The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends
Debut: November 19, 1959
Ended: June 27, 1964
Debut: November 19, 1959
Ended: June 27, 1964

"The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends" is a show about a squirrel named Rocky and a moose named Bullwinkle which together have some cool adventures. Supporting segments includes "Mr. Know-it All", "Bullwinkle's Corner", "Fractured Fairy Tales", "Aesop and Son", "Peabody's Improbable History", "Dudley Do-Right of the Mounties", and "The World of Commander McBragg", Syndicated on Nickelodeon from 1990-1996 and than syndicated on Cartoon Network from 1996-2002. The show was also known as "Rocky and His Friends", "The Bullwinkle Show", and "The Rocky Show",

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Narrator: "And so we come to the end of another fun filled episode of Rocky and Bullwinkle!"
Bullwinkle: "You know Rock. He sure got some funny ideas about fun."
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Bullwinkle: "Hi ho culture fans!"
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Rocky: "And now it's time for another special feature!"
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Rocky: "Now here's something we hope you'll really like!"
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Bullwinkle: "Ratings down in the show again? -Bullwinkle"
Rocky: "No. -Rocky"
Bullwinkle: "That's odd. -Bullwinkle"
Rocky: "I'm worried because there have already been two attempts on your life -Rocky"
Bullwinkle: "Oh, don't worry. We will be renewed. -Bullwinkle"
Rocky: "I'm not talking about the Bullwinkle Show -Rocky"
Bullwinkle: "You had better; we could use the publicity. -Bullwinkle"
Boris: "[trying to trick Rocky and Bullwinkle] I am part of one of the biggest advertising company's in the country. Dancer, Prancer, Blitzen and Fink. -Boris"
Rocket J. Squirrel: "Bullwinkle, that's Florida! -Rocket J. Squirrel"
Rocky: "Thank you mr. know it all. -Rocky"
Rocky: "Now Here's Something We Hope You'll Really Like. -Rocky"
Natasha Boris: "'Boris, is Moose you said you killed in previous episode?' 'Look, it's his show. If he wants to be hard to kill, let him.' -Natasha Boris"
Boris Natasha: "'Phooey! Foiled again!' 'Don't you mean, "Curses! Foiled again!"?' 'Please, Natasha. This is kiddie show.' -Boris Natasha"
Bullwinkle: "Today's lesson is how to be a lion tamer and pick up a little scratch... on the side... of your head. -Bullwinkle"
Bullwinkle: "Bullwinkle: Hey, Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit outta my hat. -Bullwinkle"
Boris Badenov: "Shut up your mouth. -Boris Badenov"
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