Thrift Store Junkie #2

Thrift Store Junkie Article #2
November 01, 2010

Thrift store Junkie article #2

If you read my last article you know that it was an overview of some of the best yard sale/flea market finds that I have made over the years. With that article out of the way I plan to continue this series of articles every three months or so with stories about my recent video game/retro finds. On occasion something less than retro might find its way into the article, but only if I feel its relevant and adds to the article. With that said I now present you with Thrift Store Junkie article #2. Enjoy!

Shoe box full of games (Sat, June 26th) $5.00

On Saturday June 26th my parents went to an event titled Canal day a few towns over from where I grew up. I wasn't able to go because I had to work on things around the house that I had just purchased (I was painting the basement and building shelves that weekend). Canal day is a day long event with food, beer, and music. In addition to the festivities the surrounding neighborhoods participate in a multi-family yard sale. My Mom found a lady that was selling all her husbands old games for $1.00 each. My Mom took a chance and offered $5.00 for the whole box and the woman said "yes"! She said her husband no longer played any of his older games. Oh well, his loss is my gain! The woman said she wouldn't have went so low with the price but it was so hot and she wanted to pack everything up and go back inside to the air conditioning.

The following games were contained in the box:

A Gameboy player with Super Mario Land (SNES/Gameboy)
I already owned a copy of Super Mario Land. I feel that I probably don't need to go into much detail about this game because most people have probably played this game at some point in their lives. For the few that have not tried it I'll say the following. It's pretty much you're standard Super Mario game, it reminds me of the original Super Mario Brothers the most. Instead of fireballs though you pick up rubber bouncy balls when you get a flower. These are cool because they work like fireballs but keep bouncing all over the place. You also get to ride in a submarine in a few levels, which is different than most Mario games. I've never beaten this game, it gets pretty difficult towards the end.

The 7th saga (SNES)
The 7th Saga is a role playing game that I had always wanted to try out. You get to chose from 7 different characters to play as, each with their own story. Throughout the game you can meet up with the other 6 characters and even fight them or join up with them for brief periods. Back when this game was being previewed in game magazines I thought it looked amazing. It seemed like it would give you a reason to play through the game 7 times! Unfortunately the game didn't get great reviews and because of that my friends that had Super Nintendo's never picked this game up. The other day I had a chance to sit down and give this game about a half hour of my time. It seems pretty enjoyable. The reason that the game didn't get great reviews was mainly because of the difficulty of the game. Many reviewers believed that the game was just too hard. I may play through this (or just as far as I can) this winter.

Batman Forever (SNES)
I had already owned a copy of this game. This was a terrible Batman game. I remember almost all of my friends owning this game for some strange reason. Thank god I only rented it at the time and hadn't spend fifty bucks on it. I had purchased my first copy off of e-bay about two years ago for around two dollars. I am a Batman fanatic, that's the only reason I picked this up off of e-bay two years ago (not because it's a good game). I don't need two copies though, and will be selling it or giving away the extra soon. When I purchased my first copy off of e-bay I also picked up the game Batman: Dark Tomorrow for Xbox as well. I consider Batman: Dark tomorrow to be the worst game that I have ever played. When it was originally released I purchased it on the first day it was available. I then returned it that same day because it was so bad (I don't think I've ever done that with any other game). When I saw it on e-bay really cheap though I had to pick it up again. Batman hasn't had the best track record with video games. There have been a few OK games, a few terrible ones (like this one) and then there is Batman Arkham Asylum, which was amazing. I haven't purchased a new video game in a long time, but the day Arkham City is released I guarantee I will be in line for it.

Pilotwings (SNES)
Pilotwings for SNES was one of the SNES's launch titles. I guess it was used to show off mode 7, because the game does look amazing for an SNES game. . I was never really interested in this game, it seemed to me that it was less of a game and more of a tech demo. I was wrong, after finally getting a chance to play it I have to say it's a great game. My brother-in-law and I sat and played this for about an hour the other night.

