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Here is my review for one of my favorite non-Disney Animated movies of all time.
April 30, 2007
I Love "Cats Don't Dance"

Hello there, everybody. sonic64 here. This is my first article I have made, so I hope I don't get any bad critizism about how it was made. I didn't know how to upload images on the internet until I figured it out on my own. Anyway, what you are about to read is my review for one of the greatest (to me, anyway) non-Disney animated movies of all time. It's called "Cat's Don't Dance". It is an animated movie that was made by Warner Bros. Studios and it was directed by Mark Dindel, who also did work on a couple of Disney animated movies like "The Emperor's New Groove" and "Chicken Little". These movies may be good, but "Cats Don't Dance" is very original. It came out in theaters in Spring of 1997. I may have not seen it in theaters, but I managed to see when it was released on video a few months later. The first time I saw I enjoyed every second of it. The story was good, the songs were original, and characters were very memorable and likeable. Speaking of which, here is a list of characters in this movie:

Danny is a happy-go-lucky kind of guy (er, cat) that goes to Hollywood to become a famous actor because of his talent for singing and dancing. Unfortunately, he learns that in Hollywood, cats can only say "meow" in the movies. He is so optimistic that he helps the other animals with achieving their dreams of being Hollywood stars. He is indeed one of my favorite characters in this movie.

Sawyer is a white cat that is as talented as Danny when it comes to singing and dancing. However, when she went to Hollywood, she ended up getting a job as a secretary for Farley Wink's Animal Actors Agency. When Danny came along he inspired her to continue achieving her dreams of being a Hollywood star. She is so cute, she is also one of my favorite characters in the movie.

Pudge is a young penguin who becomes Danny's friend since they met in Hollywood. He also assists Danny in whatever situation they are in.

Tillie is a hippo that is just as optimistic as Danny. She is very kind and a bit silly sometimes.

Cranston is an old goat that's almost always cranky. He actually has a talent for dancing.

Francis is a fish that acts like a snob sometimes. She is usually with Cranston most of the time, especially when dancing together.

T.W. is a cowardly and nervous turle who is actually a great actor. He is played by the late-great Don Knotts.

Woolie is a very generous elphant that had dreams of writing songs for motion pictures, but ended up being the mascot for Mammoth Studios. Danny and Pudge are good friends of him.

Darla Dimple is a popular and spoiled, yet talented, child actor that hates animals (especially talented ones like Danny and Sawyer). She is the the movie's main villian and she tries to sabotage Danny and his animal friends attempts for stardom. If you ask me, Darla is pretty unbelievable for a villian, especially because she's the only villain I know that is a little girl.

Max is Darla's gorilla-like butler that does most of her dirty work. He is very big and very strong. In fact, you can even say that Max is like Bob the Killer Goldfish's assistant, #4, from "Earthworm Jim". And also, he's played by the voice of the movie's director, Mark Dindel.

In case I left anything out, here is the plot for the movie in my own words:

Danny is a cat from Kokomo, Indiana who travels all the way to Hollywood because of his talent for dancing and singing. When he makes it there, he goes to Farley Wink's Animal Actors Agency for a role in the next movie starring Darla Dimple entitled "Little Ark Angel". He also befriends Sawyer Cat, Pudge Penguin, Tillie Hippo, Cranston Goat, Francis Fish, and T.W. Turtle. When they are about to film the movie, Danny learns that cats can only say "meow" in the movies. During the filming of the movie, Danny begins showing off and it angers Darla so much she sends Max to hurt him. When the day has ended, Danny began to feel really bad after what happened. But then, he and Pudge meet Mammoth Studios' mascot, Woolie the Elephant. They then decide to help the other animals achieve their dreams of being Hollywood actors, especially after Danny learns that Sawyer is actually as talented as Danny. Darla overhears what Danny and the others are doing, and she invites him to her mansion to for some "advice" of becoming a star like her. She gives the animals permission to use the stage and props that were used to film her latest movie so that the animals can perform in front of the head of Mammoth Studios, L.B. Mammoth. But it was actually a trick to get them kicked out of the studios; she and Max flood the stage before L.B. shows up. Afterwards, the animals are kicked out and Danny is about to go back to Kokomo. Sawyer begins to feel sorry for Danny, and by the time she wants to talk to him again, he leaves. But then, Danny changes his mind about leaving and gets reunited with Pudge after getting another idea. Together, they decide to get the others reunited with them at the Premiere of "Little Ark Angel". Right when they were getting everything ready, Max sees them and tries to stop them himself. Danny is able to defeat Max by sending him flying away on the giant balloon of Darla Dimple outside of the theater. After the movie was over, Danny announces a special act with his friends. During their performance, Darla tries to sabotage the act herself, but she ends up making it better, especially at the finale. After the act, Darla yells at Danny that she was the one who flooded the studios, thus ending her life of fame for good. At the end, Danny and the friends go on to start in all sorts of movies (all of them made by Warner Bros.).

This movie was very good after watching it the first of many times. It even had a meaning to it; one should never give up on achieving one's dreams, which is indeed what Danny certainly accomplished. I once had it recorded on tape after seeing it on the Disney Channel. Unfortunately, the tape got torn up and I never had it again. Over the years, I almost forgot what this movie was like to me, and I managed to see it again when I bought a copy of it on DVD. If you like this movie, I recommend you get it wherever DVDs/videos are sold. So anyway, that wraps up my review for one of the best animated movies of all time. And as Danny once said "See ya in the movies!"

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