Why Should I Sit Through This?

A Rebuttal To Spongeroks's "TV Sucks Now Articles" Article.
November 05, 2007
I would just like to say that being a woman in my early 30s makes me appreciate some of the older and more antique cartoons that are being offered by other networks but lately I've been taken aback by the reaction that some of the 80s and 90s generation kids griping about how we old farts like to remember about our younger years and how our cartoons were much better than the after-generation's cartoons. I am by no means saying that my generation is better than anybody else's generation. I'm saying that my generation of animation is better than the now generation.

Let me just say that the younger generation of kids don't have it quite as good as we did but that's beside the point of this article.

Rocko's Modern Life. This is good animation and good script writing that happened in the very early days of Nicktoons and YTV and what an abysmal turn Nicktoons have taken since then. Rocko is funny to me.

Sponge Bob Square Pants..... I don't really get why this show is so appealing to some people? Maybe I wasn't meant to get it? I just don't get why Sponge Bob appeals to a lot of us? All I know is that Sponge Bob doesn't really appeal to me personally as one individal person. Sponge Bob isn't funny to me.

Okay let's get down to the thick of it. I hate cartoon shows that are just one huge half-hour long fart joke but maybe that's just the "old fart" in me. Seriously RJ people. I'm not really that old but I'm 31 and I know what I like.

This isn't it!

My gripe about today's animation is that it's poorly executed where the animation is concerned. The voices are even worse and where there's bad animation and bad voice over work a bad cartoon is sure to follow.

That's more like it!

Watch out for that....... TREE!

I like to watch shows that have some substance and aren't so poorly executed in their animation not unlike the new generation that should get.............


and all the new generation is getting is

THIS! Animation that's not done well in the first place and in the second place has awful voice characterizations that don't even sound human. This is what passes for good animation these days? This is the reason why I fail to see the point of getting up on Saturday mornings.

I mean what's the point in making things new if the animation is executed so poorly and the voice actors are so bad?

YES I'm afraid that even the Gobots aren't immune from bad animation. I mean it's Sabellia Dern Productions so what do you expect?

As an 80s generation child you would expect to get

THIS! See how well this is animated?

And all you get is

THIS! You call these things Gobots? They don't even have the same facial expressions as the Gobots from 1984. THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE THE SAME FACES AS THE GOBOTS FROM 1984. If you're going to draw a profile of a transforming robot then at least have to bollas to draw it well. Boy Joe and Bill must be rolling over in their graves right about now.

This was just a lot of supposed "fan wank" that was done on purpose to make people who are Gobots fans stop complaining. The truth is that the Gobots fans can't stop complaining because of what's been done to their beloved mighty robots. Seriously folks a two year old with a crayon in their hand could draw better than this.

What has 4 Kids Entertainment fan wank done to my beloved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? They went from being animated like......

THIS! Notice that Ninja Turtles have eyes.

To being animated like......

THIS?! This is what 4 Kids Entertainment has done to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Ninja Turtles nowadays don't have eyes sticking out through their bandannas. I mean what the hell is that?

The Transformers aren't safe from fan wank either. Optimus Prime went from being like.........

THIS! See how smoothly Cliffjumper and Optimus Prime are animated here?

To being animated like........

THIS! This is Optimus Prime as animated in the Transformers Energon series. The animation wasn't that good and looks like it was done as quickly as possible.

You call this voice acting?

The next segment in my article is about the thing I hate the most about today's animation....... THE VOICES! It isn't just the animation that bothers me about today's cartoons but it's the voice actors that come with it. To me that's equally as bad as the today cartoons.

Even Pokemon, which was one of my guilty little pleasures when the Kids WB had their weekday afternoon line up, wasn't the same anymore after NOA, Nintendo of America, started to get so unbelievably cheap and went to another company to do the voices. The unfortunate thing is that Eric Stuart, Veronica Taylor, Rachel Lilis, ETAL couldn't reprise their roles as Ash, Brock, and May because of a "No Competition" clause in the 4 Kids Entertainment's contract.

Pokemon, for example, was one of my favourite anime shows of all time. Now because of some chintzing out and squandering,and some contract crap in the form of a "no competition" clause in 4 Kids Entertainment's contracts, it doesn't sound the same anymore.

Mai Valentine is but an example of another anime character that hasn't been the same since her voice actress, Meegan Hollingshead, left the Yu-Gi-Oh production

Another example of bad voice acting is when Meegan Hollingshead left Yu-Gi-Oh to persue other things. They replaced Hollingshead and, well, let me just say that Mai Valentine hasn't been the same since Hollingshead left.

The only cartoon that I can think of that's not that bad is The Batman. In fact I like Batman as much as the next person but take a look at this.

The different incarnations of Batman from top: The Batman, Batman The Animated Series, and Challenge of the Superfriends. Boy Batman has come a long way in animation hasn't he? To me the Challenge of the Superfriends Batman is the best because it's not based on a lot of fan wank but rather it's based on actual comics that came out at the time.

So let's recap.

This is not in any way a gripe about the 2000s generation as a whole but a gripe about the cartoons. Yes my generation, as well as every other generation afterwards had its share of bad cartoons, but noone's generation is better than another one.
I just happen to think that the cartoons that I grew up watching are better to me. Today's cartoons are just not funny, not well animated, and don't have very good voice characterizations.
In short TV today does suck but it doesn't suck entirely. :)

That's it! Take it for what you will younger generations of RJ users. Just take my gripes with a grain of salt. :)
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