A salute to Barbie Loves McDonald's

Another description of one of my favorite 80s toys
March 08, 2013
Hello--it's Kelly again!

One of my all time favorite pasttimes is searching thrift stores, antique shows, and antique malls for those elusive pieces of my favorite childhood memories.

Here we have Barbie Loves McDonalds circa 1982!!
I happened to find this awesome never removed from box specimen at the Kane County flea market in St. Charles, Illinois.

As a small child (I was born in 1976), I got one of these for Christmas--I was beside myself with happiness!!
One of the greatest, most unique aspects of the Barbie Loves McDonald's is its incredible attention to detail.

The Features? So glad you asked!
* It comes with its own separate McD's uniform hat and spatula. If I remember right, you could purchase a P.J. doll with a McDonald's uniform for a "crew member" for your junior franchise.

* This set has many little plastic pieces that you snap out of a sheet or form to create little hamburgers and shakes--yes--this bad boy had REAL tiny little burgers. Plastic clamshells came with to put your to go orders together!

* Trays! Paper fry boxes with pictures of the fries!!
* A fry station with basket for making fries!

* Don't forget the booth so Barbie and Ken can eat their food.

This playset of course had to be assembled: In this case, my Dad surely did that. Other loose pieces that needed to be assembled were the McDonald's sign on the Mansard canopy, and there was a sort of fence with a false paper garden backing.

With detail, late 70s Mansard style canopy, and colors like these--how can a girl like me NOT have hours of fun??

I did--so much fun, that I basically ruined my McDonald's playset. But then I found the glory of the NRFB Barbie McDonald's. It's all good now!! And no--I am not going to remove it from the box =)

For more information:

(This shows the 1983 Mattel Dealer Catalog with Barbie Loves McDonalds)
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