Goldeneye (N64)
I already owned a copy of Goldeneye but it can't hurt to own another copy of one of the best games ever made! I have decided that since I end up with duplicate items a lot of the time instead of re-selling them I am going to start packaging them up and giving them to my friends as gifts for holidays and special events. I already own two N64's so it looks like someone will be getting a N64 with a copy of Goldeneye sometime in the near future. I probably sank more hours into this game back in high school than I did on homework, and I don't regret it. This is a fantastic game. This game also revolutionized FPS on consoles. Sure, nowadays I'd much rather play MW2, but that doesn't mean I won't sit down with a beer or two and play this on the weekends. If you are one of the few people who never tried this game I suggest you do (or Perfect Dark which is even better(Perfect Dark was the unofficial sequel to Goldeneye).

007: the world is not enough (N64)
There were two copies of this game in the box (both blue cartridges). I had never played this game before but after playing it I have to say that I like it a lot. It got a lot of criticism for not being Goldeneye, but I played through the first 2 levels and I feel like it was a great game for its time and even looks a little bit better than Goldeneye. Sure, the multi-player can't touch Goldeneye, but other than that it seems to be a very solid game.

Turok (N64)
I already owned a copy of this game. It was a great game at the time, though it's hard for me to go back and play some of the older FPS on N64 and Playstation. I remember the first time I played this game I thought it looked amazing. The jungles were lush and the weapon effects were unmatched by any game I had played up to that point in my life.

Turok 2: the seeds of evil (N64)
I had never played this game before. It seems like a pretty solid game. I wish I owned this and the third game back when I was younger I would have probably played them nonstop.

Turok 3 (N64)
I have yet to try this game, but when my brother in law saw that I had this he sat down to play it. He played it for about three hours straight. It looks like a good game.

The aidyn chronicles (N64)
This is an RPG that I had never heard of. I gave it a try and found that the graphics looked outdated, even for a N64 game. The game seemed very boring to me. I might give this game a full play through around the holidays. If it surprises me maybe I'll give it a full review, I doubt it will though.

Star Wars racing (N64)
I have always loved this game. One of my friends had this back when it first came out and we used to play it all the time. I was never a huge Star Wars fan, but this game and Shadows of the Empire (also on N64) converted me. This is one of my all-time faorite N64 games.

Elmos Number Journey (N64)
What can I say about this game? It's Elmo on a journey to find his long lost number pals. Nah, I didn't try this game out yet. I'm not sure when I'll find the time to check this one out.

Dark Rift (N64)
This game looks good. It was one of the first (if not the first) games on N64 to run at 60 fps. It feels a bit like Virtua Fighter, but with guns and swords and big green monsters. There are so many good fighting games out there that this one kinda falls between the cracks, but for a N64 fighter it is pretty good. The best thing this game has going for it is the graphics, but it plays alright as well.

Spectre (SNES)
When I first popped this game into my SNES I had n idea what was going on. The game is 3-D (well, 3-D for SNES I suppose) and mos of the enemys just look like shapes floating around on a checkerboard floor. I gave this game a little more time and realized that it is a fantastic game. It is probably the best looking 3-D game I have seen running on an SNES. You play as a tank and blow up other tanks. It's a fun game. I will definatly be going back to this game.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 (N64)
If you remember playing Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 on Gamecube/Xbox/PS2 (as I do), then this is essentially the same game with added fog. Fog everywhere! Can't get away ahhhhhhh! Also, the levels are less detailed and the pedestrians are removed. It's still a fun game to play though.

U.N. Squadron (SNES)
I finally own this game! This truly is an amazing game! If you've never played it I suggest you do, tonight!
It is a shoot-em-up in which you pilot airplanes. The game plays from a side view (as opposed to an overhead view). This is the gem of this game find, I have been looking for this game for a long time.

Toy Story 2 (N64)
A surprisingly good game. I played this for about four hours a few nights ago. I'm sure if I owned this when it was released I would have played it a lot (but never would I have let my friends know).

Midway's Arcades Greatest Hits (N64)
Nothing special. I already own this on PS1 also. A good game to have in your collection for when people come over to play games. But other than that, it won't get played all that much.

Daikatana (N64)
This game is a first person shooter. It never recieved very good review. I gave it about an hour of my time and didn't really enjoy it myself. It felt like an old 3-D shareware title, as if the whole thing wasn't finished yet and they just shipped this out as a promotion for the final release. Ehhhhh, I don't think I'll pop this back into my N64 except maybe when someone else wants to give it a try.

