Top 5 Worst Comedies

My opinion on the top 5 worst comedies from the 80's and 90's.
May 11, 2011
Movies are one of life's greatest pleasures. Whether they'd be about a trip to the moon, giant monsters destroying cities, or a funny story about a man and a woman who argue a lot, but deep down, they love each other, they're a delight. But in the 21st century, movies just seem to have lost their luster and are extremely hit and miss, even more so than they used to.

And comedies are there for whenever you feel bored or depressed.

But 5 of these nostalgic comedy movies weren't entirely entertaining.

Keep in mind that they're all in my opinion, and I was stupid enough to sit through all 5 of them. With that, let's begin.

5. Big Bully (Warner Bros. + Morgan Creek, 1995)

What can I say? Rick Moranis is one of the greatest comedic actors ever to exist. But that doesn't mean that he can't be in a turkey or two. Big Bully was the last theatrical movie in his initial career, as well as the second-to-last overall in said initial career.

It's about a literary writer named David Leary, who moves back to his hometown in Hastings, Minnesota and becomes a teacher at his old school. There, he runs into his childhood bully, Roscoe Bigger, played by Tom Arnold.

The one thing that grinds my gears is that their sons are the EXACT OPPOSITE of their dads. David's son Ben is this pissed-off bully that hates his dad's guts because he and his mom divorced, and Roscoe's son Kirby, on the other hand, is a timid, nerdy kid, plain and simple. This makes no sense! It should be the other way around, with designations running in the blood!

But there's only one thing redeemable about this movie: the slapstick between David and Roscoe. Eventually, it escalates into a hilarious, all-out war!

4. Dutch (20th Century FOX, 1991)

Before his death, John Hughes was best known for making two kinds of movies: slapstick family comedies and teen slice-of-life comedies. This is one of the few that isn't, but it's still a comedy.

I thought that it would be really funny since Ed O'Neill, known as Al Bundy from Married... With Children, Glenn from the Wayne's World movies, and Kevin O'Shea from Little Giants, stars as the eponymous character, but unfortunately, it's not quite as funny as I had hoped.

What's it about? Well, it's about Dutch Dooley, a bumbling working class guy who is asked to pick up a woman's bullied child prodigy of a son named Doyle from a prep school to bring home for Thanksgiving. Throughout this road trip, Dutch and Doyle have some difficulty getting along with each other, to say the least.

Doyle is a bit of a pain in my butt. The DVD cover on the movie's page somewhere on this site implies that he's like Bart Simpson, but they're not even close. Bart had a MUCH sunnier attitude compared to the thundercloud that is Doyle.

My favorite part was when Dutch was playing with fireworks.

3. Just One of the Guys (Columbia Pictures, 1985)

Just One of the Guys is a teen comedy about a girl named Terri Griffith, who disguises herself as a boy in order to come up with an interesting story for the school newspaper, so she can be taken seriously as a journalist, and while doing so, she falls in love with the cutest guy in school and tries to keep up with the facade.

You'd expect hilarity to ensue, right? Not quite. Aside from the "itchy balls" part, this movie is weak on trying to be funny, and Terri's ex-boyfriend Kevin is really, really annoying. All he does is argue with her in every scene that he shows up in! Every time that he shows up, I just want to whack him like a mole.

2. Greedy (Universal, 1994)

Out of all of the stuff that Michael J. Fox did in his career, we all remember him best as Alex P. Keaton and Marty McFly, but mostly Marty, because Back to the Future was an epic movie.

But Greedy is far from epic. Okay, granted, it also had the late Phil Hartman, who had also did the dub voice for Jiji the cat in Kiki's Delivery Service, but this movie is still very bad aside from the amusing Jimmy Durante running gag.

It's about an old man named Joe McTeague who is filthy rich and his inheritance is up for grabs for the other members of the extended McTeague family. Conflict ensues amongst them throughout every 5 to 10 minutes.

If there's one thing I can't stand, it's people yelling, and nearly all of the adult characters do this at the drop of a hat. The most annoying character would have to be Molly, a woman who was hired to be Joe's nurse and is implied to be having an affair with him just to get his money.

To a lesser extent, there's Robin, the girlfriend of Fox's character Danny, and she spends half of the time on-screen nagging at him.

1. The Wild Life (Universal, 1984)

This is the worst movie that I've ever seen, comedy or not; I am not kidding.

Christopher Penn plays this guy who's off to college, and his ex-girlfriend, played by Lea Thompson, works at the donut shop and has sexual affairs with a police officer in his early 30's. Let me say this as a rebuttal: "Eww, that's really gross!! XP"

There's also Eric Stoltz as Tommy, a rather immature guy who is trying to win over his extremely fickle love interest who happens to work at the mall. In addition, there's Rick Moranis as an mall worker composed of several 80's stereotypes by the name of Harry. Why? Out of all of these people to get for this abomination, why did Rick have to be one of them?

Bottom line, I wouldn't recommend seeing this movie, mostly because all of the characters are flatter than a deflated inner tube.
And there you have it. Sure, sites like Rotten Tomatoes may prove me wrong, but I made my point in this article. Well, until next time, sayonara!
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