The Rescuers Down Under
Release: November 16, 1990
Release: November 16, 1990

A sequel to the 1977 movie "The Rescuers". Bernard and Miss Bianca go to Australia to rescue a boy named Cody, who gets kidnapped by an evil poacher named Percival McLeach because of him knowing the whereabouts of a golden eagle named Marahute. With help from Wilbur the albatross and Jake the kangaroo mouse, they stop McLeach and save Cody and Marahute. Released in theaters on November 16th, 1990 and came to home video on September 1991.

McLeach: "(Faking Fear) Oh no, not the rangers! What'll I do? What'll I do? Don't let your ma call the rangers please! (Joanna laughs, McLeach then throws Cody's backpack in the water where the crocodiles attack the backpack) My poor baby got eaten by the crocodiles!! Boo-Hoo-Hoo!"
Frank: "No!! No!! (Looks inside shotgun, gasps) Aah!!! (Johanna shoots gun, Frank breathes) Huh? Missed. (Cody attempts to unlock animals, but is ambushed by McLeach)"
McLeach: "Surprise! (Cody gasps) If I didn't know ya better, I didn't think you'd like it in here!"
Cody: "Lemme go! Let go! Let go! (McLeach sees Frank)"
McLeach: "HA! What are you doing out of your cage? (Frank runs back into his cage) Ugh... that's better. C'mon boy, heh heh. Say goodbye to your little friends. It's the last you'll ever see of em'. (Slams door)"
McLeach: "No more Mister Nice Guy!!!!"
McCleach: "You'll think twice, before messing with Personal C. McCleach! (yells in a funny voice) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (falls down a waterfall) -McCleach"
Wilbur: "Wilbur: Oh, I feel like I got my head in a vice. [camera pulls back; his head is in a vice] Oh. -Wilbur"
Frank: "I don't want to go as a *purse!* Please, please don't let him do it! -Frank"
Wilbur: "Hey, you're kind of a cute little feller. Coochy coochy coo... [CHOMP] Ow! Whoa! Oohhhh! -Wilbur"
Jake: "Has anyone considered trying "Open Sesame"? [the door opens] -Jake"
Wilbur: "Kids should be free, free to run wild through the house on Saturday mornings, free to have cookies & milk, and get those little white mustaches, you know."
Wilbur: "Throw another shrimp on the barbie, girls, 'cause here I come!"
Bernard and Bianca: "Bernard: Will you marry me? Bianca: Why Bernard! Of course I will. -Bernard and Bianca"
McLeach: "McLeach: I didn't make it all the way through third grade for nothing. -McLeach"
McCleach: "These are not Joanna eggs!"
McCleach: "Jooo-anna! Did you know...that there was a razorback in my truck? Did ya?...Did ya? THERE WAS A RAZORBACK IN MY TRUCK!! Now you quit playin' around and do your job, you four-legged python!! -McCleach"
McCleach: "Dumb lizard's tryin' ta "burry" squirrels out here…"
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