My time at Nickelodeon Studios

This is a descrpition of my personal experience visiting Nick Studios
March 05, 2013
Hi. My name is Kelly, and I would like to share with you some of my great memories of Nickelodeon Studios.
During my junior year in high school, I got to visit Nick studios. Unfortunately I never got to take the tour because as soon as my family got in line, I was asked to be an extra in a show that was taping that day.
That show was Welcome Freshmen. I was taken right away to wardrobe where I was dressed in a P.E. uniform. The show was about self defense, and I was shown in the girls' gym class scene with the female Coach Roach--Coach Rochelle. There were many takes including a scene where the principal was supposed to burst into the gym. By the time all the filming was done, it was night (hence the quality of the one photo). I did get to go to Game Lab with my younger sister. I am sitting in the back row.

I remember that being an extra solidified my desire to NOT go into acting. I did get to see the show's stars up close though, and I was grateful to have an experience not a lot of others got to have. When the episode aired, I noticed that I did in fact get a good ammount of face time in the scene. Sadly though, I tried to find it on YouTube, but no one has uploaded it.
You might notice also the the Game Lab wall is covered in logos from many of the shows that were taped there: Hey Dude, Roundhouse, Don't Just Sit There, etc.
I grew up watching You Can't Do That on Television, Out of Control, Pinwheel, Today's Special, Turkey TV, Livewire, Mr. Wizard, and the Tomorrow People.
I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience. What were your favorite Nick shows?
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