The Dr. Fad Show
Debut: December 15, 1988
Ended: December 15, 1994

This was a science game show that encouraged creativity and inventiveness.

Singers: "Dr. Fad! (2x) Take a walk on the wacky side (Dr. Fad!) Find some fun that's bona fide! (Dr. Fad!) For a twist that you never tried, you'll be glad...'ve met Dr. Fad! (Dr. Fad!) Tunin’ into the latest craze (Dr. Fad!) Somethin’ silly, to last for days! (Dr. Fad!) Gadgets, guaranteed to amaze can be had... with Dr. Fad (Dr. Fad!)"
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Dr. Fad: "Let's hear it for (insert name) and his/her (invention)!"
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Dr. Fad: "Time's up in the Fad lab! Let's see how our contestants did!"
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Dr. Fad: "That's great!"
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Dr. Fad: "We're almost out of time, (insert contestant plug) See ya on the next Dr. Fad Show. And remember, Don't just follow fads..."
Audience and Dr. Fad: "CREATE THEM!"
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Jim: "Come on up!"
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Jim: "Grab your (insert 2 crazy inventions) (insert crazy action or warning) because it's time for the Dr. Fad show! The game show that gives you a sneak peek of what the kids motion thingamajigs and brainstorms the next thing that just might be the next (insert 2 crazy inventions)! And here's your host, a man who (insert crazy or funny phrase here), (Ken Hakuta, otherwise known as) DR. FAD!"
Dr. Fad: "Ok, who's got a cool invention?"
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