Challenge Of The Gobots

Can the Gobots defeat the invasion from the 21st level?
January 16, 2005

Remember how cool Gobots were, no? Well you should because they were pretty awesome, that is until you found out that they weren't Transformers. Gobots were just one of those rip-off products that all the kids hated because they sucked, but the parents loved because they were 2 fuckin' dollars cheaper. Gobots were to Transformers as "Deep Impact" was to "Armageddon", "Weakest Link" to "Who Wants to be a Millionaire", or "volcano" to "Dante's Peak". Its one company saying "Hey that's making a ton of money, let's rip that off."

This episode of Gobots is the best one I've seen in years. It hits all the emotions, frustration, fear, frustration, frustration, and oh yeah frustration. "Invasion of the 21st Level" hits all angles of 80's cartoondom, with the epic theme song to the homoeroticism between robots and their human counterparts.

It begins with the evil deceptions, oh wait, what are the bad guys called in this one? Well never mind, it begins with the bad guys releasing their best weapon onto the Guardians. Scales! A reptile-ish robot that is very scary for some reason.

As a result of Scales' rampaging through the Guardians' base the bad guys were able to obtain the isolation rod. The isolation rod, when used for good should protect the galaxy from the bad guys. But as always, the bad guys got it. So they give the isolation rod to their resident scientist (Braxis) who happens to look a lot like a retarded Grand Moff Tarkin in civvies, so that he may create an invention to bring creatures from other dimensions to our universe. The possibilities are endless. Cykill, the leader of the bad guys, intends to get the most vicious of creatures. And succeed he did, he got the scariest looking race of beetles I have ever seen. Of course some of the choices he had seemed to be slightly better options, but I guess that's why Cykill gets paid the big bucks.

Of course as always the good guys are a bunch a pussies, and get their ass kicked by anyone and everyone. This is no exception. The beetles start to wail on Turbo and Scooter, so they run. Scooter makes it about five steps before he is captured, and Turbo doesn't seem to mind. He transforms to his car form and hits the road outta there, that is until he realizes that Scooter is the one who changes his oil every 3000 miles. Turbo goes back for him, but… he's been captured. Guardians to the rescue!

In taking these beetles from the 21st level, Cykill hopes to utilize their power to conquer the guardians. But little does he know that the queen beetle, Exor, has plans of her own. She plans to rule our dimension as well.

This leads to the introduction of the extremely creatively named "Leader One", established chief of the Guardians. He is the Optimus… I mean the optimum Gobot to go to in time of need. Except for maybe brushing advice, he seems to be having some difficulty getting that plaque off his teeth. He really should look into some of those Crest whitening strips. One semi-confusing aspect of Leader One is that he is a jet. But all Gobots can fly? this seems kind of silly to me. Actually I don't really understand what the point of transforming is for any Gobot. I think the show should be called "Challenge of the Robots". Because for all intensive purposes that's what they are.

Anyway… so the beetles have gone and destroyed the Gobots defenses, and Cykill has won, or has he. When Cykill attempts to send the beetles back to the 21st dimension, Exor uses her mind waves to destroy the rainbow portal back to her dimension, therefore locking herself into our dimension. This pisses Exor off, so now she is after the fools who would dare to send them back. She quickly captures the evil Gobots and is going to dispose of Braxis. But Braxis cuts a deal to work for them.

In the mean time, the guardians have come up with a brilliant plan to capture the beetles, Nets! Nothing can escape from nets! Everyone knows that when something is in a net, it can't get out. Wait was that nets, or was that those Krypton enclosures from Superman 2

Well anyway it was a bogus plan and Exor just sends for reinforcements to capture the Gobots. Being a bunch of pussies they of course get captured quickly. And as all the Gobots are being captured the beetles realize that they no longer need Braxis. So he in turn releases all the Gobots to protect his own worthless ass. The Gobots, good and bad, realize that they cannot beat the beetles alone so they agree to team up to defeat them. They devise a plan to overcharge the laser cannon they had laying around and use it to destroy the bulk of Exor's forces. Because the cartoon will be ending soon, it works, and they just have Exor to deal with.

So they try to send her back the same way they did before, and for no apparent reason, this time it worked, and she and all the remaining beetle dudes are sent back to the 21st level. Never to be heard of again.

Oh yeah and before they sent her back Cykill had his way with her, raw dog in the butt.
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