Snoopy, Come Home!
Release: September 08, 1972
Release: September 08, 1972

Snoopy the beagle receives a letter from a little girl and sets out with his sidekick, Woodstock the bird, to go visit her at the hospital... leaving Charlie Brown distraught over his dog's sudden disappearance. It's later revealed that the girl, Lila, was Snoopy's former owner, and now he's faced with the decision to stay with her or return to Charlie Brown. Easily the most popular of the non-holiday themed Peanuts films, this one premiered theatrically and has gotten tons of exposure over the years on television. It's had multiple video releases and is now available on DVD.

Patty: "You touched my hand, Chuck! -Patty"
Linus: "You're not Snoopy's orginal owner. [CB faints again] Oh, good grief! -Linus"
Linus Charlie Brown: "Linus: How am I supposed to tell you something when you faint like that? Charlie Brown: I'm sorry; I've been hyperventilating a lot lately.... -Linus Charlie Brown"
Charlie Brown: "You know what I need? I need more hellos. -Charlie Brown"
Lucy Schroeder: "Lucy: Schroeder, Schroeder, how about a beep on the nose? Schroeder: A what? Lucy: BEEP. A beep on the nose is a sign of great affection. -Lucy Schroeder"
Charlie Brown: "I think that blanket is doing something to you. -Charlie Brown"
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