Why Is Spongebob Unfunny Nowadays?

I explain why such a good show was ruined.
September 23, 2013

In 2005, I remember waking up from a sleepover on a Sunday morning. My friends and parents were still asleep. Back then, I never watched Spongebob. I watched Jimmy Neutron and my favorite until I discovered the chipper yellow guy was The Fairly OddParents. So the episode I stumbled upon was Dunces and Dragons. Kind of a weird one to start out with, but I still thought it was great. So, of course, I watched more and more and became a Spongebob ADDICT. I wore shirts of Spongebob, had Spongebob backpacks and lunchboxes, knew every episode name and storyline by heart.

So over time, I realized that the show was losing its touch. It seemed too centered on kids, it wasn't funny any more with its witty jokes and hints of adult humor. Back then, adults could watch Spongebob and laugh, too, but now it's difficult to do so. People could literally debate why and why not Spongebob has changed, but here's why.
I think most people know that creator Stephen Hillenburg planned to end the series and make a series of movies. So he did make the one movie, and then stepped off from the show and placed producer Paul Tibbet in charge. He fired the writers and storyboard artists like C.H. Greenblatt. From then, nearly every episode had a plot on Plankton doing the same old shenanigans with the formula, Patrick getting ridiculously dumb, Mr. Krabs being more greedier than ever, and Sandy becoming a scientist all of a sudden. The characters became overexaggerated, their personalities being clearly pointed out. The humor lost its touch, obviously, and cruddy songs became appearing everywhere. Why did this great show change?

I personally think they cared too much whether Spongebob was a family program. For instance, they would never agree with the scene in the movie where Patrick was nude flying, his butt out in the air. Not every joke in Spongebob is bad, it's just definitely trying to be kid friendly. It's a shame, because this show could still be great if most writers and Hillenburg didn't leave. Like The Simpsons, it was a great show that would have been historically great if it ended a long time ago.

Now I even consider quitting Nickelodeon watching. Besides, most of the shows on the network now such as Nick Studio 10, Sam & Cat, and AwesomenessTV are almost embarrassing to the Nickelodeon name that had such good Nicktoons and sitcoms at one time. Hopefully Nickelodeon comes their senses soon.

Thanks for reading. I'm the 2000s Guy, and this was a hopefully good first blog.
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