Body Harvest (N64)
This is a 3rd person view shooter. It is a very fun game. As far as I can tell you are protecting the earth from an alien invasion. You can ride all kinds of vehicles (cars, motorcycles, hovercrafts, etc). The idea is very, gun, run, gun, drive, run, gun... but it works. I like this game a lot for a N64 game, and it reminds me of half-life quite a bit (which is a very good game).

Gameshark (N64)
I always wanted a Gameshark for the N64. I love these cheat devices. I really wish there were devices like this out for the Wii, 360 and PS3, but I understand with achievements and trophies it wouldn't be a good idea. I now own a Game Genie for NES, Game Genie for SNES, Gameshark for PS1 and a Gameshark for N64. The reason I love these things so much is because some games are just way too hard. After you get bored with the games a Game Genie or Gameshark really do a lot to make the games fun again. I would never want to try a game out for the first time using one of these however.

3 memory cards (N64)
Not much I can say about these. Just standard N64 memory cards, they all work fine.

3 PS2 Games

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PS2)
This is a great game, as I'm sure a lot of you already know. This was the first Grand Theft Auto game that I remember liking. In the third game I remember the character feeling too stiff and I didn't like that. Sure, even in GTA 4 the character is still pretty stiff, but I feel that Vice City was the first really playable GTA.

True Crime: Streets of LA (PS2)
This is a fun game, I owned this previously on Xbox, but for some reason I don't have a copy anymore. I'm not sure if I sold it or gave it away. I always liked this game a lot more than the Grand theft auto series. I like the fact that you play as a cop, the story moves along at a very nice pace as well. I am glad that I own a copy of this game again. I will definitely be playing through this game as I never got to finish it when I owned it previously.

Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alience (PS2)
I love the Mortal Kombat games. I didn't own one for PS2 until this one. I like to have a few friends over and have a few beers and pick a system to play some nights. Once we pick a system we stick with it for that night. I own multiple Mortal Kombat games including MK: Deception and MK: Armageddon on Xbox as well as MK vs DC on 360, but owning this is going to be very nice for PS2 nights. It's a great game and was the first 3D MK game that I had played that I really liked (I hated MK Gold on Dreamcast).

Bag Full of Games

On Saturday August 14th 2010 I spoke with my Dad on the phone. I was sitting in my back yard after doing all the yard work for the day. He told me that he and my Mom had gone to a yard sale earlier in the day and my Mom bought a bag full of games for me. These are my favorite moments, it's fun to come across games at yard sales and flea markets but it's even more fun to know there is a bag waiting for you to look through and its all yours.
The contents of the bag ended up being the following Playstation 1 games:

Apocalypse (PS1)
I had always wanted to play this game. I remember playing a short bit of this game on a demo disk at some point and really wanted to play it after that. It stars Bruce Willis as the main character. The game was created by Neversoft and used the same engine that Tony Hawks Pro Skater and Spiderman used. You run using the left analog stick and fire in any direction using the right analog stick. I feel like these types of games were mainly forgotten about when the X-box and PS2 were released. There were a few similar games on Dreamcast though.

Die Hard Trilogy (PS1)
I guess the previous owner of these games really liked Bruce Willis. I always wanted this game, and I'm glad I finally got it. I remember playing it once in a Gamestop, but not having enough money to pick it up at the time. It is essentially 3 games in one. In Die Hard you shoot bad guys and rescue hostages in the building from the first movie. In Die Hard 2: Die Harder you take out bad guys in an airport in an on-rails shooter similar to the Virtua Cop games. Finally in Die Hard With a Vengeance you drive a taxi around the city defusing bombs. It reminds me of crazy taxi a bit. This is a very fun game.

Need for Speed 3: Hot Pursuit (PS1)
This is my favorite racing game of all time. I got a copy of this game the month it was released. I had my wisdom teeth removed that month and from everything people had told me about their experiences I was gonna be laid up in bed for awhile. I ended up not being very bad off and went out skateboarding that day (I'm guessing since I was young I was able to bounce back real quick). As it turned out though I still ended up spending a lot of time indoors that summer thanks to this game. I became hooked and devoted myself to beating the game. Even after I beat the game I still played it regularly. I still have my original copy, but its nice to have another copy now in case I want to lend this out to anyone. If you haven't played this game I suggest you pick up a copy and try it out. There is a newer version simply called Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit coming out on Xbox 360 and PS3. I hope that it sticks with the original formula and maybe has some old tracks in the game. I can't wait!

