An 80s Story(1985+)

My Quest to make my parents get the Disney Channel
May 12, 2009
Hello all I wrote this story in the style of A Christmas story about my quest at age 5 to get my parents to subscribe to the Disney Channel. I hope you enjoy. Everything written in this story is true as I remember it.

An Eighties Story

By. Princess80s

Ah the 80s a time of innocence and fun. Regan was president, and the cold war was still going on. Prince was big but that does not matter cause I was a kid then. Yes that is me. The little girl with black pigtails wearing a barbie pink ballerina tutu. My name is Bianca Bogart. I used to get picked at for that name. The other kids at school called me Bianca Booger. But kids back then were tough so I handled it. I was five back then. I was running around the modern black and white living room while my brother Michael who was ten back then sat on the shag carpet watching defenders of the earth. I never liked it much I enjoyed things like My little pony, get along gang, and Saturday supercade. My mother was in the kitchen cooking and talking on the phone to Mrs. Klein about the latest rumor. We would be having tacos for dinner. My father was in his fortress of solitude or as my mom calls it the garage. He goes there mainly to get away from his kids.

Because we never wanna go in there. I use to wonder if we did not want to be in the living room would he come in here? My sister Elizabeth who was sixteen at the time was losing her mind staring into the void of the mirror trying to get rid of a pimple in time for David James her boyfriend of the month. I hated David as he would always scare me in some kind of way. Like the time he snuck up behind me wearing a evil clown mask. I am surprise I never need therapy for that. As Defenders went off I waited for my brother to get up. We had a rule back then that each person get to watch one show at a time and mom always chose who went first. However as kids we had a knack for finding loopholes, and by loopholes I mean totally disregarding the rules and do a free for all fight to decide. Michael was not getting up. "It's my turn." I said to him firmly. "Tell it to someone who cares." he said to me. So taking his advice I did. "MOM!" Now if there one thing parents hate is when your elongate their role. So when she did not answer me I said:

"MoooOOm!" That elongation of her role sent tingles up her spine and before I could tell her what was wrong she said. "Let you sister do whatever it is she wants." and she rushed back into the kitchen. I stuck out my tongue at my brother as he sighed and went to play the NES in his room. I sat down in the modern black and white living room on the white shag carpet and began flipping the channels. CBS, NBC, ABC, USA. I watched then all the time so I searched on. I hit channel 24. A channel that before just now was blank. It was as if magic.
I saw a duck lose his mind,

a tall dog learning how to ski,

and a town full of ducks with one of them wearing a top hat.

I wonder how this strange magical channel appeared as I did the screen change and a woman with brown curly hair spoke to me.

"Hello I'm Nancy here at the Disney Channel" she said. She was sitting behind a desk and phones were ringing. Like a idiot I talked back. "Hi" "I just wanted to tell you that you have a short time left to subscribe to the Disney Channel" "Oh no!" I said. I did not want this magical channel to go away I would do anything to keep it even give away my favorite barbie doll. "Call us now so you do not miss all the great shows Disney has." The number went across the screen like magic. I ran to the door of the garage and ask dad to come here. He came in and looked at the numbers. I asked him to call it and get it.

He wrote down the number and promise to call for me. I was so happy That I jumped up and down then gave my daddy a kiss on the cheek. I watched it till it was time for dinner then stuffed the tacos into my mouth with great velocity. I hurried back to the television and basked in warm Disney radiation glow. The next morning I woke up ready for school and turn on channel 24 but when I did it was blank as it usually was. I asked my dad why he did not call he said to me. "Whats wrong with what you got to watch?" I ran to my mother and told her about it hoping she would side with me if I elongated her role like last night. "Whats wrong with what you got to watch?" I sat in the back seat of the station wagon pouting on the way to kindergarten. I played with my friends halfheartedly and did not care when I was called Bianca Booger. I decided somewhere in the middle of nap-time that I would not cease till I got it. A year past. I was in first grade and uncle

Murray funeral was a month ago. He was my favorite uncle always giving me money and best of all he had Disney in his house. So I would ask my mom if I could sleep over from time to time to get my Disney fix. I had not given up on getting Disney at home. I would put my mickey mouse toy on my parents bed and ask them all day long. Every now and then I would check channel 24 to see if it was back then one day it was back. This time I dragged my parents in to watch it with me. Like me they too fell in love with it and two months later they subscribed. I was so happy that day I turned on channel 24 and waited till the cable company turned it on. It was as good as it was a year ago. It was all there waiting for me. Two years later I was eight. Mom and dad got me my own television. It was on my white dresser which was covered in stickers.

I would walk home slowly so I could do some of my homework along the way. That way I would only have to waste an hour time with studying. I ran to my room turn on channel 64(it changed eventually) and watched Disney. I was a channel hopper. From ABC to USA, from USA to WGN, and from other channels to Disney. I sat up that night once my parents fell asleep and basked in its glow. Over the years it changed some show good, some bad just like my family had good times such as going to Disney World and bad times when my brother died just two years ago in Iraq, but no matter what I will remember the 80s and Disney. Long live Disney whether good or bad.

The End
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