Cannibal: The Musical
Release: September 10, 1993
Release: September 10, 1993

Trey Parker & Matt Stone's first film before thier success of South Park. This is a comedy musical tale (released by Troma) of the true life tragic stroy of Alferd Packer while leading a group of travelers. It tells the story through various flashbacks seeing if Alferd Packer truely murdered & ate his friends.

Alferd Packer: "*Singing* The sky is blue, and all the leaves are green, the suns as warm as a baked potata, I think I know precisely what I mean, when I say it's a sphadoinkle day! -Alferd Packer"
Bell & Packer: "Bell: Hey, Packer are there any other big rivers from here to Breckinridge? Packer: No, just the Colorado. -Bell & Packer"
Old Man: "You're all doomed........doomed...... -Old Man"
Alferd Packer: "...But that's not the way it happened... -Alferd Packer"
Indian Chief: "We are Indians! -Indian Chief"
James Humphrey: "Can't think, can't move can't speak in complete sentences. -James Humphrey"
James Humphrey: "Fudge, Packer? -James Humphrey"
James Humphrey: "Hey! You're cutting into his butt! -James Humphrey"
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