Gran Turismo 2 (PS1)
I purchased a copy of this game the week it was released. Years later I sold it with my model 1 PS1, a few other games and a steering wheel controller for PS1. I regretted that decision for a long time afterwards. One of the reasons I regretted that decision was the fact that I had purchased the Bleem! disk to be able to play Gran Turismo 2 on Dreamcast. When I sold my copy I had forgotten that I had the Bleem! disk. For years I didn't have Gran Turismo 2 and every time I would go through my Dreamcast stuff I would find the Bleem! disk and wish I could play the game.
Now I can again! This is a fantastic game for those of you that never played it (I doubt there are many of you out there).

Sega Genesis with games (Sat, September 11th 2010) $7.00

This was the second Genesis 1 model as far as I know. Sega removed the words "Hi-def graphics" from the casing.
I know in this picture it looks pretty beat up, but it really isn't. The flash on my camera just makes it look really bad for some reason.

With the Sega Genesis was the following games:

Sonic the hedgehog (not for re-sale copy) (Genesis)
I am so happy to finally get a copy of Sonic the Hedgehog. Sure, I own it on multiple compilations, including a compilation with Sonic 1, Sonic 2 and Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine on Genesis. I also own Sonic's Mega Collection for Gamecube, Mega Collection Plus for Xbox, and Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection for Xbox 360. But I've never owned an original copy. I had been hunting around for one of these for awhile because I needed one to complete my boxed Sega that I had picked up at the beginning of the summer.

Mortal Kombat (Genesis)
Everyone knows the Mortal Kombat games. I never owned a Mortal Kombat game on Sega Genesis. I currently own 2 copies of Mortal Kombat 2 for 32X which is a fantastic port. However, it is very rare that I hook up the 32X. I like plugging in one system, thus my Sega CD rarely gets any love either. I love having a large collection of fighting games. In my opinion they are some of the best multi-player games you can own.

Street Fighter 2: Special Champion Edition (Genesis)
I used to own this port a long time ago. I also used to play it almost daily with my friend Brett. I gave the game to him as a gift when I moved away to another town. I am happy to own another copy of this game now. As I said, I feel that fighting games are the best multi-player games.

NHL '94 (No Box) (Genesis)
This is one of my favorite sports games of all time. I'm not a sports fan but most of my friends always have been and there was a short period in my life when I pretended I was as well. During that period I played a lot of this game, at least 3 of my friends owned it. I bought it on Sega CD at that time and we always played it at my house after that. Nowadays my Sega CD is not hooked up but I've been hankering to play this game. I saw it at a flea market last month but there was no price on the box so I just walked away. My friends and I played this game regularly from 1993 till about 1996. Sure, a few of us picked up newer NHL games, but we always went back to '94. I remember playing NHL '96 with my friend Brett for about a month before going back to NHL '94. The game feels perfect. I am very happy to now own a copy of the game for Genesis.

Clue (Genesis)
Monopoly (Genesis)
Wheel of fortune (Genesis)
Ceaser's Palace (Genesis)
I have yet to play any of these games. Maybe some time this month I will have a few people over to play these. I'm sure they will be fun games to play while drinking.

Road Rash 3 (Genesis)
Back in the Genesis days Road Rash was one of my favorite games. I don't remember the specific entry in the series that got me into the game but I do remember playing a fair amount of the game at a few of my friends houses. I remember later playing a lot of Road Rash CD for Sega CD, that was a very good game. The thing that I had not remembered until I just recently replayed this,was that the engines make no noise. No noise at all. It's very strange.

California Games (Genesis)
This is still one of the best party games to play with a group of friends. Sure its a simple game, but you get a few friends together, break out some beer and this game can be played for hours. This game was one of the first times I can remember skateboarding in a video game. I prefer the NES version, probably just because it was the first version I had played.

