was.

In this game you would spend level after level in a dance off with the man himself MC Hammer. There were only a few dance moves and this game was incredibly hard to win. In fact I don't remember ever winning a match against him or I just couldn't tell if I had won. This game was nothing like I expected you didn't even get to be MC Hammer. Very disappointing.

In this small screen adaption of the popular console game you got a choice between Blanka, E-Honda, and M. Bison on the right side and Guile, Ryu, and Ken were on the left side. All characters were playable and all had special moves. Guile had his sonic boom and flip kick, and blanka had i=his trade mark rolling thunder and electricution. They were my favorite ones to use.

Hands down the best one I had. All I can remember is In the first half of the level you were fighting off mousers and then in the second half you were heading into the water to disarm a bomb I think. I never made it to the end of this game it was very complicated but damn it was fun to try. This one actually belonged to my brother but I played it more than he did.

All these games hold a significant place in my childhood. I spent hours on end trying very hard to conquer these glorified bore machines. I don't know if I could play any of these for longer than a minute now. i think every kid I knew had at least one.

Not too long ago I remember taking my son to McDonalds and in his happy meal was a minature Sonic LCD game. I remember thinking to myself how awesome the toys are now in the happy meals compared to when I was a kid... but thats another story.

These are a few other ones I had that I don't remember much about.

The one thing I remember about this one was that it talked and it was a spin off of the Metal Gear Nintendo games which eventually evolved into Metal Gear Solid for future consoles.

As much as I hate to admit it these games were incredibly hard. I think the only one I was every able to complete multiple times was the Street Fighter game.

Well I hope you enjoyed my look back into the glory of LCD gaming.
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