Keeping Up Appearances
Debut: October 29, 1990
Ended: December 25, 1995
Debut: October 29, 1990
Ended: December 25, 1995

Snobs have long been comady anti-heroes - Hancock was a snob, as were Basil Fawlty, Rupert Rigsby and even, in his rallies against 'inferior' racial minorities, Alf Garnett - but Hyacinth Bucket, which she insisted was pronounced 'bouquet', was the mother of all snobs. She was a barnstorming, interfering, thick-skinned monster, who compulsively organised other people's lives and existed totally in a self-obsessed world, completely oblivious to the thoughts and feelings of others. In the front line of her social assaults was her husband Richard, a meek, hen-pecked individual who yearned for a quiet life but instead found himself steamrollered into falling in with his wife's plans. Neighbours Liz and Emmet also bore the brunt of her schemes, while Hyacinth's sisters Rose and Daisy - both major disappointments to her - who lived with their dotty father on a nearby council estate, were also too close for comfort, Daisy particularly so: she mooned about most of the time, complaining about the paucity of sexual activity given her by her beery slob of a husband, Onslow. Shows from the same writer as the long running comady show Last of the summer wine. There was two Christmas shows made in 1995 and 1996. The show ended though in 1995.

Hyacinth: "It's my sister Violet, you know the one with the Mercedes, a swimming pool and room for a pony. -Hyacinth"
Vicar: "Oh no it's the Bucket woman, drive drive!! -Vicar"
Hyacinth: "(picking up the phone) Bouquet residence, the lady of the house speaking!!! -Hyacinth"
Hyacinth: "I will not have you not excited Richard. -Hyacinth"
Onslow: "OWW, naaaiiice. -Onslow"
Emmet: "If I hear the word yaht from that woman just once more, I swear I'll buy a U-Boat. -Emmet"
Hyacinth: "People who try to pretend they're superior make it so much harder for those of us who really are. -Hyacinth"
Hyacinth: "I'll invite them over for one of my candlelight suppers. -Hyacinth"
Mailman: "Oh ugh .. hi Ms. Bucke.. Bouquet. -Mailman"
Onslow: "oh...Chuff Me! -Onslow"
Richard: "[while test-driving a Rolls Royce]...If I should scratch the paint...we'll have to re-mortgage the house! -Richard"
Hyacinth: "I hate talking to Onslow on the phone, especially if he's not wearing a shirt. -Hyacinth"
Hyacinth: "Take your shoes of before you enter the house, dear. -Hyacinth"
Liz & Emmet: "Liz: You can't just stay indoors because Hyacinth is out there. Emmet: Oh I can, I really can. -Liz & Emmet"
Richard & Onslow: "Richard: Don't you find it strange that Daisy was on a motorbike with another man? Onslow: Now that you mention it, I never knew she liked motorbikes. -Richard & Onslow"
Liz & Emmet: "Emmet: I can't go out there, she'll sing it at me, she always does. Liz: Then start a conversation, she can't sing then. Emmet: But then she'll talk!!! -Liz & Emmet"
Hyacinth & Richard: "Richard: W-Where's the injury? Hyacinth: ...never you mind! -Hyacinth & Richard"
Hyacinth: "My name is Bouquet, B-U-C-K-E-T. Oh no it's not Bucket, it's Bouquet"
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