Terrible Ways to Go Out

25 Worst Movie Deaths
November 12, 2009
Haha, I am not a morbid individual....

The inspiration for this article came to me while playing Oddworld in which my friends and I tried to see all the ways in which Abe gets killed in the game.

In keeping with "retroness," no movies made after the year 2000 will be included in the list

And one more thing...

I know some of you hideout in your basement watching torture/porn B-movies and will probably comment on why I didn't add such and such on my list. Sorry fellas

Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the body count!

25. Stepped on- King Kong (1933)

There is a particular scene in this movie when Kong goes on a rampage through the native village and he kills a guy by smooshing him into the mud with his foot.

24. T-Rex Attack- Jurassic Park

You can run, you can hide, but the instant that there is movement the T-Rex is coming your way!

23.The Nightmare- Little Nemo

Even now as a college student, I still get uspet when King Morpheus gets strangled by the Nightmare

22. Sleeping Bag Kill- Some Friday the 13th movie

Jason is a slasher so it comes as a surprise when he uses other means besides his machete to terrorize sexually frustrated campers.


21. Curb Stomp- American History X

Who needs guns?

20. Amputate yourself or Explode- Mad Max

The first Saw movie def ripped off the scene in Mad Max where Gibson handcuffs a guy to a car about to explode and then tosses him a handsaw.

19. Microwave- Gremlins

Note to self- if you are going to microwave a Gremlin, use the "Popcorn" setting

18. Eaten Alive by a Giant Plant-Little Shop of Horrors

Bad Audrey, bad!

17. Hand Buzzer- Batman

When does a friendly handshake turn deadly? When it's the hand of the Joker ofcourse!

16. Finger Spear- Terminator 2

T-1000 kills a lot of people but when he does in John Conner's foster parents, it's especially ruthless. Who kills a man trying to get some orange juice, honestly?

15. Ritual Killing- Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Ever watch the movie and say to yourself, "Wow, it sucks to be you" to the poor guy being sacrificed on the metal rack?

14.Magnetic Saw Blades- Wild Wild West

There is something unnerving about wearing a magnetic collar and running from certain decapitation
13. Snake Attack- Anaconda


No Jennifer Lopez, I will not go into the rainforest with you!

12. The Boo Box- Hook

Captain's orders- Scorpions will keep being dropped into the Boo Box until moral improves

11. Eyes Pecked Out- The Birds

Mary Poppins taught us not to feed the birds cuz then u get fat birds. Hitchcock taught us that pidgeons devour human flesh

10. Down with the Captain- Jaws

Flint was probably the coolest character in the movie and it was a shame to see him get eaten from the bottom up

9. Killer Bunny- Monty Python and the Holy Grail

What kind of Dungeons and Dragons stats does that thing have?


8. Shower Scene- Psycho

Gotta go for the classic kill on this one- everything is always scarier when you are naked

7. Too Many to Choose From- Toxic Avenger

This movie is so over the top, I can't believe it wasn't immediately censored by the government- there is a constant stream of people getting brutally killed throughout the entire movie

6. Brains Sucked Out- Starship Troopers

I don't know what's worse- waiting to get killed by the Brian bug or the actual syphoning process. Either way, I'm not joining the Mobile Infantry

5. Pulled Apart by Zombies- Day of the Dead

Sure Cpt. Rhodes is a jerk but I don't think even he deserves what he got in the end


4. The Demon Tree- The Evil Dead

To be honest, I don't want to describe what happens. All I'll say is that I'll never think of trees the same way again

3. Tortured and Executed- Braveheart


2. Gunned Down- RoboCop

Alex Murphy, before becoming Robocop, gets shot literally over one hundred times and even gets limbs blown off

And now for the...

Worst Way to Die in a Movie

1. Facehugger- Alien Series

Grr, those little things scurrying around- It would TOTALLY SUCK to have a facehugger leap onto your mug and then implant eggs down your throat. Not only that but then you get the whole chestburster experience to boot.

This is why I don't make travel plans outside of Earth's atmosphere

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