Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III
Release: March 17, 1993
Release: March 17, 1993

The four turtles travel back in time to the days of the legendary and deadly samurai in ancient Japan, where they train to perfect the art of becoming one. The turtles also assist a small village in an uprising. If they don't return within sixty hours, they'll be history.

Text: "[Prologue for DVD] A long time ago, on a continent far, far away... an evil emperor is set on destroying all that is good. All hope was lost. Then... there was a blinding light, and stepped forth the chosen ones - the ones that would restore peace - the greatest heroes of all time..."
Michelangelo: "[cut to him, doing hula-dancing at the Turtles' hideout in the sewers of NYC]"
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Mitsu: "So! You the one who invade my home! Now, you must pay!"
Raph: "No, no. You don't understand I was simply coming to ask for your help!"
Mitsu: "Liars die without honor! And since you ARE one, you must die!"
Raph: "Why do I get the feeling she's very ticked off?"
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Splinter: "Something deeply troubles you, my son."
Michelangelo: "Growing up. I don't think I'll ever laugh again."
Raphael: "I don't kiss on the first date, lady."
Leonardo: "Raph, give it a rest will ya?"
Donatello: "Uh, o-hi-o, wasabi."
Raphael: "Hello mustard?"
Donatello: "OK, so my Japanese is a little rusty."
Mikey: "God, my legs hurt. My arms hurt. My spots hurt. Even my bandana hurts."
Raphael: "Hey, Kid, you gotta control that temper. Did I say that?"
Donatello: "Wow. Bungee jumping without a bungee; That could be dangerous."
Michaelangelo: "Oh, he who dings the shell must *pay.*"
Raphael: "Ahh, nature. I *love* it. Makes me want to, I don't know, migrate or something."
Donatello: "Turtles don't migrate, Raph. Birds do!"
Raphael: "Hey I got a beak, don't I?"
Leo: "Hey, where's Mikey?"
Donnie: "Last time I saw him, he was doing this: AhAhAhAhAhhhh!"
Raph: "Jeez, what else could happen?"
Raph: "Did you hear what he called me, Leo?"
Leo: "Yeah, an ugly lump of dung."
Raph: ""That was an insult, Leo!"
Don: "Not necessarily, Raph. Did you know that in some countries, dung is used as a fueling source?"
Walker: "What kind of demons are you?"
Leo: "We're turtles, friend!"
Donnie: "Of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Variety, sleezball!"
Donatello: "Help! I'm a turtle, and I can't get up!"
Splinter: "Yo, Dude! Just like Elvis in Hawaii!"
Mike: "Oh...my heroes!"
Leo: "Missed a-me!!!"
Leonardo: "Do you think they had pizza back then?"
Raph: "It's Wet Willy Time!"
Leo: "I think I swallowed a frog. I hope it wasn't an ancestor."
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