Top 10 South Park Episodes

My top 10 favorite episodes of South Park.
March 19, 2012
The first time I saw this show was glimpses of it on TV back in the late 90's when my mom was watching it. Half a decade later, I was home-schooled and got curious and started watching it. I thought it was good, so, without further ado, here are my top 10 favorite South Park episodes.

10. Mecha-Streisand (Season 1)

I have nothing against Barbra Streisand, but this episode was awesome. Cartman and Kyle unearth half of a mystical triangle on a field trip, and Barbra Streisand wants it to merge it with the other half in order to become the most powerful celebrity in the world. When she succeeds, the rest of the episode becomes a Kaiju parody, and it's awesome.

9. Cartman Joins NAMBLA (Season 4)

Cartman wants more mature friends, so he joins the North American Man Boy Love Association, which, of course, is an association made up of pedophiles. Meanwhile, Kenny tries to prevent his parents from having another baby. The funniest part of this episode was the chase scene near the end; that's the reason why I love this one.

8. The Tooth Fairy Tats (Season 4)

Cartman hatches a plan to make money: by posing as the Tooth Fairy and stealing kids' money to save up for a Sega Dreamcast, which has him and the others end up working for Loogie, the mob boss of the black market tooth trade. Kyle, meanwhile, questions existence when he realizes that the Tooth Fairy isn't real. This episode's moral is quite refreshing as we all have been known to question existence, especially myself.

7. Good Times With Weapons (Season 8)

The boys make up a phony story about their parents dying to get Japanese weapons. This is a favorite because of the shift to anime style. Where can you go wrong with that?

6. Chinpokomon (Season 3)

Before the episode in the #7 spot existed, we settled for this episode, which is a parody of the Pokemon craze, which I also was a part of. The games, the anime, the cards, the figurines, even those Pikachu plush toys. However, Chinpokomon was secretly a plan made by vengeful Japanese businessmen who want to use the kids to bomb Pearl Harbor. That last sentence was the reason why this episode was banned in Japan, where this show is very popular. However, a Japanese fan did give that episode subtitles.

5. Trapper Keeper (Season 4)

An android from the future warns our heroes that Cartman's Trapper Keeper will bring destruction. The main storyline is awesome, take my word for it. The subplot has Ike enrolling in kindergarten and running for class president. The subplot is really funny, especially Mr. Garrison's reactions.

4. The Meteor Shower trilogy (Season 3)

3 episodes that take place on the same night, where a meteor shower occurs. 1 episode has Cartman being babysat by Stan's big sister Shelley, another has Stan being stuck in Mr. Mackey's basement with the other kids while the adults have a party, and the 3rd one has Kyle bringing Kenny to Jew Scouts where one of the elders seeks to destroy Judaism by unleashing Haman. All 3 of these episodes are worth a watch.

3. Hooked on Monkey Fonics (Season 3)

Cartman gets a monkey to help him win the spelling bee, but he loses and wants to be home-schooled because two home-schooled kids, Mark Cotswolds and his sister Rebecca, won. Kyle falls in love with Rebecca and teaches her the wonder of love. This isn't just a funny episode, but it's cute, too.

2. A Very Crappy Christmas (Season 4)

This is my favorite Christmas episode in the series. When the town loses all its Christmas cheer, the boys decide to make a Christmas special, which is "The Spirit of Christmas" by Trey and Matt themselves, from what you can tell from the clips. This episode is cute and is a nice joke about what the creators made 5 years prior to this episode.

1. The Coon trilogy (Season 14)

Another 3 parter, focusing on Cartman's alter-ego, the Coon and the other boys as heroes. Stan is Toolshed, Kyle is Human Kite, Clyde is Mosquito, Token is TupperWear, Timmy is Iron Maiden, some kid named Bradley is the often-picked on Mintberry Crunch, and Mysterion is none other than, spoiler alert, Kenny! Kenny turns out to be immortal, and tires of being such a thing because no one remembers his deaths. After the Coon is kicked out for being a jerk, he turns against the others by controlling Cthulhu to do his bidding. This 3-parter ties up all the loose ends for me since we know how the running gag with Kenny really works.

Thank you for taking a gander at this article. Sorry if it's short, but I don't want to give too much away.
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