Taz-Mania (Genesis)
I hate this game. It was a bad game years ago, and it hasn't aged well at all. I gave this game about five minutes of my time, about the same amount of time I gave it when I rented it years and years ago.

Enter Electro: Spider-Man 2 (PS1) $1.00

Back in the Dreamcast days one of my favorite games was Spider-Man. I ad never played a game quite as fun and open up until that point. It was awesome to swing around the city as Spider-Man. I must have played Spider-Man the entire summer that it was released. When I heard that there was a sequel being released I got so excited. Until I found out that it wasn't going to be released on Dreamcast. When this game was released I was playing a lot of Dreamcast and the PS2 had already been released so this game lost a little of its luster. I was always curious about this game though and always hoped that I would run into a copy somewhere.

SNES Game Genie and Super R-Type (SNES) $3.00

This was a first for me. The man selling me these items haggled himself down on the price. I asked the price and he told me everything on the table was $4.00. I picked these two items up worrying he'd say it was $8.00 since it was two items and he said "ehhhh, well for that, ehhh it's $3.00". I snatched it up right away. Super R-type alone I would have paid $4.00 for. I would have paid $5.00 for the Game Genie. $3.00 for both was a steal.

X-box games (Oct 3rd) $1.00 a piece

Dead or Alive 3 (Xbox)
A great fighter. I owned this back when it was first released but I sold it back to Gamestop to buy another game. I'm glad to own this game again, especially for $1.00.

Oddworld munches odyssey (Xbox)
I know this game (and all the other Oddworld games) has a huge following. However, I have never played it (or the others). I am excited to play this game, I just haven't found the time yet.

Splinter Cell (Xbox)
I never had any interest in these games until about a year ago when I read one of the Splinter Cell books. It was really good and after that I decided I wanted to try out some of the games, I haven't played this yet, but I can't wait to get started on it.

Cell Damage (Xbox)
I had this for Gamecube back in the day. I remember I didn't enjoy it all that much so I sold it back to Gamestop. I'm gonna give this game another try, maybe I just wanted it to be a Twisted Metal clone a little too much at the time.

Rock Band 2 (guitar, drum kit, microphone and game disk with case) (Wednesday July 21, 2010) $40.00

I recently found an application for my phone that allows me to filter Craigslist postings to only show what I'm looking for. Its a great little application (called CRAIGSNOTIFICA for all Android phones). I set this up to let me know when there are video games being sold in my neighborhood. I saw a listing selling a full Rock band 2 set for fifty dollars, the picture showed the drums w/ double bass, guitar and the Rock Band 2 disk with no case. I was never that into rhythm games (with the exception of Parapa the Rappa and Um Jammer Lammy), but my wife and her brother love these kinda games. Fifty dollars for this set is an amazing price to pay if everything works, but I was a little worried to pay that and have something be broken. This is only the second time I had ever purchased anything off of Craigslist and I didn't want it to be a bad experience. I thought about offering $30, but I thought that was too low and offered $40.00. The seller accepted and gave me the address that I could pick it up at. His address ended up being only 3 blocks away! The guy who sold it to me was super nice, he said that he was moving to Colorado and simply couldn't take this with him. I looked the set over and to my surprise it now had the case and instructions with the disc. The disc had no scratches on it, but the drums and guitar had some white paint splatters on it (which I can just pick off and then give them a good cleaning). After getting the set home and playing it I can say that I had an awesome Craigslist experience, everything works fantastic and my new band (which consists of my wife, my brother in law,his girlfriend and I) perform regularly every Saturday night. I went to my local Gamestop to scope out the prices of some of these rhythm games and I was pleasantly surprised, they are all pretty cheap used. I picked up a copy of Rock Band for $3.99 and I think I'll go back for Guitar Hero World Tour soon (I think they had it for $6.99 when I was in there).

I love movies almost as much as I love video games. I have noticed that starting this summer I am seeing a lot of DVD's at yard sales and flea markets going very cheap, I assume this is because people are picking up films on blu-ray now. I personally don't really care for blu-ray. I am not against blu-ray though. I just don't understand the rush to pick up all these films all over again on that format. Films such as Avatar and newer 3-D films I can see the reasoning behind wanting to get them on Blu-ray. But films like Dawn of the Dead (year) and Full Metal Jacket look pretty close to exactly the same they did in theaters on DVD format. I have seen a large number of older films on Blu-ray at one of my friends house and I have to say most of them look "fake" to me, they are almost too touched up. Older films that had been filmed on actual film celluloid should not look like they were filmed digitally (at least in my opinion). Back to the topic however, with people jumping on the Blu-ray wagon it works out great for me. I have picked up quite a bit of DVD's for dirt cheap because of this. I feel that these can all be considered retro because to the best of my knowledge each of these had been available on vhs at one time (except for the last film in my list, but its a kick-ass film and I got it cheap so I decided to include it).

Austin Powers (DVD) $1.00
Austin Powers 2 (DVD) $1.00
Austin Powers 3 (DVD) $1.00

I picked these 3 films up at a yard sale. The woman had no prices on anything and I am generally very cautious about this. My Mom was with me, saw that I was looking at them and asked "How much?", the woman then said "Well, how much are you willing to pay?" This is why I generally don't like when things aren't priced. My Mom said "That's a question you don't wanna ask me, I'll give you $1.00 for the whole lot." There were about 10 films laying on the blanket. The woman said "Well I'd do $1.00 per DVD." I picked up the three dvds (plus The Matrix dvd). Before I had a chance to pay my Mom paid for them.

The Matrix (DVD) $1.00

I never was a huge fan of the Matrix movies, but I still enjoyed the first one. I saw it in theaters a few weeks after it was released only because there wasn't anything else to see at the time. I thought I was going to hate it, but like I said I did enjoy it. Since I didn't already own this film I figured $1.00 was a great price to pay. I picked this up at the same yard sale that I got the Austin Powers movies at.

Stand by me (DVD) $1.00

I have really good memories of seeing this movie. It was based on a Steven King short story called "The Body". My Dad loves Steven King so at a young age I was introduced to Steven Kings work by my father. It weirdly reminds me of my Dad's childhood because he had a similar situation happen in his neighborhood. When he was in middle school there was a group of older kids in his neighborhood that were considered the "hip" kids. One night after drinking and bowling at the local bowling alley (which is still there and I have bowled at) they were messing around and somehow one of them ended up getting hit by a car that another one of them was driving. The kid who was struck by the car fell backwards hitting his head and died. The kids involved decided to hide the body. People in the neighborhood started looking for him and the police started questioning everyone in the area. It turned out that they hid the body in my Dad's parents garage because they knew that it was always left open, it was messy and my Dad's Father never went in there. Later they came back and moved it to a few other locations before finally giving themselves in and admitting what had happened. It had been an accident but the kid who hit the other kid with his car did end up spending some time in jail. My Dad's family didn't even find out that there had been a dead body in their garage till after the fact which I always thought was creepy. The film itself is also set around the time my Dad would have been young. Besides all this, the first time I saw this film was with my Dad so I have very good memories of this film. Any time I see a food eating contest I immediately think of the Pie eating contest in this film. When I saw this film being sold for $1.00 I had to pick it up.

Iron Man (DVD) $2.00 (Sept 19)

Despite seeing this film 3 times in the theaters I didn't end up picking it up on DVD when it was released. I know this movie isn't all that retro, but I've been reading comics since I was 6 years old. I never thought I'd see the day when comic book movies ruled the box office. This is almost like my dream come true. All these comic book films make me feel like a kid again, just like all things retro do for me.


Slapstick by Kurt Vonnegut $0.25

I just finished reading this book. Not my favorite book of all time, but it was a quick and enjoyable read. It's set in the future, and is about a brother and a sister that are written off as being basically catatonic at an early age. However, they are super smart and keep it hidden from everyone else till about halfway through the book. It has some pure craziness going on inside, such as gravity varying daily (just like the weather does), miniaturized humans and the downfall of America.
Factotum by Charles Bukowski $0.25
Post Office by Charles Bukowski $0.25

I read Post Office years ago. I was working for the post office when I read it. It was a good book. I hated my job and as it turned out, so did the main character in the book, Henry Chinaski. Post Office was the first novel Bukowski wrote. I never read Factotum, but it will probably be the next book I read.

Thats it for Article #2. Hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading!
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